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People of Singapore are quite possessive when it comes to the food. With a myriad of food outlets all over the island, you can find food according to your taste. The various restaurants and cafes serve cuisines from all over the world with varying budget and eating style. You can enjoy the affordable delicious food, mainly Indian and Chinese dishes that you will not even find in India and China, served by pushcart hawker and vendors along with super Malay and Indonesian food. However, western food is a lot more expensive when compared to its Asian counterparts. Nonya cooking, native to Singapore is a unique fusion of Chinese and Malay cooking styles prepared by the Peranakan community that is worth trying. Chilli crab; Satay with peanut sauce, onions and cucumber; Katong laksa (white noodles in a creamy, immensely rich coconut-based curry broth, topped with cockles or shrimp) with chilli paste and chopped laksa leaf in a spoon are some of the most popular local delicacies of Singapore.

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Local dishes of Singapore
Local dishes of Singapore

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Singapore

Indian food in Singapore is available in abundance and that too at quite an affordable price. Especially if you are visiting Little India, it is lined up with great options ranging from street food to casual and posh restaurants. South Indian food like idli, dosa, vada as well as North Indian is served at almost all the eating joints in Little India. Other than Indian vegetarian dishes, one can also go for vegetarian delicacies in other cuisines such as Chinese, Middle East, and European located within and outside Little India. Few restaurants and eating joints (Kailash Parbat, Namastaey India, Annalakshmi Janantha) serve delicious Jain food as well. Some of the Singaporean vegetarian dishes are noodles with tofu, orange carrot soup, white curry jackfruit and sweet eggplant stew. The Indian style street food costs around SGD 6 and overall it costs SGD 8 - 9 per meal. However, the casual restaurants cost around SGD 20 and after that, there is no limit.

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