Getting Around Malaysia

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Getting Around in Malaysia

Public transport in Malaysia is relaible and inexpensive. Taxis are found in larger cities and are run on meters so you can avoid all the bargaining and haggling with the driver. There are buses as well running in the city taking people from one place to the other. However, in small places, there are bicycle rickshaws to take you around the city. To travel to a different city, you can either opt for long distance taxis or take domestic flights.

Getting Around Malaysia By Air

Domestic flights are very well connected in Malaysia even to remote locations. Malaysia has mainly two domestic carriers one being Malaysian Airlines with subflights names as MASWings and Firefly and the other being AirAsia. The main airport is Kuala Lumpur Airport and other ones are Penang and Langwaki both have fairly busy domestic and international airport. In Sarawak, the two main hubs are Kuching and Miri, while in Sabah, it is Kota Kinabalu.

Getting Around Malaysia By Rail

There are mono rail/metro services running for intercity travel especially in Kuala Lumpur. The sustem is very well organized adn connected. These stations are connected to the bus depots aswell and you dont have to take a different ticket for it. Malaysia's national railway company is Kerapati Tanah Melayu. The railway service is mordern and economical but there are only two major lines and for the most part services are slow.

Getting Around Malaysia By Road

There are taxis which run on metres and buses to take you around major cities. Also, if you love exploring the place by foot, it is a great option. The roads have huge footpaths on either side and it is lovely going around the city however big or small. You can hire cabs for travelling to a different city.There are many buses also which run between major cities in Malaysia.

Getting Around Malaysia By Water

Most islands in Malaysia are connected by ferries. The services are regular and the frequency of ferries available are within every half an hour. Penang, Langwaki and Pangkor are very well connected via ferrys. Travellers can also travel from Singapore to Malaysia via Ferry, Indonesia to Malaysia and Thailand to Malaysia via ferries.

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