5 Best Sites for Snorkelling in Singapore

Snorkelling is like scuba-diving, only more accessible. It is liberating and gives a break from steaming city noises. 
Here’s why and where you should experience Snorkeling in Singapore

Best Singaporean Snorkeling Sites

In the Republic of Islands that is centred around seas, it is not very difficult to find a snorkelling destination. Here are some of the popular snorkelling sites in Singapore:

1. Pulau Hantu

Snorkelling in Singapore
Pulau Hantu is made out of two islands: Hantu Besar (Big Ghost) and Hantu Kecil (Small Ghost). The divers can travel between the two islands using bumboats, during low tides the distance can be covered on foot. The islands are famous for nudibranchs, seahorses and coral reefs unique and magnificent. Pick a day with low current, and you can quickly dive at both the islands. However, the visibility might be low underwater.

2. Sister’s Islands

Snorkelling in Singapore
Sister’s Island is a 40-hectare vast park with a section dedicated to snorkelling. The trail is divided into Shallow Trail (6 meters deep) and Deep Trail (15 meters deep) and explores biospheres such as coral reefs and sandy habitats, and coral rubble, rocky and silty habitat.
For further details, contact:
Koh Kwan Siong
Email: [email protected]
Collin Tong
Email: [email protected]

3. Sentosa Island

Snorkelling in Singapore
Rainbow reef snorkelling at Adventure Cove Waterpark makes for a good experience for beginners. The aquarium poses a safe biotic reserve, and the authorities provide the PADI equipment. Snorkelling for kids under 11, however unsafe at sea, will be a delightful involvement with the world under the sea. The 20,000 species of fishes embark a newly found reverence for life.

4. Pulau Jong

Snorkelling in Singapore
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About 5 miles off the coast of Singapore lies a tiny island is known for snorkelling. Reaching here might be difficult for no ferries are leading to the place, but charter boats are the next resort. The marine diversity on Pulau Jong is vivid, and some species of fish like the black-tip sharks and parrotfishes can be found here, while they are harder to find on the coast of Singapore.

5. Kusu Island

Snorkelling in Singapore
Kusu Island is about 5 miles off the coast of Singapore. It is relatively less crowded and therefore forms a serene environment to explore the pristine marine life around. It is abundant in some rare species of anemones.

Why Choose Snorkelling in Singapore?

Even though the islands of Singapore have murky water with low visibility, here is why it should be your snorkelling destination:

1. Climate in Singapore

The tropical climate of Singapore lasts all year long. The temperature in summer varies between 26 – 33 degrees Celsius and in winter, it varies between 24 – 32 degrees Celsius. The little variance in temperature has therefore made underwater activities like snorkelling a popular sport.

Apart from occasional thunderstorms, except November to January when heavy rainfall occurs, the climate is almost perfect for an underwater excursion.

2. Singapore Aquarium Snorkelling

Snorkelling in Singapore
Some places, like the Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa Island, provides the tourists with an experience of underwater by snorkelling in an aquarium. If you are too scared to dive deep into the unknown, an aquarium might sound like an attractive option. You are all geared up in the diving equipment and sent under-pool to explore the vivifying marine life there.

3. Diving Courses in Singapore

Snorkelling in Singapore
Singapore has some institutes that teach recreational as well as professional diving - both snorkelling and scuba diving. After you are trained underwater here, snorkelling almost everywhere would be a piece of cake. Places like OrcaScuba provide professional training to people who would like to do snorkelling or scuba-diving for fun or to become a trainer.

4. Underwater Diversity

Snorkelling in Singapore
Nudibranchs – long, flat, slender and fat all inhabit the underwater world of Singapore. Not only nudibranchs but cuttlefish and seahorses, clownfish and starfish are all a part of the marine biosphere. Their vivid patterns are bound to leave you speechless.

Snorkelling Operators in Singapore

Snorkelling in Singapore
Snorkelling has been made easier for those who want to learn or for professionals who are still looking for guidance in a foreign country. Some of these operators are:

1. Orca Scuba
Duration: 3 - 4 Days
Time: Friday to Sunday
Contact:+65 8339 5001
Email: [email protected]
2. Deep Blue Scuba
Duration: 2 months - 1 year
Time: Saturday - Sunday
Contact:+65 65572705
Email: [email protected]
3. The Hantu Bloggers
Duration: 1 - 4 Days
Timing: Schedules on the website
Email: [email protected]
4. Gill Divers
Duration: 1 - 2 Days
Monday to Friday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday:  11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Contact: +65 6734 9373
Email: [email protected]
5. Amazing Dive
Duration: 2 Days - 1 Year
Time: Customizable
Contact:+65 6291 0979
Email: [email protected] 

Best Time to Snorkel in Singapore

In the tropical climate of Singapore, monsoon arrives in between December to March every year, which will hinder with exploring the world underwater. Therefore, the best time for snorkelling in Singapore is believed to be April to November when the corals are blooming and the marine habitats thriving with life.

There are certain things you must keep in mind, to enjoy your snorkelling experience:
1. Get the right fit of snorkelling equipment – the mask, snorkel and fins. If either of them are loose and falls off midway, they might tamper with your tour. So, ensure that you get the appropriate fit!
2. If you don’t swim a lot, or lack the stamina of staying underwater for too long, then you should carry a float vest with you to be safe.
3. Ensure that your mask does not leak. It may fog up or get filled with water, in such a case, it is suggested that you come to the surface, throw the water out or clean up the fog and then continue your dive.

Tips for Snorkelling in Singapore

Here are some handy tips that you might want to keep in mind when snorkelling in Singapore:

1. Carry a torch because the visibility might be too low in Singapore seas.
2. Do not panic underwater; just relax and breathe through your snorkel. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time.
3. You might want to stay at a safe distance from the marine life. The corals are fragile and might get damaged by touch. If you are there to observe their habitat, you should respect it too.

Snorkelling in Singapore
Snorkelling in Singapore is a fun activity, but you should keep in mind to not litter the ocean or pollute the natural environment. The marine life can be exotic to explore, and it is a whole new experience.
Don’t forget to have fun!

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