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Here is the list of 10 Spectacular Beaches in Malaysia

1. Pangkor Island, Kuala-lumpur

Pangkor Island is a group of islands situated in Perak off the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Pangkor being the main island of the cluster, other small islands include Pangkaur Laut, Mentagor Island and Giam Island. Most of the interior of this mountainous resort island is covered by a lush jungle.

2. Tanjung Rhu Beach, Langkawi

3.7 /5

Situated along Pantai Pasir Hatim at the northern end of Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu is one of Malaysia's best beaches. Secluded from the heavy crowd and buzz of the city, the 50-metre wide beach is popular for its cleanliness, calming atmosphere and bewitching sunset views. n Malay, ‘Tanjung’ means ‘Cape’ and ‘Rhu’ is from the species of evergreen trees, known as Sea Pine Tree. So, on the way to the beach, one can spot jungles of evergreen trees with green cliffs and a small lake with campers and few cafes.

3. Batu Hitam, Kuantan

Pantai Batu Hitam is located about 10 kilometers from Kuantan, the capital city of Pahang. Batu Hitam is the Malay name for Black Rock Beach, which, as the name suggests, is formed out of fair, white sands and black volcanic rocks. The beach is famous not only for its unique rocky, sandy surface, but also for its therapeutic benefits and calming surroundings. For the ones looking for some fun activities to indulge in, Batu Hitam has a batik workshop as well as various sport activities to participate in.

4. Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Situated on Langkawi Island, Pantai Cenang is one of the busiest beach towns only 10-15 minutes away from Langkawi International Airport. With its clear water and white sand, it is an awe-inspiring spot for watching sunsets, swimming, sunbathing and glancing at the Andaman Sea.
Located on the western shoreline of Langkawi, Pantai Cenang offers a vibrant nightlife with its splendid beachfront bars and classy lounges.

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5. Pantai Klebang, Melaka

Pantai Klebang is a popular beach in Melaka, located near 1 Malaysian Square. The beach is well known for its white sand dunes and is a perfect backdrop for photographs. The Klebang Beach is a great place for fun-filled family activities such as horse riding, flying kites and enjoying the beautiful beach. The beach also has a playground for children and there are several food trucks beside the playground which serve delicious snacks. It is particularly famous for its coconut shakes and food trucks.

6. Tanjung Aru Beach, Kota-kinabalu

Tanjung Aru Beach, located near the west coast of Kota Kinabalu is one of the most iconic attractions in Sabah. It is a great place for all types of visitors, from couples to families. Tanjung Aru Beach is one of the best spots to catch a breathtaking sunset. The beautiful beach is divided into three parts, and are known as the First, Second and Third Beaches respectively. With lively music and entertainment everywhere, the night time at Tanjung Aru Beach is a stark contrast to its beautiful daytime vibes.

7. Batu Ferringhi , Penang

4.5 /5

Batu Ferringhi is Penang's popular beach destination. The beach here is spotless and always bustling with people. Batu Ferringhi has a long, clean stretch of sand and lots of beach resorts dotted along it. Jalan Batu Ferringhi is an adjoining road that holds the resorts, shops and restaurants that you can visit. Plenty of water sport activities are arranged at this beach, including parasailing, jet-skiing and even windsurfing. 

8. Sipadan Island Beach

One of the only oceanic island in Malaysia, Sipadan is the epitome of marine richness. It is, hands down, the most popular diving site in the country. Apart from serving as a reliable diving site, Sipadan Island enhances the diving experience because of the variety of sea creatures that breathe here. Some of the breeds include bumphead parrotfish, porcupine pufferfish, clown triggerfish, and unicornfish.

9. Desaru Beach, Johor

Desaru Beach is a picturesque beach located to the east of Johor Bahru. The entire stretch of 25 kilometers is clean and lined by tall casuarinas trees making the area perfect for photo ops. The visitors enjoy a host of usual beach activities such as swimming, boating and fishing in the waters of South China Sea. Desaru Beach is ideal for spending a quiet and relaxing day for the locals with a car park, barbecue pits and washrooms available for use.

10. Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan

Teluk Chempedak, also known as Palm Beach, is a beautiful white sandy beach located 5 kilometers from Kuantan in Pahang. The boardwalk here offers amazing views of the beach with the jungle on the other side and connects to the Missionary Beach. Geologically, Chempedak Beach is quite special since it had witnessed volcanic activity a long time back. This led to formation of three-layer rocks, made up of basalt, dolerite and granite. 

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