Honeymoon in Malaysia - Romancing in the Land of Mountains!

What makes honeymoon one of most memorable events in a marriage is the destination one chooses to go to. Beaches, tropical forests, nightlife, food and amazing resorts - a honeymoon in Malaysia will make it more magical. Here is everything you need to know to plan for honeymoon in this land of mountains.

Why Honeymoon in Malaysia?

Pangkor Island, Honeymoon in Malaysia
Beautiful view of a beach in Pangkor Island (Source)
1. It’s economical

A honeymoon trip to Malaysia is generally less expensive compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Most of the holiday costs derive from the travelling chargers as the food and accommodation are very cheap.

2. Diverse locations

Malaysia has beautiful destinations ranging from beaches and resorts to hills and rainforests. One can plan an itinerary covering all these tourist places mentioned below.

3. Food

Malaysian cuisine has many must-try dishes. The rich ingredient, authentic taste and variety of dishes makes the cuisine unique. It also has a blend of Indonesian, Indian and Chinese elements which add to the flavours. Tourists feast on the street food of Malaysia, which is both delicious and affordable.

4. Nightlife

Malaysia has a glittering nightlife, with elite clubs, night markets and sky-high bars. These include Petaling Street Market, Kampung Baru Sunday Market, Roof Bar and Play Club. Couples should definitely explore romantic Malaysian nights.

Approximate Cost of Honeymoon at Malaysia

INR 65,000 per person (including flight charges)

Best Time

The best time for planning a honeymoon in Malaysia is in the months of November and June. The climate during these months is soothing and pleasant. This time also sees fewer visitors.

Ideal Duration

The ideal duration for honeymoon in Malaysia is seven days.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Malaysia

Here are 15 locations in Malaysia for newlyweds to have a romantic experience. 

1. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Honeymoon at Malaysia
Sunset in Kuala Lumpur (Source)
The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in the world. It is an ideal destination for those newlyweds who are in search of an exotic place. The city has a mix of modern and traditional elements. Golden Triangle is the right place to start the journey. One of the most famous attractions is the Petronas towers, which offers great sunset view. Honeymooners can also catch a view of Malaysia’s beautiful skyline along with spending some decent time in Batu Caves and Thean Hou Temple. To enjoy the nightlife, entering Kampung Baru market and eating street food are the best options.
Must-visit places: Batu Caves, Petronas Towers, The Heli Lounge Bar, Kampung Baru

2. Sabah

Sabah, Honeymoon at Malaysia
The majestic Mount Kinabalu in Sabah (Source)
Sabah, occupying the northern part of Borneo island, is blessed with countless ecotourism activities and beaches, making it a popular honeymoon destination in Malaysia. It also has one of the world’s best diving spots. Sabah has unmatched biodiversity where visitors have a chance to see orangutans, wildflowers and fireflies. The country’s tallest mountain, Mount Kinabalu, is also located here. Sabah’s rugged landscape also has long rivers making White water rafting in the rainforests a famous adventurous activity among thrill-seeking travellers.
Must-visit places: Mount Kinabalu, Butterfly Park, Survivor Island, Ranau Spa, Kinabatangan River, Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

3. Tioman Island

Tioman Island, Honeymoon in Malaysia
Shallow waters of Air Barong (Source)
Situated on the Southeast coast of Malaysia, Tioman Island is known for its marine life. The island has scattered underdeveloped beaches along its coastline with huge biodiversity. Couples on their honeymoon in Malaysia, can lay on the sand while enjoying cheap beer. Summer months are the best for visiting the island. Tioman Island has a bunch of beaches dotted in different areas while Air Batong is the default location for snorkelling and watching beautiful sunsets.
Must-visit places: Salang, Juara, Monkey beach

4. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, Honeymoon at Malaysia
A view of tea plantations on the hilly slopes of Cameron Highlands(Source)
Located about 2,000 metres above sea level, Cameron Highlands is a popular highland retreat in Malaysia. The practice of growing tea on the hilly slops was started by the colonial administration and is continued till date by the locals. Jungle trails, strawberry farms, tea tasting and camping make it a stunning destination to visit while on a honeymoon in Malaysia. Hiking is a good way to experience the highlands, as there are interesting trails on the mountainside.
Must-visit places: Sam Poh Temple, Tringkap Bee Farm, Boh Tea Garden, Cameron Butterfly Park, Parit Waterfalls  

5. Langkawi

Langkawi Island, Honeymoon in Malaysia
On the shores of Langkawi Island (Source)
Langkawi is a beautiful island located off the coast of Penang, having a laid-back atmosphere, attracting flocks of people in all seasons. Although the island is small, it has a number of engaging museums, shopping outlets and craft villages. One of the best places on the island is the Cable Car which takes people to the top of Mat Cicang Mountain. Water sports, adventurous activities, mountain climbing, hiking, snorkelling and diving are other activities on the island which are much-loved by the honeymooners.
Must-visit places: Pantai Cenang, Kilim Geopark, Air Hangat Village, Gunung Raya, Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise

6. Kapas Island

Kapas Island, Honeymoon at Malaysia
Boats arriving on the shores of Kapas Island (Source)
This picturesque island is located off the Western coast of Malaysia. Kapas is a minimalist island and will be the best choice for those couples who like to experience living in secluded places with simple lifestyle. The island is closed in the mosoon season (November to February) making April to August the best time to visit the island. Apart from enjoying in resorts and spa, underwater activities are famous on the island. Visitors engage in snorkerlling and scuba-diving to look at the corals, turtles, beautiful fish and sharks. Couples can also enjoy hammocking, beach walking, jungle walking and beach volleyball here.
Must-visit places: Jetty Café, Kapas Beach Chalet, Captain’s Longhouse, Gem Island

7. Mabul Island

Mabul Island, Honeymoon inMalaysia
Waterhouses in Mabul Island (Source)
Mabul Island, known for beautiful sand and clear waters, is a great location for adventure divers and underwater photography. It is home to Bajau Laut tribe, which is one of the ethnic groups in Sabah. From kayaking to laying on the beach sand, those on their honeymoon in Malaysia, can do plenty of things on the island. Visiting Bajau Laut tribe is a must-do activity. The are known as “Sea Gypsies, as they spend less time on land. Catching the sunrise here at 5:45 AM and watching the birds will be a romantic scene.
Must-visit places: Bajau Laut, Regatta Lepa

8. Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island, Honeymoon at Malaysia
A view of Sunset from Pangkor Island(Source)
Pangkor is a small island in the strait of Malacca popular for its colourful China town and a traditional lifestyle. In its jungle live the hornbills. Visitors can watch these birds they fly down to Sunset View Chalet everyday at around 6:30 PM. Pangkor island also has plenty of beaches. One can lie on the sand and watch the waves of the ocean. The China town offers a cultural show of traditional Chinese lifestyle. Visitors should definitely try the street food in this town.
Must-visit places: Foo Lin Kong temple, Chinatown, Pangkor Hill, Dutch fort, Sunset View Chalet

9. Lake Kenyir

Lake Kenyir, Honeymoon in Malaysia
Motor boat in Lake Kenyir (Source)
Lake Kenyir is the largest manmade lake in Southeast Asia. The rainforest in the area hosts huge biodiversity. While on a honeymoon at Malaysia, catch a glimpse of exotic orchids, elephants, hornbills and panthers. The lake is a popular getaway for nature lovers. Lasir Waterfall, located near the lake, is a stunning waterfall. Visitors can also catch fish with loved ones here. 340 islands surround the lake. Caves, bird sanctuaries, view points and conservation parks make this an ideal location for adventure-loving couples.
Must-visit places: Lasir Waterfall, Bird Park, Kenyir Elephant Conservation Park, Kelah Fish Sanctuary

10. Taman Negara

Taman Negara, Malaysia
 "Canopy walk" in the forest of Taman Negara (Source)
Taman Negara is the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, which is 130 million years old. The forest is famous for canopy walk, as the walkway is 40 metres above the ground. Tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of trees and animals through this experience. This is also considered to be one of the best places of Malaysia to indulge in jungle trekking. Besides these, night jungle walks, safari, rapid shooting, visiting aboriginal village, cruise and animal observation are famous activities here.
Must-visit places: Gua Telinga caves, Gunung Tahan, Tabing Hide, Lata Berkoh

11. Malacca

Malacca, Honeymoon in Malaysia
A normal day in the Jonker Street(Source)
Malacca is considered to be a historic city with colonial imprints. The rich heritage buildings and structures offer great cultural experience making it an offbeat destination for honeymoon in Malaysia. Malacca is easy to get around on foot and rickshaws are easily available for convenient travelling. During the weekends, a walk on the Jonker street will let the tourists witness night culture of the city. Its night market is glittering with clothes, crafts and cheap food. The city also has a range of museums, parks and buildings.
Must-visit places: Jonker Street, ASEAN Cultural Park, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Melaka Sultanate Palace, Malacca Reptile and Butterfly Sanctuary

12. Putrajaya

Putrajaya, Honeymoon at Malaysia
The world-famous Putrajaya Mosque (Source)
A culturaly rich honeymoon place in Malaysia, Putrajaya is the third federal territory of Malaysia. Its is a well-planned modern city with latest infrastructure and good communication technology. The city has buildings with a blend of modern and Islamic elements of architecture. District 21 is a theme-park featuring post-apocalyptic setting. It showcases obstacle courses and attracts tourists from all age groups. The Putrajaya Lake and Bridge is a showcase of progressive urban planning. The city also has a number of botanical gardens, mosques built in German and Chinese style of architecture and annual shows.
Must-visit places: District 21, Iron Mosque, Masjid Raja Fisabilillah Cyberjaya, Mercu Tanda, Seri Perdana Complex

13. Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu, Honeymoon in Malaysia
 Industrial complex in Kota Kinabalu (Source)
Located in East Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu is the capital city of Sabah. The city is home to a completely different lifestyle that is rural and traditional. Kota Kinabalu has a number of attractions including museums, seafood restaurants, lookout spots and craft markets. You can take a wetland cruise from Kilas Wetland Mangrove forest reserve and enjoy looking at elephants and fireflies. Besides, the city also has mountains, aquariums, markets, mosques, railways, beaches and observatories to keep you busy on your itinerary.
Must-visit places: Signal Hill Observatory Platform, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, State Mosque, Tanjung Aru Beach, Kiulu River rafting, Kota Kinabalu Handicraft Market, Green Connection Aquarium

14. Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island, Honeymoon at Malaysia
Tourists getting ready to dive in the waters of Sipadan Island(Source)
Counted in the world’s top 10 diving spots, Sipadan Island is a natural abode and a stunning honeymoon destination of Malaysis. The island is famous for its rich ecosystem, fishes, birdwatching and diving. A specialised yacht, M/V Celebes Explorer, lets the visitors discover the island through a cruise. The island also has best resorts offering remarkable hospitality. The well-equipped water bungalows offer a great view of the shoreline. However, only certified divers can undertake diving in the island.
Must-visit places: Turtle Cave, West Ridge, Hanging Gardens, South Point, Staghorn Crest

15. Selingan Turtle Island

Selingan Turtle Island, Malaysia honeymoon
An evening on Selingan Turtle Island (Source)
Located off the eastern coast of Borneo, the Turtle Island is a part of Sabah National Park. One side of the island has a rocky reef while the other side has a beach. The island is dedicated to green and hawksbill turtle conservation. This is the only island which allows visitors to view turtle nestlings and hatchlings being released which makes it a loved destination for honeymoon in Malaysia, especially for the nature-loving couples. In the evening, the visitors can witness female turtles hauling into the warm sand for nesting. Visitors can stay in a resort and enjoy snorkelling in the beach waters.

Honeymoon in Malaysia has all the essentials to turn out into a truly memorable experience. Why wait longer? Pack your luggage and fly down to Malaysia!

This post was published by Sravya Vemuri

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