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What is the best time to visit Malaysia?

The best time to visit Malaysia is between March to early October. When one can avoid the worst of the rains, and there is comparatively less humidity during this period. The weather in Malaysia is said to be hot and humid throughout the year with short spells of rain. The temperature in Malaysia usually varies from 21-degree centigrade to 32 degrees Celsius at the sea level. At the higher peak levels, you can expect lower temperatures and much colder weather. When you are planning to visit Malaysia, the first thing that you need to decide is which part of Malaysia you’re planning on visiting, i.e. the west coast or the east coast. The best travelling months will depend on the choice of your region and also the kind of activities that you are planning on enjoying. Malaysia barely has any seasonal changes because of the constant temperature but the coldest months are said to be from November to January.

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More about Best Time to Travel to Malaysia

Malaysia Monsoon Seasons

Malaysia also experiences two monsoon wind seasons namely the southwest monsoon and the northeast monsoon. Southwest monsoon is experienced between April to September, and the Northeast monsoon is experienced between October and March. These monsoon seasons affect the overall climate in the entire country. South-west monsoon originates from the deserts of Australia. During this time the rainfall is comparatively less. The northeast monsoon brings in more rain during this time. It originates from China and the North Pacific. Southwest monsoon affects the west coast of Malaysia whereas the northeast monsoons are said to affect the east coast of Malaysia.

Seasons of Malaysia

Peak season in Malaysia
Malaysia is said to have two peak seasons, one of it being during the winter (December - February) season and the other being during the summer (June - August) season. A huge footfall is noticed during these months due to school vacations and favourable weather conditions. If you do not want a pinch in your budget and want to have a budget-friendly vacation, then these months are best avoided. You will have shell out extra money during the peak seasons.

Offseason in Malaysia
The rest of the year apart from the above mentioned seasons can be termed as the offseason of Malaysia as it sees comparatively a Lower footfall than above. If you are travelling without kids and are on a budget, then you should opt to visit Malaysia during the offseason.

Regions in Malaysia

The East Coast of Malaysia is best visited in March and October; you can enjoy activities like snorkelling and diving. The best of the best spots for these activities are located in the Eastern peninsula and these months are the best time to escape from the monsoon. If you are planning on visiting the west coast, the best time to visit would be between November to March beginning, when the prices are lower as compared to the other months, and the weather is dry, making an ideal combination for your travel experience.

Malaysia Spring Season- (March-May)

The spring season in Malaysia starts from March and extends up to May. Even though the temperature during these months are said to be high, the spring months are mostly calm with a slight wind blowing. If you’re planning to go on a beach expedition in Malaysia, this is the best season to visit. Also, the Sabah festival, which is a week-long festival is conducted in May and is a worth a watch adds up to the number of visitors in these months. But don’t forget to carry your stock of sunscreens during these months!

Malaysia in Summer (June to August)

The summer season starts in June and extends up to August. The temperature is high during these months as well, and June and July are the months which expect the least amount of rainfall. Due to the favourable weather conditions, if you are a water sports fanatic and want to enjoy the water sports activities available in Malaysia, you should plan a vacation in these months. Although rainfall is least expected in these months, the weather in Malaysia is exceptionally unpredictable and hence, carrying an umbrella at all times is a must! The Gawai festival, where the longhouse doors are open for rice Harvest celebration is celebrated during June. This festival includes dance, music, good food and is worth a watch, making the season visit favourable.

Autumn in Malaysia- (September - November)

Autumn in Malaysia starts in September and extends up to November. The temperature is seen to be high during this season too, but there is a gradual increase in the amount of rain showers during these months. If you love the sight of museums and if you want to be seen resting at the beaches, these months are favourable. The weather in Malaysia isn't too cold during these months with an influx of tourists. Be happy as you will find cheaper accommodation in these months due to the heavy rain spells. But never forget to carry your umbrellas! The international music festival is also celebrated at this time along with the festival of Deepawali.

Malaysia in Winter - (December - February)

December, January and February are said to be the winter season months in Malaysia. Celebrating Christmas, New Years and also the festival of Hari Raya in Malaysia during the winter season is a fun experience increasing the footfall during these months. If you are opting for a relaxing, luxurious vacation, wherein you want to visit the beach and enjoy indoor, these months are incredibly suitable for your plan. The rainfall during this season is mostly during the day and towards the evening, so morning plans are more suitable when in Malaysia during these months. The rain is severe, and the temperature is also seen falling low. West coast tourism is suitable when visiting Malaysia during the winter season. Festivals like the Chinese New Year, Thaipusam make it a favourable destination during these months. These festivals are celebrated extravagantly here, and it’s a must visit at least once in a lifetime. The rain showers during these months are heavy, but once the rain subsides, the celebrations continue making the place brighter, happier and cheerful.
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