These Must-Visit Landscapes of Singapore are Absolutely Breathtaking

Singapore, often referred to as an island city, is a splendid mix of a diverse range of landscapes. The landscapes of Singapore cover remarkable natural scenery, majestic gardens, soothing beachsides, and even stunning skylines. Flooded with awe-worthy tourist attractions, the island city-state is genuinely one of a kind. The best part about the landscapes of Singapore is that there is something here for everyone; the renowned universal studios, lush greenery for a day out in the city, beautiful temples showcasing the exquisite architecture, and much more. The Singaporean experience of this island city-state is the perfect destination for families, friends, and couples!

Here’s a look at the must-visit landscapes of this beautiful Island Nation -

1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay top the list of every traveller making their way to the island city of Singapore. With a stunning view of the waterfront, the vicinity ranges across hectares offering gardens, flower shows, unique flora, and a scenic light show. With the city skyline in the backdrop, Gardens by the Bay have illuminated trees called the Supertree Grove along with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Altogether a surreal experience, it is nothing less than entering a world of sci-fi. Visitors enjoy strolling around the three major bays, which are central bay, east bay, and south bay. The landscape is dotted with remarkable garden work also housing the national flower of Singapore : Miss Jaoquim. Travellers enjoy exploring the Cloud Forest Dome, diving into the rich biodiversity, and also relax at the promenade for delicious treats. With excellent connectivity, travellers can reach the Gardens by the Bay through the public metro and explore the Bay-side hotels for accommodation. 

2. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay

Marina Bay Sands is an urban landscape at its best! With modern architecture, clear skies, waters coloured with city lights, and a majestic bridge walkway, the Marina Bay Sands is a renowned hub for tourists. Visitors enjoy exploring the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, giving a stunning view of the Singapore skyline. The 360-degree rooftop is topped off with an infinity pool offering a relaxing afternoon with friends or family. Travellers can also enjoy the ferry and shop at some of the most sought after global brands. Marina Bay is the one-stop shop for all things fun and luxury. The landscape experience is complete with a lighted walkway across the waters and an incredible science museum. The Marina Bay landscape is the signature location to experience the grandeur of the Singapore island state. The located is conveniently accessible via public transport and offers some of the best luxury accommodations at world-class hotels.

3. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo, Zoo

Known for the diverse range of landscapes Singapore offers, this list is incomplete without the Singapore Zoo. Complete with various flora and fauna, endangered animals, and a total of more than 300 species, the Singapore Zoo is a scenic getaway from the buzz of the city side. Visitors explore the White Tigers, polar bears, lion-tailed macaques, and much more. The Zoo is strategically divided into different zones for different animals. Frozen Tundra, Primate Kingdom, Fragile Forest, are just a few examples of all the visitors can explore. The best part about the Singapore Zoo experience is that it also offers night safaris, jungle safaris, and a visit to the Jurong Bird Park. The adventure is enriched with a Splash Safari Show, a special jungle breakfast, and even several exhibits happening around the year. Ideal for children and family, the Singapore Zoo is a destination you cannot afford to miss.

4. Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore

Perhaps the most sought after landscape in this island state are the culturally entwined Botanic Gardens. A view which is straight out of a mythical novel, the Botanic Gardens feature spiral walkways with lush greenery on either side, lovely gazebos, diverse flora, and much more. It is featured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and makes a perfect getaway from the concrete jungle. The Gardens were established in the 1800s with the first garden inaugurated in 1822. Visitors enjoy the one of a kind National Orchid Garden, walking trails featuring heritage trees, sculptures, bonsai garden, and more. The landscape is complete with eco-gardens, eco-lakes, and is popular for cultural exhibition tours. The Botanic Gardens also feature French Festivals, guided tours on cultural and scientific of the vicinity, and soothing lakesides. With free entry and luxury resorts nearby, it is a tourist favourite and has excellent connectivity.

5. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a highly popular boulevard and landscape of Singapore.

Of all things, Singapore is highly popular for its shopping districts; which is exactly what the bustling landscape of Orchard Road provides. The landscape of Orchard Road is donned with 22 malls, the most popular global brands, 6 departmental stores, four movie theatres, and even a Karaoke centre. Unique from any other landscape of the island state, the Orchard Road is also a famous entertainment spot. This boulevard tops the list of every tourist for the best experience in a shopping spree along with excellent cafes and restaurants featuring international cuisine. Orchard Road is popular amongst locals and travellers simply because of the diverse options it offers where there is something here for everyone. This shopping paradise was established in the 1830s and since then has been the hub of retail. Situated across acres of land, this shopping district is hard to miss. Orchard Hotel Singapore along with several other luxury accommodations are often opted by tourists. 

6. Chinatown


The landscapes of Singapore are incomplete without the cultural abode of Chinatown. Hands down, the streets of Chinatown are a must-visit for every passerby making their way to the island state. Put together with rich Chinese heritage, excellent cuisine, street art, and ethnic stalls; Chinatown is an adventure of its own. From the entrance to the nitty gritty streets of the market area, visitors will spot the iconic Chinese lanterns and colourful decor. Chinatown is also home to the popular Sri Mariamman Hindu temple and also the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Apart from these, visitors also explore the Chinese temple Thian Hock Keng which is the oldest one in Singapore, built in 1820. This cultural landscape of Singapore doubles as a cost-friendly exploration and its highlights include local food joints, clothing stores, and nearby architecture. Chinatown is easily accessible through public transport and offers several Hotel Inns nearby. 

7. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the signature landscape of the island city, providing the most surreal views one could lay eyes on. What’s more? It’s also the Asia’s largest observation wheel. A city like Singapore with its rich modern architecture, preserved nature, and beautiful beaches ought to be viewed from above, and the Singapore Flyer makes that happen. Visitors enjoy making their way to the Marina Bay to hop onto this ferris wheel wonder and grasp not only breathtaking landscapes, but also learn about Singapore’s past. Interestingly enough, almost all of Singapore can be seen from the top, including the Gardens by the Bay, nearby islands, and even Indonesia and Malaysia. The capsules are incredibly comfortable, air conditioned, and provide assistance to those afraid of heights. This 30 minute ride to the top of the world makes a memory of a lifetime and cannot be missed! Located at the heart of the city, it has great connectivity and comfortable accommodation is also offered nearby. 

8. Raffles Hotel in Singapore

Raffles Hotel in Singapore

A view making its way right out of the Great Gatsby, the Raffles Hotel in Singapore is a rich blend of history and adventure. Bearing great resemblance with the Grand Budapest Hotel, the Raffles Hotel makes it to the list because of its colonial architecture set amidst lush greenery. The Raffles Hotel is one of the world’s last grand hotels to exist from the 19th century with majestic gardens and picturesque spots. This colonial landscape is a special favourite of history buffs and even the Raffles Landing Site is located here. Legend has it that Sir Stamford Raffles first stepped onto this island state here and saw great potential to make Singapore a port. Thereafter, Chinese and Indian immigrants made their way, creating a mosaic of multiculturalism. 

Visitors enjoy taking a tour of the Hotel’s rich history, exploring the renowned Raffles Landing Site, having tea in the popular Tiffin Room, cruising across the river, and much more. Raffles Hotel has great connectivity through the public metro system and visitors make it a point to take in the leisure of staying at this colonial monument.

9. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

The Clarke Quay is the traditional hub of commerce in Singapore and its riverside quay with brilliant architecture and street lights make it nothing less than a view straight out of Amsterdam. Featuring clubs, bars, cafes on either side of the waterway, with a boardwalk bridge and ferry cruises, and the Singapore skyline in the backdrop, Clarke Quay is a modern landscape with immense beauty. Visitors are sure to find live music playing on the streets, boat rides to different points along the river, and the surreal views of the Quay lighting up at night. Clarke Quay is highly popular for its happening nightlife and cozy cafes along the riverside. During the day time, visitors can also experience waterfront activities, reverse bungee, street side food, and much more. The Quay experience is complete with a tour of the historic monuments nearby and the beautiful connecting bridge. Tourists also visit the Asian Civilization Museum, Heritage Gallery, and the Hong San See Temple. 

The Quay is dotted with vibrantly coloured houses on one side and renowned restaurants on the other. This 19th century promenade is a unique mix of Singapore’s past and present. The Clarke Quay has excellent connectivity and offers luxurious hotel accommodation on the riverside. 

10. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, Singapore

A fun packed destination with the most scenic views is the island of Sentosa. Being one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the country, visitors make it a point to visit this gorgeous island housing historic monuments, adventure sports, and lush greenery. The must-see attractions at this Island include the Merlion, Underwater World Aquarium, Fort Siloso, and even the Siloso beach which is renowned for kayaking and volleyball. Housing the popular aquarium, Sentosa Island gives visitors a chance to swim with the dolphins and lounge around to view the stunning sunset. With tropical trees, clear waters, happening nightlife, and architectural masterpieces; Sentosa Island is a complete package. The Island is a special favourite of children as it boasts of Universal Studios and also is a treat for adults with its specialty spas and shopping arenas. 

This island resort has something here for everyone, from natural beauty to exhilitarting adventures. The Island is located only 5-10 minutes away from the mainland city and is accessible through the ferry. The most convenient accommodation options offered are beachside hotels, situated close to the most popular tourist sites. 

11. Singapore’s Universal Studios

Unviersal Studios

The must visit landscapes of Singapore are incomplete without the highly popular Universal Studios. These theme park is a favourite amongst all ages and any trip to the island state remains incomplete without a day of exploration here. Both a thrilling destination and one to relax and tour around; the Universal Studios offers a plethora of thematic amusement rides,exhibitions, games, activities, and more. It is topped off with incredible restaurants and even shopping centres. 

Visitors enjoy dressing up or hoarding on the immense merchandize available, along with visiting the Walk of Fame, trying out the thrilling roller coasters, and exploring the different zones like Sci-Fi city, World of Dinosaurs, and much more. The Universal Studios Singapore is globally acclaimed and for some a dream to visit. Combined with Hollywood themes, pop culture, and even Ancient history, there’s nothing the park does not have to offer. This world famous destination is located on Sentosa Island, only a ferry away.

12. Karimun Island

Karimun Island

The Karimun Island is a landscape of Singapore no less than a postcard worthy shot. Offering immense peace and serenity, the Karimun Island is sought after by tourists looking to relax and soothe their minds. The island has very clear turquoise waters, mountain vectors in the background, and lively beachsides. The naturally vibrant colours of Karimun Island immediately intrigue followers and makes this destination perfect for vacation photoshoots. It is also known as the Great Karimun and is located near the international shipping route. 

Visitors enjoy exploring the happening beaches including Batu Topeng Beach, Tanjung Gelam Beach, along with camping under the starry nights and fishing. The ferry ride from Singapore city is about two hours and is a delight in itself. Though hotel accommodations are available, travellers prefer to camp out near the waters. 

13. Bintan Island

Bintan Island, Indonesia

A landscape with golden hues across the skies, deep blue skies, and even deeper waters; Bintan is popularly known as the largest island part of the Riau Archipelago. It is a scenic island getaway, offering water walkways and observation decks. Sunset and sunrise here cannot be missed! Bintan can be accessed through ferry services starting from Singapore, and has a variety of activities for its tourists. Visitors enjoy adventure sports, recreational activities such as the luxurious spa and herbal treatment, along with the exciting nightlife. 

Bintan’s northern edge is especially popular for private beaches, luxury resorts, sports such as swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, and much more. Sport enthusiasts can also enjoy golf and the iconic elephant rides across the sandy beach. In addition to this, Bintan is home to several temples which visitors often lie to explore. Situated about an hour away from Singapore city, Bintan offers resort and hotel options for accommodation. Visitors planning to stay overnight should not miss the beachside parties and bonfires! 

14. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

Popularly known as the last village to exist in Singapore, Pulau Ubin is probably the go-to destination to experience true Singaporean beauty. Preserving its age old traditions, this island is a true image of Singapore before its modernization. Pulau Ubin is also called the Granite Island and is the go to spot for tourists to explore untouched greenery, lush forests, and a plethora of flora and fauna. Visitors also make their way to the Chek Jawa Wetlands which surprisingly contains a coral reef. This little island offers beautiful trails nestled in the deep green forests, soothing waters of the beachside, and also delicious local food joints. Cycling is highly popular here as travellers make their way onto the rustic roads and the traditional village. Pulau Ubin is also an incredible destination for bird watching and has little shrines to explore. The island is connected through a ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal and accommodations include camping, treehouses, and resorts. 

15. Merlion Park

Merlion Park

The waterfront park situated in the heart of the city, overlooking the Marina Bay holds tremendous historical and commercial value. This must-visit landscape showcases the iconic sculpture with the Singaporean skyline in the backdrop along with the incredible views from the observation deck. The most sought after highlight at this Park, situated on Sentosa Island, is the Merlion. A half lion and half mermaid structure symbolizes the beginnings of the fishing village in Singapore and also pays an ode to the traditional name of Singapore, the “lion city”. Combined with the contemporary architecture and the rich heritage of Singapore’s past, any trip to the island state is incomplete without a visit to this monument. Visitors enjoy relaxing on the observation deck, exploring the Marina Bay Sands nearby, and taking postcard worthy shots at the Merlion Park. With its location at the centre of the city, the Merlion Park is highly accessible through public transport and offers the most luxurious accommodations nearby. 

16. Fort Canning Park

Fort Caning Park, Singapore

With a blend of nature and historic relics, the Fort Canning Park is a sight to behold. Perfect for nature lovers, history buffs, and even photography geeks; the Fort Canning Park offers a fascinating experience. Initially known as the Bukit Larangan or the Forbidden Hill, the Fort situated on the vicinity dates back to the medieval times, where the royalty used to rule. The park is dotted with beautiful gazebos, natural gateways, a beautiful lawn, and an open space auditorium where music concerts and theatre performances are often held. Visitors enjoy exploring the famous spice garden, the Maritime Corner, ASEAN Sculpture Garden, the military complex, and much more. Fort Canning Park has excellent connectivity through public transport, and the renowned Hotel Fort Canning is an experience in itself. 

17. Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway Park

The Punggol Waterway Park is nothing less than a European styled gem, nestled in the island city state. Away from the buzz of the metropolitan city, Punggol Waterway is artificially made with nature boardwalks, lush greenery, and parks on either side. A landscape resembling a cityscape right out of Venice, the Punggol Waterway features a scenic view with stunning sunsets. The Waterway Park is segregated into different themes for visitors to explore and enjoy. In the Nature’s Cove, the waterway site and boardwalk area is located and the Green Gallery features a wide variety of flora and fauna. There is also a Recreation Zone with fun activities for children and families, across with Fitness Corner and Heritage Corner. The Heritage Corner includes the village area of the old Punggol Kampung, regarded as the last villase thriving in the country. Complete with recreational activities, exploring the local culture, and lounging around the nature’s trove, the Punggol Waterway Park cannot be missed. The Park has great connectivity and comfortable options for accommodation are locally available. 

18. Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island

The gorgeous landscape of Lazarus Island is a hidden gem of Singapore. This island scenery is complete with a natural beach, white sands, clear skies, blue waters, and tropical flora. Lazarus Island is mostly uninhabited and only visited by the few who know of its majestic beauty. Being a perfect getaway to spend time relaxing and lounging around the beach, visitors prefer to dive in the waters, take a stroll, capture stunning shots, and treat their taste buds to authentic seafood. As a secluded beach, its main highlights include sunbathing, swimming, and living life the traditional style. Since there are no stores available on this island, travellers pack everything from barbecue meat to camping tents. A night at the Lazarus Island is an adventure in itself and truly an experience to remember. Regular ferry rides accommodate passengers to the Island and the only available accommodation is camping out under the starry night! 

19. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve

Exploring raw nature in all its glory, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a landscape popular for adventure sports and scenic trails. As an out of the box tourist destination, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve offers calmness and serenity, away from the urban cityscape. Due to Singapore’s lucky location on the equator, the Nature Reserve has rich wildlife and diverse flora and fauna. One of the most sought after activities by the visitors here is the nature appreciation walk! What’s more? The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also one of the few remaining natural rainforests amongst the concrete jungle of Singapore. Visitors will more than 500 species of wildlife and also 800 species of plants. 

Popular activities include taking walks along the trails, rock climbing, jogging, cycling, and also horse riding at the Gallop Stables. Those ready to take on an adventure can hike to the top of the hill and also experience the tree top walk. Being a perfect location for family and friends, the Reserve is also kid friendly! Travellers can make their way through public transport or a car ride and can find comfortable accommodation at nearby hotels. 

20. Kusu Island

Kusu Island

Southern Singapore is renowned for its picturesque islands and Kusu Island is often regarded as the most beautiful one of all. Literally translated as Turtle in Mandarin, Kusu Island is a destination turned into a resort, complete with culturally important architectural pieces. Visitors make it a point to check out the popular Chinese Temple with traditional Chinese architecture. Other activities also include lounging around the island resort, eating amongst nature with families and friends, and also taking a refreshing swim in the inland water. The island is especially famous for its iconic gazebo like structures with blue rooftops and red railings. This little gem in southern Singapore is the perfect getaway from the ultramodern atmosphere of mainland Singapore. The best way to reach Kusu Island is through the ferry and the most sought after accommodation is at the island resort. 

21. Bukit Batok Hill

Bukit Batok Hill
The scenic hills of Bukit Batok are one of the most sought after sites in Singapore. With an aura of serenity, the Bukit Batok hills are located amidst a waterside with lush green forests. Beyond being a nature’s abode, the Hill also offers adventure sports and hiking facilities. The Bukit Batok Hills overlooking the waters with narrow passages along with way is also home to a quarry turned pool, perfect for family outings. Visitors enjoy trekking up the hills which is especially convenient for beginners, exploring the wildlife, birdwatching, take a tour of the nature park, and much more. A typical visit is complete with exploring the nearby regions including the Natural History Museum, the War Memorial, and Yishun Dam. Bukit Batok Hill is accessible through the public bus and underground transport.

22. Little India and Arab

Little India, Singapore

Singapore offers some of the most culturally rich landscapes, combined with traditional monuments, hybrid architecture, nature parks, and vivid decor. The island state is also home to Little India and Little Arab, offering enclaves of tradition and history. The mini cultural lanes are markets doubled as scenic gardens and heritage walks, complete with postcard worthy spots to capture beautiful shots. Visitors typically explore the trade market which features regional food, exhibitions, cultural tours on spirituality, along with the renowned spice market. Little India and Arab are cultural districts and easily one of the most happening landscapes of Singapore. 

The Arab district in particular also features the regional markets, lovely cafes nestled between the street corners, Arabian cuisine, and also historical mosques. Visitors will find mosques, temples, and other spiritual monuments in both cultural districts, making a unique blend of culture, religion, and adventure. Situated on Serangoon Road, great connectivity and comfortable accommodation is offered in the neighbourhood.

23. Sister’s Island

Sister Island

The island state Singapore boasts of several majestic islands dotting its vicinity. With about 63 islands to offer, one of the prominent ones is the Sister’s Island, quietly nestled 30 minutes away from the mainland city. The Sister’s Island is a hidden treasure offering peace and serenity, which is often left unexplored by many visitors. Being a perfect day excursion, the Island is a combination of Subar Laut island and Subar Darat island. These two land chunks are separated by a canal underwater. Visitors are sure to find stunning beach sides to lounge around, a diverse marine park, and the chance to explore sea life such as octopus and coral reefs! 

With clear blue waters and vibrant corals, Sister’s Island is a perfect lunch time spot to spend some time away from the city chaos. Travellers enjoy the guided walks around its nature trove, diving, and snorkeling. The beachside is best explored during the day time and no accommodation options are available at the Island. With a 30 minute ride away from Singapore city, the Sister’s Island is a natural wonder to explore.

24. Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery 

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

Another must-visit landscape of Singapore is the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, which is the largest in the city. With a picturesque setting amongst a beautiful garden, the vicinity is complete with lush greenery, plazad, intricately crafted staircases, dragon pagodas, and much more. The entire monastery comprises of 12 buildings and is dedicated to Buddha. Courtesy to the Buddhist heritage, the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery is also home to a Bodhi tree where visitors often learn to meditate. Being a perfect destination to absorb calmness and serenity, the Monastery is also dotted with several sculptures of Buddha. Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery is especially popular for its architecture which is heavily influenced by the Chinese; making it a popular destination amongst the photography geeks. The Monastery is well connected through public transport and offers travellers’ hostels nearby. 

25. Changi Beach

Changi Beach

There’s nothing Singapore doesn’t have to offer! With a variety of incredible landscapes, the list is incomplete without the Changi Beach, situated in eastern Singapore. Put together with clear waters, cerulean skies, and breathtaking sunsets; it is the go to spot for lounging around and family picnics! The Changi Beach is also popular amongst visitors for fishing and tantalizing seafood. Visitors engage in several kinds of water sports and prefer to camp out under the open sky. The Changi Beach is popular for the barbecue parties and to explore the nearby Changi Village. Doubling as both a beach and a coastal park, this beachside destination is a sight to behold. The Changi Beach is accessible through the ferry ride and  the roadway.

The majestic Singapore is a diverse blend of culture, religion, spirituality, modernity, and technology. It boasts being a destination popular not only amongst the youth, but people of all ages. With natural rainforests, to 19th century monuments, temples varying across different cultures, and its urban cityscapes; Singapore completed as the one stop shop for all kinds of scenic landscapes. With its gifted location along the waterways, Singapore is an adventure by day and excitement by night. The breathtaking views, illuminant nightlife, and its refreshing vibes are irreplaceable, making it a country worth visiting.

This post was published by Priya Thakur

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