11 Most Beautiful Bridges in Singapore

Singapore is often known for its active life, parties and tall buildings. However, it is home to yet another architectural feat - it houses some of the most artistic bridges, often with fascinating histories.
This list compiles 11 of the most spectacular Singaporean bridges that one must explore when visiting Singapore.

Suspension Bridges

1. The MacRitchie TreeTop Suspension Bridge

MacRitchie Suspension Bridge, Singapore
The MacRitchie Reservoir Park houses one of the most beautiful forest trails, 25 meters above the forest floor. Located in the heart of the city, this aerial, free-standing walkway connects the two highest points of the reserve. It is 250 meters long and provides a beautiful panoramic view of the forest reserve, as well of the nearby Upper Peirce Reservoir. The treetop suspension bridge is one of the most picturesque places in Singapore.
The Largest Singaporean Reservoir
MacRitchie reservoir is anchored on the most significant repository in Singapore as it is a catchment area for rainwater.
Best Experience
Gazing down onto numerous species of life, while soaking in the lush greenery surrounding the bridge is the most mesmerising experience at the MacRitchie treetop suspension bridge. 
Location: 601 Island Club Road, Singapore

2. Sentosa Suspension Bridge

Sentosa Suspension bridge
A relaxing, yet exhilarating experience that can be shared with loved ones. The Sentosa Suspension Bridge in itself is quite narrow, and only a few feet above the water. However, it’s quite a shaky bridge, so one must be careful while crossing it. 
Best Experience
Located on the Palawan beach, in Sentosa, this suspension bridge provides a very thrilling experience for visitors - as one crosses over the bridge, one would find oneself standing at the Southernmost tip of Continental Asia, and the nearest to the equator. This point is, in fact, a small island, overlooking the South China Sea. Here, there are two towers with the most beautiful vantage points, to enjoy the picturesque sunsets.
Location: Palawan Beach, Sentosa, Singapore

3. Cavenagh Bridge

Bridges in Singapore
One of the oldest bridges in Singapore, the Cavenagh bridge was built in 1868, on the Singapore River. An 80-metre long bridge, it is named after Sir Lieutenant General William Orfeur Cavenagh, who was the last India-appointed Governor of the Straits Settlement. The bridge was built when Singapore was still administered under the British Indian Government. It was built to facilitate the transportation of barges, and allow the passage of vehicles and replaced the ferry services across the rover.
Best Experience
Over time, the Cavenagh bridge was unable to carry the load of the increasing traffic. Thus, it became a pedestrian bridge. Today, it stands as a time capsule for visitors, giving a peek into colonial Singapore. This bridge, which is about 80 meters long, is a spectacle as lights adorn it in the night. 
Location: 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

Pedestrian Bridges

4. Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge
The Helix Bridge is considered one of the most prominent landmarks in Singapore, and you can’t miss it. This architectural wonder is a double helix, built in stainless steel, which connects Marina Center with Marina South in the Marina Bay area. 280-meters long, one can witness the beautiful Singapore skyline while walking on the longest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. Inaugurated for pedestrian use in 2010 the bridge is a favourite tourist destination because there are several attractions nearby.
Best Experience
In the night, this bridge lights up to create a beautiful ambience for walkers. This bridge is the perfect spot to capture some of the most breath-taking views of Singapore. 
Location: Marina Bay, Singapore

5. Alkaff Bridge

Alkaff bridge
The Alkaff Bridge is situated on the Singapore River, at Robertson Quay. It was built in 1997, but its beautification, for which it is called the Singapore Art Bridge, happened only in 2004 by Filipino artist Pacinta Abad. The bridge is painted with 55 colours, using 900 litres of paint! The bridge is named after the Arab Alkaff family, which used to be the wealthiest family in Singapore in the 20th century. The Alkaff Bridge is one of the most striking bridges in Singapore, so one must visit it while there. There is no entry fee.
Best Experience
This 55 meters long pedestrian bridge is built in the shape of a “tongkang”, a light boat that was used to transport goods along Singaporean rivers in the country's early days.
Location:1 Havelock Rd, Singapore

6. Henderson Waves Bridge

Bridges in Singapore
The Henderson Waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, at the height of 36 meters above the ground. Mimicking the shape of undulating waves of an ocean, with curves and twists along its 247-meter length. Its ‘waves’ consists of a series of ‘ribs’ jutting out of the structure to give it a rugged look.
Best Experience
The ridges in the bridge allow for hidden recesses and niches, where walkers can sit, relax, and take in the view. To get a bird’s eye view of the island of Singapore, one must stand and walk atop this beautiful work of art.  
Location: Henderson Road, Singapore

7. The Jubilee Bridge

Jubilee Bridge
Almost every famous bridge in Singapore comes with an exciting nugget of historical background. The Jubilee Bridge is a commemoration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee and was opened to the public on March 29, 2015. With a length of 220 meters, the bridge was opened on the day of the state funeral procession of Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew. It is said that the late Mr Lee who himself suggested building another walkway across the Singapore River, to decrease the pedestrian traffic on the Esplanade Bridge. 
Best Experience
It overlooks some of the most iconic landmarks in Singapore and is a tourist favourite, who enjoy looking at the illuminating Singaporean skyline. 
Location:1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore

Vehicular Bridges

8. Elgin Bridge

Elgin Bridge
The Elgin Bridge connects what today called the North Bridge Road, and the South Bridge Road is. The total length of the Elgin Bridge is 46 meters. 
Best Experience
One can take a peaceful evening stroll across this bridge
Location: Along South Bridge, North Bridge Rd, Singapore

9. Benjamin Sheares Bridge

Bridges in Singapore
The Benjamin Sheares bridge is a  mammoth project engulfed in Singapore’s patent architectural eminence. Named after the second president of Singapore, Benjamin Sheares Bridge is 1.8 kilometres long and is 29 meters at its highest point. It has eight lanes and a pair of 2-meter wide pedestrian walkways. It is built over the Kallang basin and the Singapore river, and its tall height is to allow ships to pass through the waterbody, to and from the repair of the vessel yards in Tanjong Rhu.
Best Experience
Opened for public use on 26th September 1981, the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and provides for a spectacular view for motorists and pedestrians alike. 
Location: Sheares Avenue, Singapore

10. Esplanade Bridge

Esplanade bridge
Opened in 1997, the Esplanade for the longest time bore the weight of a lot of pedestrians and vehicular traffic in Singapore. This 280-meter long road bridge spans across the Singapore River, connecting the Marna Bay with Singapore's financial district, Shenton Way. It supports two four-lane carriageways and footpaths on both sides.
Best Experience
An arch bridge, the Esplanade provides for the perfect photo-op and walking path on a cold, breezy evening.
Location: Downtown Core, Marina Bay, Singapore

11. Bukit Timah Railway Bridge

Bukit Timah railway bridge
A living reminder of Singapore’s railway history and heritage, The Bukit Timah railway station was decommissioned and put out of use in 2011. However, it still stands and has now been converted into a beautiful walking path, as part of a Green Corridor project. The old, black iron railway bridge is the perfect place to begin one’s journey into Singapore’s railway history, and to see some interesting relics on the way.
Best Experience
The truss bridge is still intact, as are some of the railways, and is an excellent place to click pictures in its old world charm.
Location: Blackmore Drive, Bukit Timah, Singapore
Singapore is a blooming bundle of new excitements and activities. Spare some time and relax at these breathtaking bridges in Singapore!

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