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Kuala Lumpur

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Country rank: 1 out of 7 Places To Visit In Malaysia

Sub-Region: Central west coast of Peninsular Malaysia


Ideal duration: 2 days

Best time: December to February, May to August (Read More)

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"Kuala Lumpur: Where's the party tonight?"

Kuala Lumpur Tourism

Kuala Lumpur is the most popular city of the multi cultural country, Malaysia. With skyscrapers on one side and shopping malls on the other, Kuala Lumpur has its own night life. It is an enclave within the state of Selangor.

Kuala Lumpur is famous for its street foods all over the world, the street food of KL is a vibrant mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Arabian and that is what makes it special, what else can you ask for. The use of spices and ingredients used in the dishes is just mind blowing. Also, Kuala Lumpur is different from other Asian countries in terms of night life and shopping. By 22:00, the nightlife scene in Kuala Lumpur comes alive, with alcoholic offerings, and talented DJs spinning dance-worthy tunes until the wee hours of morning, whereas malls such as Pavilion KL and Suria KLCC home to international brands and shopping centres like Low Yat Plaza and Berjaya Times Square are great places to spend your ringgit on tech-related products. Local people in Kuala Lumpur are very helpful for travelers. The whole city can be covered very easily if you are staying in Puduraya or Bukit Bintang. Kuala Lumpur is the ultimate party destination and one must not expect too much cleanliness and serenity over here. A visit to Genting highlands, a hill resort at more than 5000 ft is highly recommended as a place to stay. All the places are well connected by bus and train and driving might be adventurous for you if you are not used to pathetic traffic.

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The vast variety of name brand goods are more expensive in Kuala Lumpur than they are in the western countries. If something is not heavily discounted, it's not worth buying. Also, malls such as Pavilion KL and Suria KLCC are home to international brands and shopping centres like Low Yat Plaza and Berjaya Times Square are great places to spend your ringgit on tech-related products. Flea markets such as Patling street and handicraft emporium Central market are the perfect places to get the real sense of city's local shopping.

Visa and Master card are the most accepted credit cards. No other currency is accepted in shops at KL. One can not carry more than MYR 40,000 when entering into KL.

Most of the ATMs in Kuala Lumpur are connected to western banks and hence you can easily access your bank account. Currency can also be easily exchanged at the banks by paying some nominal fees. Forex booths are also very common which display their currency exchange rates on an electronic board.

Budget travel: 50-70 MYR Luxury travel: 100-120 MYR

Islam is practiced by 60% of the population of Malaysia

Kissing and cuddling excessively in public is not allowed. Do not feel offended if people do not reciprocate to your handshake as the locals practice Islam and they avoid physical contact with opposite sex. Remove your shoes before entering homes and religious places. Shoulders and knees must be covered if you are visiting a temple or a mosque, else one can wear anything ranging from shorts to low cut tops. In Malaysia, people often do not practice tipping much because the service charge at restaurants generally cover the tipping but if you are feeling generous, you can always tip some extra.

Since it is a multicultural city, one can easily get confused between the languages that are used. The most commonly used languages are Malay and Mandarin, though they easily identify tourists and conversing in English won't be a problem. General phrases: How are you (Apa khabar), Sorry (Ma'af). In Malay, people generally greet each other by good morning (Selamat pagee), good afternoon (Selamat tangah hari) and good evening (Selamat petang).

Kuala Lumpur was a very small place back in the 1820s, a small settlement of few houses and shops at the confluence of Sungai Kombak and Sungai Klang before it grew into a town. Although, it is believed that it was first named Pengkalan Lumpu. A place called Sungei Lumpoor was the highest tin producing setllement near the Klang river, and it is uncertain who changed its name to Kuala Lumpur. It is believed that KL became established as a town in 1857 when Malay Chief of Clang hired some Chinese miners to open new tin mines here. Kuala Lumpur was the furthest point near the Klang river upto which the tin could be transported by river, after that it became a collection and dispersion point of tin mines. Kuala Lumpur achieved the status of city in 1972, becoming the first place in Malaysia to be granted the status after independence.

Kuala Lumpur is the ultimate party destination and people do not sleep here before 3:00 as the nightlife is pretty amazing. It is a hub of countless bars, pubs and clubs.

Since Kuala Lumpur is a multi cultural city, one can get a wide variety of choice in food. Restaurants generally offer non-vegetarian cuisines over here out of which some are Nasi Lemak and Ikan Bakar.The best breakfast in Malaysia is considered to be 'roti canai' which is a flatbread that is first twirled and then grilled, and is usually served with curry and dhal for dipping. Nasi Lemak is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf and is considered to be the national dish of Malaysia, whereas Ikan Bakar is a dish of charcoal-grilled fish. KL is a big place and one can easily digest food travelling from one place to another.

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9 months ago by Saanya Lulla

Its name means ‘Muddy Confluence’, which truly signifies the melting pot of cultures that the city is known for. The Petronas Towers and the Menara KL Tower are important landmarks, and left us amazed by their architectural excellence. My favourite part was our visit to the colourful Chinatown, where one can see a number of restaurants, stalls and temples, giving you a realistic idea of the raw beauty of Kuala Lumpur. The famous Genting Highlands is another must-see! A tip for tourists is to make use of the affordable rent-a-car services and drive around, if possible.

9 months ago by Taniya Batra

Genting Highland is not a place you would want to miss out on. Unlike any other, the highlands with their cool temperature and ever-present fog feel like a mysterious haven. The First World resort has indoor and outdoor theme parks along with a ton of other attractions such as the haunted house that you should definitely visit. A cable car is the means of transport to the resorts. Be sure to carry a jacket especially during the visit to the outdoor theme parks as it is quite cold outside.

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