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Universal Studios, Singapore Overview

Universal Studios Singapore is a hugely popular theme park located in Resorts World Sentosa. With 28 thrilling rides, exciting attractions, and spectacular shows, the park is hugely popular among children and adults alike. Live shows featuring larger-than-life versions of favourite characters are performed every day.

Spread across 49 acres, Universal Studios in Singapore is divided into seven fun zones – Hollywood, New York, The Lost World, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Sci-Fi City, and Ancient Egypt. The zones are built with state-of-the-art design and are meant to transport visitors to different eras - stocked with themed attractions, restaurants serving exotic delicacies, and stores with official merchandise, each zone is a wonderland in itself. From thrilling roller coasters that zoom through reality-bending animations, live-action shows with popular animated characters, and dance parties every evening to kid-friendly carousels, lip-smacking delicacies, and mesmerising zone setups, Universal Studios Singapore promises to be an exciting getaway for the entire family.

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Universal Studios Singapore Tickets

One-Day Ticket: This ticket is valid for one visit within 30 days from the visit date, and grants access to all attractions at Universal Studios Singapore.
Adult (between 13-59 years): SGD 79
Child (between 4-12 years): SGD 59
Senior (age 60 and above): SGD 41
Annual Pass: This pass grants unlimited access for 12 months from the first day of visit to the Universal Studios. A special membership lobby can be enjoyed by patrons.
Adult (between 13-59 years): SGD 198
Child (between 4-12 years): SGD 168
Senior (age 60 and above): SGD 168
Annual Pass with Express: This pass grants express admission to the top attractions and ride at Universal Studios Singapore for a period of one year from the first date of entry.
Adult (between 13-59 years): SGD 328
Child (between 4-12 years): SGD 298
Senior (age 60 and above): SGD 298
Season Pass: This ticket grants access to six months of unlimited admission at the park.
Adult (between 13-59 years): SGD 108
Child (between 4-12 years): SGD 98
Senior (age 60 and above): SGD 98
Season pass with Express: Patrons can enjoy Express Unlimited for a period of 6 months from the date of first entry with this pass.  
Adult (between 13-59 years): SGD 208
Child (between 4-12 years): SGD 198
Senior (age 60 and above): SGD 198
Student Season Pass: This pass grants unlimited admission for a period of 6 months for students only.
Student: SGD 98
Student Season Pass with Express: This ticket gives allows unlimited admission with Express pass for a period of 6 months valid from the date of first entry, for students only.  
Student: SGD 198
Singapore Resident One-day Ticket (online only): This one-day ticket can be redeemed on any day. Keep in mind that local ID is required for entry.
Adult (between 13-59 years): SGD 75
Child (between 4-12 years): SGD 56
Senior (age 60 and above): SGD 41
Off-peak Singapore Resident One-day Ticket (online only): This one-day ticket can be redeemed on any off-peak day, i.e. from Sunday to Thursday, excluding public holidays and the months of June and December. Local ID is required for entry.
Adult (between 13-59 years): SGD 69
Child (between 4-12 years): SGD 53
Senior (age 60 and above): SGD 41

How to Book Tickets for Universal Studios Singapore

All tickets can be booked online at the official Resorts World Sentosa website (https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/universal-studios-singapore/tickets) or on-site at any attractions booth. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. We recommend booking tickets online to avail special digital promotions and to guarantee tickets, especially during the seasonal shows.

Rides at Universal Studios Singapore

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON: Shoot up to the sky in this high-speed turbulent roller coaster and side with Humans or Cylons in this epic battle where two coasters race towards each other, twisting and turning – this is the world’s tallest duelling roller coaster!
Zone: Sci-Fi City
Height restriction: Guests under 125cm not allowed
Accelerator: Turn, twirl, and whirl through galaxies in this high-speed seated spinning ride, and emerge head over heels!
Zone: Sci-Fi City
Height restriction: Guests under 122cm to be accompanied by supervising companion
TRANSFORMERS The Ride - The Ultimate 3D Battle: This hyper-realistic 3D ride at Universal Studios Singapore takes guests zipping around the city through narrow lanes and subway tunnels to fight Decepticons with Optimus Prime and the Autobots!
Zone: Sci-Fi City
Height restriction: Guests under 102cm not allowed
Transformers the ride at Universal Studios Singapore
Entry to Transformers The Ride (Source)
Revenge of the Mummy: One of the most popular rides at Universal Studios, this indoor roller coaster takes riders inside an ancient pyramid where scarabs, mummies, fireballs, cannons, and other Egyptian mysteries wait in the shadows. Keep in mind that this ride includes sudden acceleration, dropping, tilting, and backwards motion.
Zone: Ancient Egypt
Height restriction: Guests under 122cm not allowed
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure: This white water rafting adventure takes riders on an epic ride ending in a steep drop – surrounded by dinosaur animatronics!
Zone: The Lost World
Height restriction: Guests under 1070cm not allowed
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore
Entrance to the Jurassic Park (Source)
Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase: This special moving effects show combines action and adventure as the entire family races through space to stop an evil villain from stealing all the spaghetti on Earth – join Elmo, Big Bird, and other Sesame Street favourites on this intergalactic voyage.
Zone: New York
Height restriction: Guests under 92cm not allowed
Treasure Hunters: Explore an abandoned excavation site and drive a fancy vintage car through ancient Egypt – treasure is a short distance away on this exciting bounty hunt! 
Zone: Ancient Egypt
Height restriction: Guests under 122cm to be accompanied by supervising adult  
Amber Rock Climb: Don an archaeologist’s hard hat for a day and go exploring the walls of Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Singapore – hunt for precious gems, fossils, and prehistoric treasure!
Zone: The Lost World
Height restriction: None
Canopy Flyer: Zip through the park and soar through the clouds and get a birds’ eye view of Jurassic Park on Canopy Flyer!
Zone: The Lost World
Height restriction: Guests under 92cm not allowed
Dino-Soarin’: This kid-friendly ride allows patrons to fly on the back of winged dinosaurs and get a great view of the park on top of a prehistoric perch.
Zone: The Lost World
Height restriction: Guests under 122cm to be accompanied by supervising adult
Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey: This family-friendly roller coaster at Universal Studios in Singapore defies gravity as it courses through a huge beanstalk searching for mystical golden eggs.
Zone: Far Far Away
Height restriction: Guests under 100cm not allowed
Magic Potion Spin: This miniature Ferris wheel in Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop mixes, assembles, and bottles fantastical elixirs as Puss watches – join Shrek and his friends and bob up and down on this Potion Spin!
Zone: Far Far Away
Height restriction: Children under 100cm to be accompanied by a guardian
Enchanted Airways: This family roller coaster atop a Dragon takes guests all around Far Far Away, past fantastical creatures like the Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio, and Shrek!
Zone: Far Far Away
Height restriction: Guests under 92cm not allowed
Enchanted Airways at Universal Studios Singapore
Enchanted Airways Rollercoaster (Source)
King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round: A kid-favourite, this carousel lets children take a ride atop their favourite Madagascar characters, be it Marty, Alex, Gloria, Melman, or the party-crazy lemurs as King Julien plays tunes at this beach party!
Zone: Madagascar
Height restriction: Guests under 122cm to be accompanied by a supervising adult
Madagascar - A Crate Adventure: This indoor river ride takes guests from New York all the way to Madagascar on a crate, with new adventures and attractions at every turn – watch out for King Julien’s pumping songs!
Zone: Madagascar
Height restriction: Guests under 80cm not allowed
Madagascar at Universal Studios Singapore
The fun Madagascar Ride (Source)


Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg 
Step behind the scenes and watch movie magic unfold as an empty stage transforms into a boathouse in New York ravaged by a Category 5 hurricane. As a cargo ship rams into the boathouse and a fire breaks out, catch your breath as the set transforms again into a calm scene and the damage is reversed, all the while with Steven Spielberg guiding you through!
Zone: New York
Steven Spielberg Show at Universal Studios Singapore
The set of the Steven Spielberg show (Source)
Based on the popular movie, this live-action stunt show at Universal Studios Singapore features performers showcasing their talents in stunning drops, explosions, waves, and other feats.
Zone: The Lost World
Waterworld at Universal Studios Singapore
The Waterworld Show (Source)
Shrek 4D Adventure
Use OgreVision glasses to look into the world of Shrek and Princess Fiona as they take off on their honeymoon – this 4D ride is complete with twists, bumps, drops, blasts, bubbles, and water jets! 
Zone: Far Far Away
Shrek 4D Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore
Shrek 4D Adventure (Source)
Donkey LIVE
This live interactive show brings the popular Shrek character Donkey straight into crowds – talk, sing, and dance along with Donkey in this indoor theatre experience. 
Zone: Far Far Away

Street Entertainment

The Dance for the Magic Beans 
This spontaneous dance show takes place in Far Far Away zone and showcases the fancy flamenco dance moves of Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws.

Madagascar Boogie 
Get ready to move it, move it with the entire cast of Madagascar in this boogie-off – who will make it to the top, King Julien or Kowalski?

Taking place atop Mel’s Stage, this show features rock stars and pop idols belting out and grooving to all-time pop favourites! The audience gets to choose each song and dance along too.

Unique Experiences

Universal Studios Singapore VIP Experience
This experience rolls out the red carpet to patrons and offers priority treatment at select venues, shows, and rides. A commemorative pin, lanyard, refreshments, private meet-and-greet photo session, a 10% retail discount, SGD 25-worth meal coupons, and unlimited access to selected attractions are included in this one-day ticket.
Adult (ages 13 and above): SGD 298
Child (between 4-12 years): SGD 228
Breakfast with Sesame Street Characters
Taking place at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour, this experience features Elmo, the Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and other Sesame Street favourites – children are welcome to eat, play, and sing along with these characters and get a private photo session too. Keep in mind that prior booking is necessary. 
Timings: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM, every Saturday
Price: Regular: SGD 50 (adult), SGD 35 (children between 4 and 12 years)
Annual Passholders: SGD 45 (adult), SGD 32 (children between 4 and 12 years)
Wedding Photography Package
Set the stage for a magical wedding with this package, and celebrate love in the magical world of Universal Studios Singapore. This package grants three one-day tickets to the entire park for the couple and a photographer/videographer. A personal guide and meet-and-greet session are included here.
Price: SGD 388
Birthday Party at Universal Studios Singapore
Parents can choose from four different zones to organize a fun birthday party at Universal Studios. Souvenirs, party favours, and a meet-and-greet with costumed characters are included in this package. Contact the welcome desk or visit the official website for more details.

Dining & Shopping at Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore offers a plethora of themed dining and shopping options. Indulge fancies and become part of mystical worlds at the different themed kiosks and restaurants, and sample the finest inspired cuisines from different eras and universes! The stores sell official merchandise from different characters and delightful souvenirs to take home.

Step into old-school glam at Hollywood for the juiciest burgers, All-American fries, and delicious milkshakes. The stores here sell movie memorabilia, arcade games, and different souvenirs.
Restaurants: Mel’s Drive-In, Starbucks         
Stores: Hello Kitty Studio, Hollywood China Arcade, Universal Studios Store, Minion Mart, The Dark Room, Silver Screen,  The Brown Derby, That’s a Wrap
Minion Mart at Universal Studios Singapore
The Minion Mart (Source)
New York
Bite into a delicious slice of New York pizza or sample the gourmet steaks at the Big Apple’s finest. The Sesame Street store here is the biggest in Singapore, with official merchandise and a play area.
Restaurants: KT’s Grill, Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour
Stores: Big Bird’s Emporium
Far Far Away 
Try the different comfort food options here, including chicken wings, burgers, and delicious ice creams. Watch the world of Shrek come to life at the store here, featuring interactive exhibits and Shrek collectables.
Restaurants: Fairy Godmother’s Juice Bar, Friar’s, Goldilocks
Stores: Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop
Far Far Away Castle at Universal Studios Singapore
The stunning Far Far Away Castle (Source)
The Lost World
Bite into scrumptious hotdogs or local delicacies like lobster curry noodles at The Lost World. The glow-in-the-dark hats and shirts at the stores here are a big hit with children and parents alike!
Restaurants: Discovery Food Court, Fossil Fuels
Stores: Jurassic Outfitters, The Dino-Store
Check out delicious Southeast Asian curries, or go for Mexican churros and bingsu desserts at the snack shack. The bamboo-themed store here sells Madagascar-inspired collectables and dolls.
Restaurants: Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court, Gloria’s Snack Shack
Stores: Penguins Mercantile
Ancient Egypt 
The restaurant in this zone serves Indian, Turkish, Lebanese, and Mediterranean food - the butter chicken Biryani and Mutton Masala are lip-smacking. Take home replicas of Egyptian artefacts and excavations from the store here.
Restaurants: Oasis Spice Café
Stores: Carter’s Curiosities
Ancient Egypt at Universal Studios Singapore
The walkway to Ancient Egypt Zone (Source)
Sci-Fi City 
Indulge the sweet tooth with yoghurt ice cream in fun flavours, or try Asian delights with a fiery twist at StarBot. Official Transformers merchandise – including action figures and clothes - awaits shoppers at the store here.
Restaurants: StarBot Café, StarDots
Stores: TRANSFORMERS Supply Vault

How to Reach Universal Studios Singapore

Bus: The following buses ply to Resorts World Sentosa: 123, 188R, NR1, NR6. Exit through The Forum, reach Level 1 and walk to the Universal Studios Globe.
Visitors can also take buses 10, 30, 65, 80, 93, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166, 188, or 855 to VivoCity Station and take bus RWS8 at VivoCity to reach the Resort World Sentosa drop-off point.  

Taxi: The nearest taxi drop-off point is at Resort World Sentosa underground car park. From there, enter The Forum and reach Level 1. Turn left and walk ahead to the Universal Studios Globe.

Singapore Cable Car: Take Exit B from HarbourFront Station and find the Singapore Cable Car Station at HarbourFront Tower II. Board the car and alight at Imbiah Station. Take the Sentosa Express and disembark at Resorts World Sentosa Station.

MRT: Take the North-East Line or Circle Line to HarbourFront MRT Station, and take Exit E to VivoCity. Reach Level 3 and board the Sentosa Express.

Sentosa Express: From Level 3 of VivoCity, take the Sentosa Express to Resort World Station. Walk ahead till Twelve Cupcakes, and turn right to the Universal Studios Globe.  

Foot: From Level 1 of VivoCity, reach the Broadwalk and walk to the entrance of Sentosa Island. Follow the signs to the Trick Eye Museum and walk left till the Universal Studios Globe.

Car: Keep left on Sentosa Gateway and drive down the road to Resort World Sentosa Car Park. Keep right and drive into the Car/Taxi tunnel. Reach B1 East parking lot, and follow the directions to Universal Studios Singapore. A valet charge of SGD 3 per vehicle applies.

Car Parking: The parking charges at Resort World Sentosa Car Park are as follows:
Monday – Thursday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM: SGD 7 for the first hour, SGD 1 for every subsequent half-hour, After 7:00 PM: SGD 6 per entry, Maximum: SGD 28 per 24 hours
Friday – Sunday and Public holidays: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM: SGD 8 for the first hour, SGD 2 for every subsequent half-hour, After 7:00 PM: SGD 8 per entry, Maximum: SGD 28 per 24 hours


  • Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon, Revenge of the Mummy, are high-speed rollercoasters with a lot of dramatic and thrilling climbs and drops. Guests should be in good physical health to undertake this experience.
  • It is advised wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Also, bring along a spare set of clothes as some attractions include water.
  • No costumes or full-faced masks are allowed inside the park.
  • Storage lockers are available at the park. Charges are applicable for the same.
  • Use of drones is not allowed inside the park.
  • Smoking is allowed only at designated areas.
  • No outside food or beverage is allowed.

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Saanya Lulla 1 year ago
I visited this one-of-a-kind theme park with my cousins and it was the best memory I have with them till date. After clicking the clich├ęd picture in front of the classic Universal Studios globe-like structure, we went on to spend the day visiting the rides and shows in the themed zones. My younger self was especially fascinated meeting characters from Shrek, the yellow lovable minions from Despicable Me and even Marilyn Monroe. We spent most of the day going on rides, including but not limited to rollercoasters, river-raft rides and ferris wheels. Watch out for exciting live street performances by your favourite characters!
Taniya Batra 1 year ago
Universal Studios is indeed a delight to visit. The adventure-packed themed park is filled to the brim with tourists throughout the year. The park offers many attractions and has themed restaurants and cafes to lounge in as well. I would recommend buying the entry tickets online. This does not make the itinerary very flexible but helps avoid long queues. Another advantage of buying the tickets online is that several websites offer discounts and help you get the best deals for the studio. Avoid visiting during national holidays as the crowd only increases.

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