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Pulau Redang

"White Sand Beaches & Snorkelling Reefs"

Redang Island Tourism

Redang Island is one of the largest islands on Malaysia’s East Coast. Located in South China Sea, it is a part of Kuala Nerus District of Kuala Terengganu. It is a group of islands well-known for its crystal clear water offering a picturesque diving to the pristine coral reefs and underwater life. 

As Redang lies under the protected area of Marine Park, there is an entry fee of RM30 for adult and RM15 for child. However, the island offers a relaxing and peaceful time by pellucid water and white sandy beaches. The most famous beach is the Taaras Beach. Long Beach, Teluk Dalam Beach and Mutiara Beach are among other popular beaches. Among these, most of the resorts and hotels are located at Long Beach also known as Pasir Panjang. 

The Island has several renowned resorts offering a luxurious stay with water activities like diving and snorkeling. All year around, except monsoons, the water is so lucid that you can spot several marine animals like fusiliers, turtles, humphead parrotfish, cuttlefish and small black reef sharks. Each resort has its own diving school with most famous schools being that of Redang Bay Divers and Redang Divers. These Diving Schools teach how to dive and even provide licences called as open water license or PADI. Diving costs about RM 100 per dive. It is cheaper if you include it with your stay package at the resort. Though Redang Island is well-known for diving, snorkelling is also an option. The equipment is provided by the resorts and schools on rent and even for purchase. 

Greenies and seekers of adventure would love to take a walk in the lush-green forests of Redang giving an action-packed adventure. Long beach is a 45 minute walk through the jungles from Kampung Baru. You will need a local guide who charges less price and is helpful to get through tropical forests. Pasir Chagar Hutang located in the North-Easterm part of Redang is also very well-known for turtle watching. Since Redang Island consists of 9 small islands, you can also pay a visit to these islands on your stay. However, while planning your visit, remember that Redang Island closes from start of November to February end due to heavy monsoon every year.

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Need to Know

  • Redang Island is usually not crowded but it is suggested that you should not visit especially during Malaysian public holidays as most of the locals visit Redang Island for the long weekends.
  • Since Long beach is a major tourist spot and the only possible way to reach there is by a walk through the jungles, it is recommended to carry mosquito repellents to keep potential diseases especially malaria at bay.
  • There are no ATMs in Redang Island and cash is a widely accepted form of exchange.
  • Most of the restaurants and hotels have complimentary WiFi Service. 
  • Full package including transport to and from mainland, night stay at hotel and water activities charges less rather than booking each one differently. The resorts offer many packages which must be searched and booked in advance.
  • Watch out for inquisitive monkeys and monitor lizards.
  • Alcohol is available throughout the island. There are some bars all over the island which organise parties and are open till late night. Shops charge RM 7.5 for beers and RM 15 for vodka while Hotels charge as high as RM 100 for alcohol.
  • Most of the food is imported from the mainland and is a bit expensive. You can find all the dishes from burgers, pizzas to local seafood being offered in all restaurants. Chinese and Thai Food is also a hit in the area.

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