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Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore Overview

With the most exquisite collection of flora and fauna, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is claimed to abode the world's first children garden and is absolutely worth a visit. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the country's first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. First of its kind in the whole of Asia and third in the world, these gardens are over a hundred and fifty years old star visitor attraction. Having tremendous horticultural attractions with and rich history, these gardens possess a wonderful collection of plants that deserve worldwide significance. The botanic gardens also host numerous development and entertainment events that sensitize the visitors and educate about plants through its recreational activities, all in the surroundings of nature. Being the most visited botanic gardens in the world, these gardens are an excellent epitome of the informal English Landscape Movement's style in an equatorial climate.

The garden offers a walking trail to enjoy and explore the gardens' heritage trees preserved in drive of protecting the mature tree species of Singapore. With a history going back to 1860, the garden adorns frangipanis, a herbarium and a rain forest that was once spread across the island. Scattered all along the way are some magnificent fountains, sculptures, and a bandstand. The Botanic Gardens is comprised of several sections such as eco-garden, eco-lake, bonsai garden, sculptures, and many more. However, the most visited and only section that charges is National Orchid Garden. With a unique collection of colorful orchids, the garden is a perfect place to enjoy the serenity of the tropical greenery bursting with exotic hues.

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Different Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens of Singapore are accessible through four different entrance gates, the Tanglin Entrance, the Tyersall Gallop Entrance, the Nassim Entrance and the Bukit Timah Entrane.
  • Tanglin Entrance: The Tanglin gate is the main highlight of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The area that you pass through the Tanglin gate is not exposed to the sun, so there is no scorching heat at this entrance compared to the others. A huge dense tree shades you and a beautiful swan lake greet you as you enter through this gate. A food outlet called 'Food for thought' is the most famous one in the gardens, which is located near this gate. The Tanglin gate is also the main gate of the botanic gardens and is located near the bandstand where performances used to happen, and near the Bonsai garden, that display 48 specimens of bonsai.

  • Tyersall Gallop Entrance: This entrance has a mural called "Our Rainforest Heritage" that represents all flora and fauna found in the gardens. It also has a Ginger Garden that displays gingers in all shapes and sizes. From this entrance, you will have easy access to the National Orchid Garden that houses over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids. The Leaning Forest, which is an integration with the 6 hectare Rain Forest together forms an enlarged natural-forest-habitat.

  • Nassim Entrance: Displaying the best of Southeast Asian Architecture, the Nassim Gate is a haven for visitors after a long walk in the gardens. The Healing Garden lies right here so visitors can explore the potential of plants to heal and boost the quality of life. The Rainforest is also located here. Climbers, shrubs, ferns, herbs and trees make up this oldest primary rainforest in Singapore today. The very famous Fragrant Garden is also situated near the Nassim Gate. This garden was created to purify the air and instil pleasant smell in it. It is perfect for a nighttime visit as the plants here release their fragrance during the evenings.

  • Bukit Timah Entrance: This entrance has the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, Asia's first children's garden. It also is an ideal place for bird-watching. The Foliage Garden is also located near the Bukit Timah Entrance which is a unique themed attraction, displaying ornamental plants and aquatic foliages of different kinds. The Botanic Garden's climber collection is also displayed here at the Trellis Garden near Bukit entrance.

Botanical Gardens Guided Tours

The Botanical Gardens offer free guided tours on every weekend. Led by volunteers, these tours encourage families to take the tour together as an educational day out. For a group more than 20, prior notice is required (at least 14 days) ahead of the scheduled date. Some of these guided tours are Healing Garden, Rain Forest (Japanese), Rain Forest, Learning Forest, Nature Sketching in the Gardens and Race Against Time

Events at Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens also hosts several events aimed at raising awareness about plants and gardening. One such event is a workshop named 'Art of Planting: Container Gardens and Terrariums'. This workshop teaches how plants contribute to the earth and how it can be an excellent art piece for your home. The Botanic Gardens also holds Orchid Plant Sales during the first Sundays of every month. This sale has a range of orchid plants to choose from. Their most fun and popular event is the Big Band Bash, that happens every year, is free and open to all.

Best Time To Visit Singapore Botanic Gardens

All year round

Tips For Visiting Singapore Botanic Gardens

  • Food and Beverage outlets available. ('Food for Thought' near the Tanglin Gate is famous)
  • Shopping services available

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