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"Land of Positivi-Tea!"

Cameron Highlands Tourism

Cameron Highlands is a gorgeous hill station nestled in the hills of Pahang in Malaysia, in the northwestern tip of the country near the South China Sea in Southeast Asia. Bordered by the Malaysian states of Perak and Kelantan, this hilly district is home to eight different settlements that boast of stunning views, expansive plantations, nurseries, colonial bungalows, and hidden waterfalls.

Stretching to 700 square kilometres, this wonderland is home to cool weather and picturesque views that are a stark contrast to the bustling cities of Malaysia. The postcard-perfect valley is home to the famous BOH tea plantation and the Kea Strawberry Farm, where patrons can pick their own produce!

Indulge in a relaxing, serene weekend at Lavender Garden or Butterfly Farm, spending time with chirping birds and fluttering butterflies. As you stroll through the European-looking landscape, visit the many Tudor-style inns that serve aromatic teas and scones.

Adventure lovers are sure to enjoy the winding trekking paths to the ethereal Mossy Forest that offer panoramic views of the valley. Go swimming at Parit Falls or take a beekeeping lesson at EeFengGu Honeybee Farm. There are a number of birdwatching stations at Pos Rantau for nature enthusiasts – look out for the distinct call of tropical birds of paradise here!

First surveyed by the British in the late nineteenth century, Cameron Highlands presents a unique juxtaposition of English culture and traditional Malay aboriginal practices – one can find handsome horse riding stations and golf resorts right next to traditional tea brewing centres and Aboriginal temples.

Must Know Before You Travel to Cameron Highlands

1. Pack appropriate woollens and warm clothing – scarves, hats, and gloves. Nights can get quite chilly here.

2. Check the weather report before embarking on a trip to the Highlands, as heavy rains bring a risk of landslides.

3. If travelling to offbeat locations, hire a driver for the entire trip and get their contact information beforehand.

4. Carry a first-aid kit and other essentials if planning a hiking trip.

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Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations

The highlight of Cameron Highlands, the numerous tea plantations in the lap of nature are a boon to tourists. A calm, dreamy stroll through the tea, coffee, and rubber estates are sure to refresh and rejuvenate the soul. Engage the whole family in a fun-filled adventure at the strawberry farms, where visitors can pick their own produce and make a quick evening snack. The fresh artisan teas are a delight to own and gift – tea-drinking here is an experience that should not be missed!

Shopping at Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands offers a host of unique stores and markets where one can shop for novelty items.
  • The artisan teas and white coffee are the best-sellers here – patrons can taste and pick their produce for the best flavours. The lavender brew options are a must-try.
  • Orang Asli traditional handicrafts are also sold at local markets, especially the Brinchang Night Market, and the Highland Central Market.
  • The Cameron Square is the most popular shopping mall here, but we recommend visiting the street markets for the best items.

History of Cameron Highlands

Named Malaysia’s largest hill resort, Cameron Highlands was first surveyed by the British geologist William Gordon Cameron and named after him. While Aboriginal tribes like Orang Asli have stayed in the hills for centuries, the resort town rose to prominence after British officers used it as a getaway during Malaysia’s colonial period.

During this time, tea, coffee, spice, and fruit plantations were set up alongside golf courses and riding paths, which gives the area its unique terrain today. Handsome Victorian bungalows, townships, administrative buildings were set up which adds to the charming air of Cameron Highlands. A quick stroll through the Time Tunnel Museum gives visitors a great insight into the history and heritage of the Highlands.

Best Time to Visit Cameron Highlands

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FAQs on Cameron Highlands

What is famous about Cameron highlands?

A laid-back, luxurious hill station with pleasant weather, beautiful tea plantations and strawberry fields, and hiking trails

What is not so good about Cameron highlands?

No thriving nightlife, may be crowded on the weekends, risk of landslides during the monsoon

What is the best time to visit Cameron highlands?

Cameron Highlands has great weather throughout the year, making it ideal for a quick weekend getaway any time. Between the dry months of February and July, there is less chance of rain; one can confidently venture outdoors for trekking, strawberry picking, and hiking. While the months of February, May, and June are the peak tourist months, one can still be assured of a good time here.
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What are the things to do in Cameron highlands?

The top things to do in Cameron highlands are Mossy Forest, Boh Tea Plantation , Big Red Strawberry Farm, Thompson Falls, Time Tunnel Museum, Cactus Valley. You can see all the places to visit in Cameron highlands here

What are the places near Cameron highlands?

The top places near to Cameron highlands are Kuala lumpur which is 152 km from Cameron highlands, Georgetown which is located 159 km from Cameron highlands, Penang which is located 156 km from Cameron highlands, Petaling jaya which is located 151 km from Cameron highlands, Ipoh which is located 35 km from Cameron highlands

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