20 Best Adventure Activities in Malaysia

There are a range of adventure activities in Malaysia, right from diving at some of the best spots of the world to climbing lofty heights, exploring caves from the bygone era to flyboarding and paragliding. Here is a list of 20 adventure activities in Malaysia:

1. Off-Roading in an ATV

Off Roading in Malaysia
Off-Road ATV adventure in Malaysia (Source)
ATVs are all-terrain vehicles that can be driven on the road, in mud, or along trails; and nothing can beat a good long ride through different terrains and areas in an ATV. There are different ATV tours out there, ranging from one and a half to two hours, that will take you through muddy jungles, along the river and waterfalls; and offer you scenic views of the landscape. This is one of the easiest adventure activities in Malaysia, and hence it is pretty beginner-friendly.
Where to Experience This?
Since ATV riding is a very versatile activity, you can find it in places all across the country, though the best spots to enjoy it are no doubt Pulau Langkawi and Johor.
Approximate cost per person: RM 250
Duration and timings: An ATV ride usually lasts for 90 to 120 minutes

2. Wakeboarding 

Wakeboarding in Malaysia
Wakeboarding in Malaysia (Source)
Wakeboarding is the rage these days, and luckily Malaysia has some beautiful beaches that will let you experience the same. Wakeboarding is a mix of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding, wherein the rider uses a wide board and glides over the water while riding the boat’s wake. Though it might seem to be scary and intimidating at first, this is one of the most addictive adventure activities in Malaysia. 
Where to experience this?
Almost all beaches in Malaysia are suitable to enjoy the water sport; hence you are free to choose a beach that is most convenient for you.
Approximate cost per person: 
Weekdays - RM 400
Weekends - RM 480
Duration and timings: Wakeboarding can be enjoyed at any time throughout the year. Usually, one session lasts for about an hour, but you can indulge in more of this addictive activity by paying additional money. 

3. Ziplining

Ziplining in Malaysia
Ziplining in Malaysia (Source)
Ziplining for most is synonymous with trees, but Malaysia gives you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to zipline from one island to another! In what is touted as one of the most unique adventure activities in Malaysia and the world, adventure enthusiasts get to move between Gaya Island and Sapi Island at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Sabah via a zipline while observing the clear blue waters and scenery around. 
Where to experience this?
Coral Flyer Zipline in Pulau Sapi, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is the place to be at to enjoy ziplining in Malaysia.
Approximate cost per person: RM 68
Duration and timings: Though just ziplining in itself does not take very long, the entire activity normally takes up 5-6 hours. 

4. Skydiving 

Tandem skydiving (Source)
If you have always wanted to skydive but were afraid to try it out because you have no prior experience, then Malaysia could well be the place where you give skydiving your first shot. Experience the exhilarating bliss of skydiving, as you witness the natural beauty of the air from a great height and then land at the beach. In fact, this being the only beach landing in Asia for one of the most exciting adventure activities in Malaysia, the experience only becomes all the more amazing! 
Where to experience this?
Skydive Langkawi is the best place for all those who wish to experience skydiving in Malaysia.
Approximate cost per person: 
Tandem skydiving package - RM 1350 (extra for a second jump, video recording, and photos) 
Duration and timings: Keep in mind that at certain times, unfavorable weather conditions may not let you enjoy the activity. Additionally, each jump lasts for around 45 minutes, which includes a 20-minute flight over Langkawi Island, a 30-second freefall jump and a six-minute parachute ride towards Tanjung Rhu Beach.  

5. White Water Rafting

White water rafting in Malaysia
White water rafting in Malaysia (Source)
For those looking for white water rafting opportunities in Malaysia, there surely are a lot of options available. Rivers in Malaysia are graded according to the watercourse as well as the challenges that rafters would face. Beginners and experienced rafters have different places to choose from when it comes to this adventure activity in Malaysia. It is indeed an unforgettable moment to raft through dense forests as you also explore the wildlife around. 
Where to experience this? 
There are plenty of options to choose from, including Kampar and Ulu Slim, which are safe for first times and beginners; Selangor, which is the most famous one and offers medium challenges, and Singoh, which is the most challenging of all. 
Approximate cost per person: RM 150 to RM 1500 depending on the location, package and complexity level. 
Duration and timings: Depending on the level of complexity, rafting tours can be completed within 1-3 days. 

6. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving (Source)
Scuba diving is no doubt one of the most popular water adventure activities in Malaysia for people of all ages. Luckily, Malaysia has excellent places which make for a perfect scuba diving spot, thanks to their vast biodiversity. Malaysia also has a lot of shallow dive locations where beginners can enrol themselves for some scuba diving lessons before taking the plunge. 
Where to experience this?
Kapalai Island, Layang – Layang Island, Leng Tengah Island, Pom Island, Sibuan Island, Redang Island, Tenggol Island, Lankayan Island, Tioman Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Sipadan Island, Perhentian Island, Mataking Island, and Mabul Island are the best places to enjoy scuba diving in Malaysia.
Approximate cost per person: RM 350 for a day. 
Duration and timings: Bear in mind that though scuba diving can be enjoyed all year round, seasons will vary from one location to another. July and August, and the months from April to December are the best to enjoy the experience. 

7. Cave Exploring

Cave Exploring in Malaysia
Cave Exploring in Malaysia (Source)
Cave exploring or spelunking as it was traditionally called, is a traditional activity which lets you explore age-old cave systems and challenge yourself. Malaysia is home to many cave systems and is thus another of the most enthralling adventure activities in Malaysia that travellers can explore. Some of the common challenges include the absence of light, tight spots and water at unexpected places. Additionally, you will also get to explore the wildlife of the caves, including bats, spiders, lizards, and some amphibians. 
Where to experience this?
Some of the best caves to explore in Malaysia include Gua Kelam, Gunung Reng, Gua Niah, and Gua Tempurung.
Approximate cost per person: RM 70 to RM 100, depending on the cave and package. 
Duration and timings: A normal cave exploring session usually lasts for around 4-6 hours.

8. Climb Mountain Torq, the World’s Highest Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata Mountaineering in Malaysia
Via Ferrata Mountaineering in Malaysia (Source)
A Via Ferrata is a protected mountain pathway, with cables, rungs, and rails; that allows the participant to witness marvellous sights of the mountains, which are otherwise only available to rock climbers. Mountain Torq happens to be the highest Via Ferrata in the world (the highest point on this route starts at 3,400 meters and takes you up to 3,800 meters) and the first one in Asia. This adventure activity in Malaysia offers two Via Ferrata routes to visitors: Walk the Torq and Low’s Peak Circuit. Both routes can be taken up without any prior mountaineering experience. 
Where to experience this?
Mountain Kinabalu is located at the West Coast Division of Sabah.
Approximate cost per person: RM 2030 per adult (2 days, 1 night, inclusive of stay at the location)
Duration and timings: You will need 2-5 hours to complete the tour, depending on what route you have opted for; though the whole trip in itself will easily last for 2 days.  

9. Parasailing 

Parasailing in Malaysia (Source)
When it comes to adventure water sports, Malaysia is one of the most sought after destinations across the globe, and there is no way one can give parasailing a miss. Definitely not meant for the faint-hearted, this is among the exhilarating and heart-racing adventure activities in Malaysia. However, if you do opt to go for parasailing, make sure that you choose only an authorized tour operator. 
Where to experience this? 
Though plenty of islands in Malaysia offer this experience, Langkawi Island is your go-to place for parasailing.
Approximate cost per person:
RM80 (for 3 kilometers on the beach)
RM 180 (for 8 kilometers on the boat)
Duration and timings: One parasailing trip usually takes around 30 minutes, and around 2 to 3 people are lifted at a time. The activity can be enjoyed all year round. 

10. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Malaysia
Rock Climbing in Malaysia (Source)
Forty-six kilometres away from Sarawak’s capital is Bau, which houses the Fairy Caves in a small village: the best place for rock climbing in all of Malaysia. It is visited by thousands of locals and tourists each year. The climbing area has eight different climbing walls, with a total of eighty climbs of all difficulty levels here. While the famous Batman Wall is the most unconventional, this adventure activity in Malaysia attracts visitors to choose from other walls and climbs too, which are much more convenient and easier. 
Where to experience this?
The Fairy Caves are located in Bau, Sarawak.
Approximate cost: 
For two - RM 50
For a group of 10 - RM 100
For a group of 20 and larger groups - RM 200
Duration and timings: Thanks to the row of stalactite which keeps both sun and rain off the walls; the walls are climbable in all weather conditions. 

11. Hiking and Trekking

Hiking in Malaysia
Hiking in Malaysia (Source)
This is one of the adventure activities in Malaysia that has an array of options for both the beginners and experienced hikers. You could take a pleasant hike to Cameron Highlands and enjoy high tea and scones at a Tudor country inn, or explore the majestic peaks at Bukit Tabur. However, remember that some of the trails can be really steep and rocky, so make sure you have an experienced hiker along if you happen to be a beginner. 
Where to experience this? 
Best places to hike and trek in Malaysia include Cameron Highlands, the five peaks at Bukit Tabur: Tabur East, Tabur West, Tabur Far East, Tabur Extreme, and Tabur Extra, of which the east and west trails are the easiest and most popular; and Gunung Kinabalu, which is the third highest mountain in all of southeast Asia.
Approximate cost per person for hiking: RM 5 (at Bukit Tabur -is the permit fee from the Selangor Forestry Department)
Timings and Duration: Both trekking and hiking can be enjoyed at any time of the year; and while a hike can be finished in a single day, a trek might go on for weeks, depending on what you choose. 

12. Snorkelling

Snorkelling (Source)
Malaysia is a much sought after destination when it comes to snorkelling since the coral reefs here are rich in marine life, including sharks, different fishes as well as some endangered sea turtles. Since most of these beaches have these corals right below the surface, even beginners can enjoy this adventure activity without taking much training or lessons.  
Where to experience this?
Perhentian Island, Coastline Terengganu, Langkawi Pulau Payar Marine Park, and Tioman Island are some of the best places where you can enjoy snorkeling in Malaysia.
Approximate cost per person: RM 100 (for half a day)
Timings and Duration: Depending on what you prefer, you can opt for a short 2-hour dip, or even go for a half a day trip if you are really into marine life. 

13. Paragliding

Paragliding (Source)
Paragliding is no doubt one of the most popular extreme adventure activities in Malaysia, thanks to the sheer thrill that the sport offers. You can opt for the package that suits you the best from the available options, and then enjoy gliding over mountains, paddies, and villages, as you take in the beauty and charm of the country from great heights. 
Where to experience this?
Selangor near Kuala Lumpur and Ranau near Sabah are excellent places to visit for those who wish to enjoy paragliding in Malaysia.
Approximate cost per person: RM 80 and RM 200, depending on the package and place that you opt for. 
Timings and duration: A typical trip usually lasts for a few hours, though bear in mind that it is subject to the weather conditions. 

14. Flyboarding

Tourists experiencing the thrilling Flyboarding (Source)
Although is one of the non-budget-friendly adventure activities in Malaysia many locals and tourists are more than willing to splurge to enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity of being propelled into the air using a water jetpack which is tied to your back. A really fun and exciting activity for all water lovers, flyboarding is sure to get your heart pumping. 
Where to experience this?
You can enjoy flyboarding at Maritime Putrajaya, an hour’s ride away from Kuala Lumpur.
Approximate cost per person: RM 370 (for 20 minutes), RM 690 (for 40 minutes)
Timings and duration: Flyboarding, as of now, only takes place on the weekends and public holidays in Malaysia, and there are only a limited number of spots available. 

15. Enjoy the Wilderness at Skytrex Adventure

At Skytrex Adventure, you can unleash your wild side as you swing from tree to tree, cross extreme obstacles and climb trees as well, all in an adventurous outdoor zone in the lap of nature. This adventure activity in Malaysia offers three circuits in all: Little Adventure, Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge, and the circuits are intense and thrilling at the same time! 
Where to experience this?
Skytrex Adventure is located at Langkawi and Melaka and also at Sg. Congkak in Hulu Langat.
Approximate cost per person: RM 45 to RM 110
Duration and timings: Depending on your physical strength and stamina levels, the course can last for up to a few hours; and can be enjoyed at any time throughout the year. 

16. Surfing

Surfing in Malaysia
Surfing in Malaysia (Source)
It would be no overstatement to say that this is one of the best adventure activities in Malaysia in all of Asia. Surfers flock to the region in large numbers to enjoy the waves, as they dodge and overpower them to enjoy an altogether different kind of bliss and satisfaction. Malaysia also hosts a lot of surfing competitions, so look out for them if you are an avid surfer!
Where to experience this?
Cherating, Pahang; Batu Burok Beach, Terengganu; Tanjung Balau Beach and Wild Boar Beach, Johor; and Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Sabah are the perfect places to enjoy surfing in Malaysia.
Duration and timings: Surfing may be prohibited in certain areas in times of excessive downpour, and October to March are the best months to enjoy surfing.  

17. Waterfall Abseiling

Waterfall Abseiling
An adventurer on a waterfall abseil (Source)
Long gone are the days when relaxing dips in the waterfall amidst the lush greenery and awe-striking scenes were the only waterfall experiences heard of! Waterfall abseiling is now the new trend and is actually a fun adventure activity in Malaysia to indulge in, though it might seem to be scary at first. You can also try out waterfall flying fox activity at the same place. 
Where to experience this? 
Sungai Pisang in Gombak, next to the Karak Highway, is the best place to enjoy waterfall abseiling in Malaysia.
Approximate cost per person: RM 50 to RM 100

18. Kayaking

Visitors kayaking across the stream (Source)
If your choice of adventure activities in Malaysia is more slow-paced than what people usually prefer, then you should definitely try kayaking; since it is a welcome relief from the usual high-speed high-intensity sports out there. Malaysian waters are the perfect azure blue place to be at, to relax and enjoy the gorgeous views; though the activity does require physical strain and vigour in the form of rowing and paddling the kayak.
Where to experience this?
Langkawi Island, Merapuh, Kuching, and Seribuat Archipelago are the best places to experience kayaking in Malaysia.
Approximate cost per person: 
Adult - RM 64
Child - RM 53
Duration and timings: A normal session lasts for around 3-4 hours, and kayaking can be enjoyed all around the year. 

19. Helicopter Sightseeing in Malaysia

For those on the lookout for high adrenaline yet safe adventure activities in Malaysia, helicopter sightseeing is an excellent option. Not only do you get to sit in a sophisticated helicopter, but you will also get the privilege of enjoying a panoramic view of the country from a great height. At the same time, your pilot will double up as your tour guide, and share interesting information with you to make your trip all the more exciting!
Where to experience this?
As of now, this service is only available in Kuala Lumpur.
Approximate cost per person: RM 890 per person (a minimum of 4 people require)
Duration and timings: The activity is subject to weather conditions, and the ride usually takes around 30 minutes. 

20. Jet Skiing

Jet skiing
Jet Skiing in Malaysia (Source)
Water lovers definitely cannot miss out on this most popular water adventure activity in Malaysia! There are plenty of places in Malaysia that offer the same, with options for Jet Ski rentals as well. Some places even offer classes by trained professionals for the same; so that even first-timers can try their hand at this much-loved water sport and experience the thrill of speeding along the waves with the wind in your hair. 
Where to experience this?
Pantai Cenang Beach on Langkawi Island is the best place to go to if you wish to enjoy jet skiing.
Approximate cost per person: RM 300
Duration and timings: Jet skiing can be enjoyed all year round, and a single session usually lasts for 30 minutes or so. 
If you have not been out in the lap of nature for long and were waiting for some signal, then this is it! Choose your favourite adventure activities in Malaysia, head out into the wilderness and get ready to be astonished at what Malaysia has to offer to you.

This post was published by Muskan Ahuja

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