7 International Airports in Malaysia & Other Domestic Airports

There are over 60 domestic and seven international airports in Malaysia. Here is the list of 7 major international airports of Malaysia:

1. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Inside KL International Airport (Source)
Kuala Lumpur International Airport is considered as Malaysia’s most prestigious international gateway. Located 75 KM south of KL city centre in the city of Sepang, KLIA has been ranked as one of the five best airports in the world. Two of its main domestic carriers are Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia. This is one of the airports in Malaysia that is is conveniently linked through a high-speed rail system to the city. Passengers can reach the city in an hour when travelling via a car. 

Services and Facilities

  • The airport can be called a destination within itself as it hosts a range of lounges, restaurants, hotels and duty-free stores that sell a variety of products from chocolate to liquor and ornaments.
  • There are ten entry gates at the five-storey main terminal.
  • There are several ATMs located within the airport.
  • Branches of banks like CIMB and Maybank are also located in the main terminal building.
  • Currency exchange kiosks and centres are also visibly present in this part of the airport. 
Transportation from the Airport

Airport Limousine: For those who prefer a luxurious journey, this would be the best options. The system works with coupons. Passengers can obtain a coupon from the booth at the entrance and hand it over to a driver, who will drive as far as the central city. The fare is around RM100. 

KLIA Ekspress: This is the most convenient and fastest way to travel from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It operates with intervals of 15 minutes and takes about half an hour to reach the city. A round trip will cost around RM100. 

Bus Service: There is also a bus operating between KLIA Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. One trip will cost RM6.5.

Car Rentals: Many car rental operators offer exclusive deals on various trips. Rates drop when a car is rented for a comparatively longer time. This is a convenient option for those who wish to go around the city without any restrictions on time. 
Airlines Operating to and from KLIA: Air Berlin, Air Madagascar, Air Seychelles, Darwin Airlines, Alitalia Airlines, Australian Airlines, Biman Bangladesh, Air Canada, Air France, Batik Air, British Airways, Emirates, China Airlines, Eva Air
Location of the Airport: KL International Airport (KLIA) 64000 KLIA, Sepang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Distance from important Points:
City Centre- 55 KM
Selangor- 46.5 KM
Semenyik- 40.8 KM

2. Melaka International Airport   

Melaka International Aiport
Melaka airport after renovation (Source)
Built in 1952, the Melaka Airport serves the state of Malacca and northern Johor. It has limited operations, serving three significant airlines: Wings Air, Sky Aviation, Firefly. It has a 75,300 sqft complex that is fitted with international standard infrastructure. Recent renovations have enabled the airport to allow other carriers on the runway and take off from the airport. The airport can handle 1.5 million passengers every year. 

Services and Facilities

Major facilities found in this airport include free WiFi, restaurants, conference rooms, cafés, gift shops, taxi services, event centre, wheelchair service, duty-free outlets and staff assistance. It is also one of the only seven airports in Malaysia that provides e-Visa services to Chinese nationals from 2016. 

Transportation from the Airport

There are free shuttle buses available to and from the airport. Besides, there is a proper taxi/cab service with both significant and local cab services operating to and from the airport. This is the most convenient way for the passengers new to the city. 
Airlines Operating to and from the airport: Wings Air, Sky Aviation, Firefly
Location of the Airport: Lapangan Terbang Melaka, 75350 Melaka
Distance from important points:
Malacca Town- 9 KM
Kuala Lumpur- 149 KM

3. Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport

Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport
Skypark at Subang International Airport (Source)
Also known as Subang International Airport, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport is an important Malaysian airport located in Petaling District and is named after its eighth Sultan. Before KLIA was opened in Sapang, the Sultan Aziz Airport served as the country’s main airport. After restructuring, it serves general aviation and turboprop for both domestic and international flights. It serves as a hub for global flying hospitals, a humanitarian medical charity based in Macau. 

Services and Facilities
  • The airport has similar facilities as other airports in Malaysia such as a diaper changing room and a nursery, in addition to various ATMs, as well.
  • There are many rental and food outlets along with several foreign exchange centres.
  • Wheelchair facility, locker facility and security check are other services offered in the airport.
  • Parking is provided at the SkyPark terminal. 
Transportation from the Airport

Taxi: There is a taxi booth on the ground floor of Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, so passengers can walk to the booth and avail pre-paid taxi services. 

Bus: Both transit and airport shuttle bus services are available. The bus service is open from 6:00 AM till midnight and travels as far as Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The airport shuttle bus operates between Subang Airport and KLIA Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The one side journey takes one hour. 
Airlines Operating to and from the airport: Firefly, Raya Airways, Berjaya Air, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, Citilink
Location of the airport: Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, 47200 Subang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Distance from important points: 
Kuala Lumpur- 60 KM
Selangor- 17 KM

4. Penang International Airport

Penang International Aiport
Check-in counters in Penang International Airport (Source)

Considered to be the third busiest airport of Malaysia, Penang International Airport is located 16 KM south of Georgetown. It serves a large region by providing links with major cities in Southeast Asia and beyond. In 2017, about 7 million visitors used this airport. It serves western Malaysia and has fast baggage check-in system when compared to the other airports. The premises are medium-sized but has increased in size after the government approved an expansion programme. There are several transport options for passengers arriving here. 

Services and Facilities

The charging station, baby care room, Muslim prayer room, children’s playground, washrooms, clinic and smoking lounge are the services offered in the airport. Besides, there is free WiFi facility for the passengers. Duty-free outlets and restaurants are also available. 

Transportation from the Airport

Taxi: Passengers can go to the taxi booth to buy a voucher from the assistant. The taxi drivers clearly ask for the address and then take the passenger to their destination. The fares are calculated based on the number of kilometres. This is also one of the airports in Malaysia with language translators for those who don't understand the language. 

Bus Service: 
The airport has three bus routes that take passengers to the capital city. The bus ticket counter is on the ground floor. It is easy to find the counter as there are signs throughout the airport. However, as the buses stop at a large number of points in the journey, bus travel takes longer. 
Airlines operating to and from the airport: Air China, Air Mauritius, Air New Zealand, Air Asia, American Airlines, Batik Air, Malindo Air, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Firefly, Citilink, Emirates, Etihad, Finn Air, Garuda Indonesia, Japan Airlines, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Royal Brunei, Singapore Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, Swiss, Thai AirAsia, Turkish Airlines
Location: Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Bayan Lepas, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Distance from important points: 
Georgetown: 18 KM
Queensbay Mall- 10 KM
Komtar- 23.4 KM
Bukit Mertajam- 30.6 KM

5. Kuching International Airport

Kuching International Airport
Outside Kuching International Airport (Source)
Kuching International Airport serves the Sarawak region of Malaysia. Located 11 KM south of Kuching City Centre, the airport is a hub for Malaysian Airlines and AirAsia which operate a significant number of domestic and international flights.  A new terminal opened at the airport in the year 2006. 

Services and Facilities

The airport offers many amenities for the comfort of passengers. These include a baby care room, public concourse, Muslim prayer hall, charging station, lounges and shops that sell duty-free items. It also has luggage storing facility, free WiFi and armrest-free seats. 


Bus: Although bus services are available to and from the airport, they can be used only when the customer is carrying light-weight luggage and is travelling on a string-tight budget. A short walk is required from the exit gate to reach the bus station.

Taxi: Taxis are easily available on the ground floor. Go to the counter and pay for the ride. On receiving the taxi coupon, give it to the cab driver to drop you at the desired destination. Taking a taxi is a convenient option for those not familiar with the area.

Car Rentals: Several car rental companies in the airport offer services at varying prices. Some of these operators include Hornbill Tour, Hurtz and Kuching Holiday.
Location: 900A, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak
Airlines operating to and from the airport: Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Malindo Air, MasWings
Distance from important points: 
Sarawak- 8.5 KM
Unimas- 14 KM
City Centre- 7.4 KM

6. Kota Kinabalu International Airport

Kota Kinabalu International Airport
At Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu International Airport (Source)
Located about 8 KM from the city, Kota Kinabalu International Airport is the second busiest airport in Malaysia according to passenger traffic. The airport serves the entire town of Kinabalu as well as the western coast of Sabah. Terminal 1 is the main terminal of the airport. It has 64 check-in counters for both international and domestic flights. Terminal 2 has 26 check-in counters. 

Services and Facilities

Terminal 1 features washrooms, luggage lockers, duty-free shops, restaurants, lounges and travel agents. Terminal 2 has a VIP room. Police station, currency exchanges, nursery, diaper changing room, prayer rooms, security system, flight information display system and travel services are also offered in this airport. 


Bus: There is an airport bus serving between KKIA Terminal 1, KKIA Terminal 2 and the city centre. This is a cheaper option for passengers when compared to taxi services. It takes about 20 to 40 minutes to reach the city, depending on the traffic on the road.

Taxi: Taxi counters are located inside the airport near the exit balconies. The fare is charged based on the distance. This is a pre-paid taxi service. 
Location:Kota Kinabalu International Airport Beg Berkunci No 134, Aras 5, Bangunan Terminal, 88740 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Airlines operating to and from the airport: Asiana, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Korean Air, Far eastern Air Transport, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei, Silk Air, TransAsia Air, Sabah Air, AirAsia
Distance from important points:
Kinabalu- 8 KM
City Centre- 5 KM

7. Langkawi International Airport  

Langkawi International Airport
Shops in Langkawi International Airport (Source)
Located in Kedah, the airport also serves as a venue for the aerospace exhibition. The capacity of the airport has been upgraded to serve 4 million passengers every year. This is one of the airports in Malaysia that hosts airlines to both international and domestic destinations like Singapore, Guangzhou, Doha, Penang, Birmingham, London, Manchester and Phuket. 

Services and Facilities

The airport is equipped with amenities for those who need special assistance. A free WiFi connection is available throughout the airport. A baby care room, Muslim prayer hall and charging stations are located in the airport. It also has shops, dining centres, luggage wrapping services and resort & spa. 


Taxi: Several taxis operate from the airport. The fare is based on the distance of travel. It runs through a coupon system which can be bought in the taxi booths located near Door 4 of the terminal building. 

Rental Services: Rental services are located outside the arrival hall. Several tours and travel agencies operate from the airport to locations across the region. 
Airlines operating to and from the airport: Malindo Air, AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, FireFly, British Airways, Qatar Airways
Location: Langkawi International Airport 07100 Padang Mat Sirat, Pulau Langkawi Kedah Darul Aman
Distance from important points: 
Pantai Chenang- 11 KM
Kuah- 15 LM

Domestic Airports in Malaysia

Here is a list of important domestic airports in Malaysia:

Name of the AirportLocation (State)Airport Code
Bakalalan Airport

Sultan Abdul Halim Airport
Bintulu Port AirportSarawak
Jendarata AirportPerakWMAJ
Long Pasia AirportSabahGSA
Mulu Airport
Klung AirportJohorWMAP
Mersing AirportSandakan AirportJohor
Sematan AirportSarawakBSE
Sibu AirportSarawakSBW
Semporna AirportSabahSMM
Tiping AirportPerakTPG
Tioman AirportPahangTOD
Kapit AirportSarawakKPI
Belaga AirportSarawakBLG

Airports in Malaysia are considered a destination in themselves. They offer everything that a comfortable journey needs. So why wait longer? Pack your bags now and fly to Malaysia!

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