Best Free Things To Do In Singapore

Singapore has been considered as one of the most expensive cities to live in, and if you plan a trip here, you need to keep a check on your wallet. Because of its extortionate pricing, The Lion City does not make it to a budget traveller's list, but not everything here comes at a price. It's time you let your wallet breath because here are the 13 best FREE things to do in Singapore.

1. Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM)

What is it: Coming across the word "free market" is highly inconvincible, and that's probably why there's two (not one) "really" added as a prefix. But yes, you read that right. The SRRFM exists and is based on the concept of building a society giving and sharing resources. From vintage items, toys, books to have your fortune read, or getting a massage, nothing here costs a cent. Here's a little tip: Do not carry your wallet.

Where is it: Post-Museum's premises on Rowell Rd.

When to go there: The next SRRFM is happening on 2nd June 2018, from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Singapore really really free market, free things to do in singapore

2. Watch A Free Movie Under The Stars

What is it: Ticket prices cost double of what they used to a few years back. Your high quality - big-screen entertainment should not go in vain. Singapore houses a couple of movie cinemas which host regular fortnightly screenings that take place all over the island. MovieMob's drive-in cinema experience would hit the nostalgia bone just right. Bring a mat and some snacks and enjoy a flick with your loved ones under the stars free of cost. What's better is the fact that you could vote for your favourite movie to be screened.

Where is it: Next to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

When to go there: Third or fourth weekend of the month. Checkout MovieMob's Facebook page for more details.

Movie under the stars, free things to do in singapore

3. Join in the Celebration at Festivals of Singapore

What is it: Vibrant and colourful with a cheerful crowd, the festivals of Singapore are just the right place to meet new people and get to know the Singaporean culture better. Be it the eclectic Buskers Festival or the artistic Singapore Night Festival or to the musical Mosaic Music Festival, there's guaranteed quality entertainment for everybody without shelling out a penny.

Where is it: The festivals happen year-round all over the city.

When to go there: You can find information about some of the most vibrant festivals in Singapore here. Keep a check on their social media pages as most information is updated there.

Singapore festivals, free things to do in singapore

4. Take a Stroll at Gardens By The Bay

What is it: Rejuvenate yourself by taking a walk through Singapore's dramatic Gardens By The Bay. The garden offers breath-taking waterfront views. The massive Supertrees here are a treat for the eyes. With a height ranging between 9 to 16 storeys, walking on the suspended walkway between two Supertrees to enjoy a bird's eye view of the gardens will make your day. In the evening, take pleasure amidst the Supertrees watching beautiful sky shows with colourful lights and sounds. While entry to the gardens is free, the walkway costs SGD 5 (which is totally worth it).

Where is it: 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore.

When to go there: The garden opens at 5:00 AM and closes at 2:00 AM. The Garden Rhapsody light show begins at 7:45 PM and 8:45 PM.

Gardens by the Bay, free things to do in singapore

5. Spend A Day At The Beach

What is it: The man-made Sentosa beach is the perfect spot for you to unwind and perhaps take a swim. The drinks and food are expensive over there but there's no harm in laying on the golden sands and breathing in the salty air. So bring along a towel, apply lots of sunscreens because this is the ideal de-stressing tonic.

Where is it: Sentosa, Singapore

When to go there: Visit the beach in the noon if you feel like soaking in some sun or in the evening if you want to wander around the pristine waters.

Sentosa Beach, free things to do in singapore

6. Hike At The Fort Canning Park

What is it: No doubt Singapore is a concrete jungle but amidst this jungle is some green space tucked away. Escape the hustle-bustle of the city for an afternoon and jog at the uncharted trails here. Keep an eye on the exquisite plants, rare in nature, that you meet along the way. There's no entry fee so spend all the time you can and befriend the nature.

Where is it: River Valley Rd, Singapore

When to go there: The park is open 24/7

Canning Park Singapore, free things to do in singapore

7. Catch the Light Show at Marina Bay

What is it: It goes without saying that Marina Bay is one of the most expensive areas in Singapore and indulging in any activity here would result in a heavy load on your wallet. But there's an exception. Immerse yourself - free of cost - in the Spectra light show at Marina Bay. The beautiful laser lights coupled with sounds form a symphony that will surely mesmerize you.

Where is it: Event Plaza at Promenade

When is it: 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM every day.

Light show at Marina Bay, free things to do in singapore

8. Hunt Down All The Merlions

What is it: Singapore's iconic Merlion, the so-called half-lion, a half-fish hybrid is the official mascot of Singapore. Hunting down all seven merlions is a fun activity to do. Not only do you get to see a lot of the city, but its an inexpensive way to spend the day! Challenge your friends and see who could track them all down and click a picture the quickest.

Where is it: All over the city.

When to go there: Any time of the day.

Merlions Singapore, Free things to do in singapore

9. Free Concerts At The Esplanade

What is it: If you're on the hunt for very interesting and varied free performances, concerts, or even visual arts exhibits, the Esplanade is a truly wonderful place to start. Boasting a diverse calendar of non-ticketed programmes, you can choose from a range of dance, music, theatre, visual arts and more. Just so you know, Do head down early if you don't want to be disappointed!

Where is it: Esplanade - Theatres On The Bay

When to go there: A Sunday is essentially a string of free concerts.

Concerts at the Esplanade, Free things to do in singapore

10. Explore The Ethnic Enclaves

What is it: Singapore is an ethnic hub. Explore the old age medicine shops and spiritual temples at Chinatown, or head over to Little India and immerse in the vibrant district. There's a lot to see. Hindu temples, traditional eateries, and flower garland vendors and more. Put on your sweats, fill up a bottle of water, tie up your shoelaces and hit the streets and make the most of this a great free activity.

Where is it: China Town/ Little India

When to go there: Any time of the day.

Ethnic Enclaves, free things to do in singapore

11. Explore Chek Jawa

What is it: Do you have a day to spare? Head over to Chek Jawa, a preserved ecosystem away from the world of shopping malls and fancy restaurants. Tucked away in a corner of Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa is a place to capture nature in its purest forms. Promenade in the natural world, click a lot of pictures and take back a lot of memories. The best thing about it is that there's no entry fee. Afterall, nature doesn't ask a price.

Where is it: Chek Jawa Trail

When to go there: The park is open from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

Chek Jawa, free things to do in singapore

12. Kite Flying at Marina Barrage

What is it: Marina Barrage is the windiest spot in Singapore and the perfect place to fly kites. Yes, the tradition of flying kites is revived amongst Singaporeans and you can join in the fun. Bring your own kite or visit the Barrage Cove for to purchase one, available at all sizes and colours for people of all age. Don't know how to fly a kite? No worries. You could just watch others as the sky fills up with vibrant colours.

Where is it: 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore

When to go there: The park is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Kite Flying at Marina Barrage, free things to do in singapore

13. Play with Farm Animals

What is it: This is one for the pet lovers. Singapore has a selection of farms where the animals are waiting to be cuddled with, without any cost. Head over to Hay Dairies to watch the adorable goats being milked. You can also buy freshly-produced goat milk. Pet the four-legged furry friends at Ericsson Pet Farm located at Pasir Ris Farmway. Get up close and personal with chickens and hamsters at Farmart Centre. Get your dose of agriculture at the choice of your farm.

Where is it: Various locations.

Farm animals singapore, free things to do in singapore

Here was your guide of compelling activities to do for free in Singapore, making the most of your trip without going over the budget. Now that you know about it, its time to ease off the pressure on your wallet. Share it with someone next time they complain about Singapore being expensive.

This post was published by Yash Saboo