Cycling in Singapore - Best Cycling Tracks & Rentals in Singapore

With more and more bike rental shops, cycling routes and parks springing up in Singapore every other day, the city has now become a bicycle-friendly city home to some of the best cycling trails all over the world, where cyclists can enjoy some amazing wheeled adventures. In fact, the government is working really hard to ensure that different paths of various difficulty levels are created and maintained throughout Singapore so that cycling enthusiasts can experience bike riding; be it enjoying a casual journey or showing off some serious cycling. 

Here is the list of 14 trails and tracks for cycling in Singapore:

1. Pulau Ubin

Cycling at Pulau Ubin
Check Jawa at Pulau Ubin island (Source)

The perfect cycling track for all aspiring future mountain bikers, Pulau Ubin is no doubt the most drilling yet rewarding tracks for cycling in Singapore. Also known as the ‘bike island’, thanks to the non-existing vehicular movement in the area; the trail is a welcome relief from the usual tracks in the city. The island is a marvellous place to explore, and once you have rented a bike, you can head past the town to reach the German Girl Shrine, where the real mountain biking experience actually begins. The biking track will take you through a rustic village and a short hike up the highest hill of Ubin as you explore the numerous quarries enroute. However, remember that there are only a few shops on the island, so it is best to also stock up on water when renting a bike. 

Route: Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Chek Jawa Wetlands
Location: West of Pulau Tekong

2. Pasir Ris to East Coast Park

East Coast Park, Cycling in Singapore
Kids cycling along Pasir Ris (Source)
East Coast Park is one of the best routes to cycle in Singapore for beginners. Cycling here is delightful and has some pit stops to make cycling pleasant. Featuring a national park, there is a mix of cafes, bars and recreational spots including a beautiful lawn for those wanting to enjoy a picnic. If you follow the route, pass along the Tampines Eco Park and once you get hungry, have a bowl of Ban Mian, Bedok Signature Watermelon Bowl or Lor Mee.
Route: Pasir Ris Park to Parkland Green(17.5km)
Location: Take bus 3,5,6,12,17 from Pasir Ris MRT

3. Kallang River and Marina Bay

If you want to go cycling in Singapore near the best views, then head out over the Helix Bridge and ride effortlessly along the Kallang River. It's even one of the most popular spots for residents to walk their dogs. You can also get your camera along for some sweeping shots upon entering the banks of the Kallang Basin. During the night time, the path is beautifully lit radiating an orange beam on the water - attracting all, the locals and the visitors.
Route: Marina Bay Sands to Kallang and back to the Merlion Park (about 11 km)
Location: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

4. North Eastern Riverine Loop

Punggol Coastline and Rivers, Cycling in Singapore
Punggol Park along Puggol Beach (Source)
The North Eastern Riverine Loop is a beautiful path and an experience in itself, which will not only offer you an amazing place to enjoy cycling at but will also help you explore the beautiful sights and wildlife which is characteristic of the northeastern part of Singapore. Located in Punggol, which is the first eco-town of Singapore, the North Eastern Riverine Loop is one of the five connector loops, which links green spaces across the city; and the best part is that eighty percent of the path runs parallel to waterways and reservoirs, which means that you can spot a variety of wildlife, from herons to horses, all in a single visit! The 26-kilometre long path connects the Punggol Park, Punggol Waterway Park, Punggol Point Park and Sengkang Riverside Park; and though a little far off from the main city, it is a true delight for all cycling enthusiasts and nature lovers.
Route: Start and finish at Punggol Park
Location: 10 Sentul Crescent Road, Singapore

5. Changi Coastal Walk and Beach

Cycling along Changi Boardwalk
Changi Point Boardwalk (Source)
Though a very short trail of just 2.2 kilometres, the Changi Point Coastal Walk and Changi Beach do not fail to impress despite their limited scope. The boardwalk is one of the most scenic cycling routes in Singapore housing a confounding variety of terrains such as beach, cliff, and kelong, including riding through dense sections of the jungle, past a vintage club and along rough wooden planks. The boardwalk is beautifully lit and is open 24 hours a day, so you can also catch the sights of the setting sun here at the Sunset Walk Point. For those who want to enjoy a longer bicycle ride, cycling around the Changi Beach is also an option as you enjoy the experience and sights of huge jets landing at the Changi Airport nearby.
Route: Changi Point Coastal Walk (Boardwalk) to Changi Beach
Location: Changi Village

6. Western Adventure Loop

Bukit Batok Nature Park Singapore
Bukit Batok Nature Park (Source)

The Western Adventure Loop artfully combines fun and adventure, as cyclists explore this lush 12-kilometre long trail and the variety of nature parks and quarries that fall en route. Beginning at the Choa Chu Kang Park, you can then ride along the canal at the Pang Sua Park Connector, where if you are lucky enough, you might spot the Pacific Swallow and the White-Bellied Sea Eagle. The trail will then take you to the Bukit Panjang Park Connector and the Zhengua Park, before passing through the Dairy Farm Nature Park, where cyclists often stop by at the Singapore Quarry to take photos of the fantastic cliff overlooking the solemn lake. Finally, the path will lead you to the Bukit Batok Nature’s Park, where you can check out the orchids, the Quarry Pool and the WWII Memorial Site. All in all, a ride through this route is moderately difficult, and you will encounter rough terrain at places, which ultimately only adds to the fun and adventure of riding on this trail. 

Route: Choa Chu Kang Park to Bukit Batok Nature Park
Location: Beside Kranji Expressway

7. Khatib Loop

Khatib Loop, Cycling in Singapore
Khatib Loop passes along colonial residential areas of Singapore (Source)
If you want to discover the city via cycling in Singapore, then Khatib Loop is the best track to cycle along. The route passed through an old colonial residential areas dating from the 1920s. The houses are black and white and are a quiet area. Along the path, there are glorious views of the Straits of Johor, churches and temples also catch the eye of the cycles. Then comes the fabled Sembawang Hot Spring which is Singapore's only natural hot spring.
Route: Start and finish at Khatib MRT(16km)
Location: Khatib MRT, Singapore

8. Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park, Cycling in Singapore
Bedok Reservoir (Source)
Bedok Reservoir Park is one of the best cycling routes in Singapore, suitable for everyone as the trail is just 2.5 km long. The path is a mix of pebbly tracks and well-paved flat surfaces. This park has many activities to indulge in like kayaking and sailing on the dragon boat. The whole reservoir is very clean, and you can see delightful flora and fauna everywhere. Many visitors sit back and relax and enjoy the scenic beauty. Cycling here is very simple, and one can learn here with a lot of ease and comfort.
Route: Circut of Bedok Reservoir Park
Location: Along Bedok Reservoir Road, North of Bedok New Town, Singapore

9. The Southern Bump

Cycling along the Southern Bump in Singapore
Cycling along Mount Faber Park (Source)
Often considered to be one of the most challenging tracks for cycling in Singapore, the Southern Bump track comprises of a route full of small yet sharp hills, with an incline as high as 17 % on the Vigilante Drive, which is Singapore’s sharpest incline. Running across the length of the West Coast Highway, the route will also take you to Mount Faber, which is a 1.7-kilometre-long hill climb. Though challenging, the track is definitely worth giving a try; and you will love it once you make your way to the top Pender Road, which has a lovely mountain top café, and also some of the best views that Singapore has to offer. 

10. Coney Island

Cycling track at Coney Island
Dirt track for cycling at Coney Island (Source)
The rustic terrain of the Coney Island, though often bumpy, makes for a breezy cycle ride as cyclists choose to either cycle along the 2.4-kilometre-long main path, or find their own way to the beaches by off-roading to their heart’s delight on the dirt track. Though the length of the cycling track at the Coney Island is much shorter when compared to that of other similar trails for cycling in Singapore, it is more than enough for those only looking forward to an experience of how riding on a dirt track feels like. Novice readers don’t have to worry about the rough terrain since the ground is pretty level in nature- something that however disappoints seasoned riders. Nevertheless, Coney Island, with its earth tracks and main track, is an excellent day to spend cycling around leisurely, as you explore the five beaches spread across the northern coastline of the island.
Route: Circuit along Coney Island
Location: Along Punggol Town

11. Track 15

One of the easiest cycling trails in Singapore, Track 15, popularly known as T15, is an excellent place to cycle at to get accustomed to the nuisances of some serious mountain biking. Located right next to the Singapore Zoo and running parallel to the Bukit Timah Expressway for the most part of the journey, the 12-kilometre long trail is full of easy climbs and rollers, which are relatively non-technical and easy to ride on. For the seasoned rider, the terrain is perfect to ride on, with uninterrupted speed and flow to enjoy a relaxing ride. While pedalling through the lush jungles, also keep an eye out for the rare bird species that reside here, such as the straw-headed bulbul and Scaly-breasted munia. The trail is also connected to the Gangsa Hill, which is a free ride area full of jumps and slopes. The Gangsa Hill, however, is recommended only for experts, and using protective riding gear is mandatory here. 
Location: Next to Singapore Zoo

11. Northern Explorer Loop

The trail to be at for those who also want to enjoy some simultaneous park hopping, the Northern Explorer Loop will take you through the northernmost region of the island, including the regions of Woodlands, Yishun and Sembawang. Bikers not only get to experience the pleasure of cycling on some of the most diverse terrains of the city, but they can also explore the rich biodiversity of the area while looking out for the fauna at the Central Catchment Reserve, which includes the Long-tailed Macaque and the endangered Harlequin butterfly. The final stop for this 25-kilometre long loop is at the Sembawang Park, where you can explore the rich colonial history of the area, including the Beaulieu House, Sembawang Jetty, and the Seletar Pier to end your eventful day.

12. Ketam MTB Trail

Located a 15-minute ride away from the rustic area of Pulau Ubin, the Ketam Mountain Bike Park is a massive area spread over 45 hectares, which offers a 10-kilometre long mountain bike trail around the Ketam Quarry. Opened for the general public in 2008, the park is the first bike park in Singapore to have been built in accordance with the international standards for mountain biking competitions. Not only is the site host to various international competitions, but it also has opportunities for some great recreational cycling, while also doubling up as a conservation area for the natural flora and fauna. Comprising of Blue Square trails, Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond segments; riding here is a challenge even for the most seasoned riders, thanks to the various technical climbs and descents that the trail has. Strategically dotted along the tracks are shelters where cyclists can rest and capture photographs of the mesmerizing surroundings of the area. 
Route: Circuit along Ketam Quarry
Location: Ketam Mountain Bike Park, Near Pulau Ubin Island

13. Bukit Timah MTB Trail

Cycling along Bukit Timah Singapore
Bukit Timah (Source)
The go-to trail that every serious mountain biker in Singapore must have experienced at least once, the Bukit Timah mountain bike trail is one of the most loved trails for cycling in Singapore, and in fact, was one of the first riding trails to have been built for mountain bikers. Long climbs and sharp descents, complete with lush greenery and muddy corners characterize this 6.5-kilometre long trail, which circumnavigates the 164 meters tall Bukit Timah hill. Also, since the trail is located in a lush green nature reserve, you will be riding through green paths home to a wide variety of wildlife, such as long-tailed macaques and Malayan pangolins.
Route: Circuit along Bukit Timah Hill
Location: Bukit Batok Nature Park

14. Kent Ridge MTB Trail

Canopy Walk at Kent Ridge Park
Canopy Walk at Kent Ridge Park (Source)
Suitable for intermediate and advanced level bike riders, the Kent Ridge MTB Trail is a downhill course with winding corners and berms, meant to challenge the abilities of a seasoned bike rider and enthusiast. Short but concave drops are characteristic of the trail, appearing now and then on the path, making the trail unfit for those with a faint heart, but the perfect place to be at for some serious adrenaline-rush seekers. Though the track is relatively shorter, only 2 kilometers in length, there are a number of alternative paths within the trail as well, which adds to the excitement of exploring the area.
Route: Circuit along Kent Ridge Park
Location: Kent Ridge, Pasir Pajang

Bicycle Rental In Singapore 

So to start, you will need a bicycle to go cycling in Singapore. The Lion City has taken an initiative of a car-free Sunday, so this might be the perfect time to explore the city.  Here are all the options for bicycle rentals in Singapore along with their prices, and where to get it. 

The price ranges from SGD 5 per hour for an adult bicycle to SGD 10 for a double bicycle. Even online booking is made which becomes more comfortable for the consumer. The operational hours are from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM generally.

There are many other rental service providers which allows you to cruise through the city. Some of them are: 

1. Mobike

It can unlock the bike using the QR code via the app and even has a GPS Tracking which helps you to park the bicycle anywhere.

Cost: SGD1 for 30 minutes
Availability: National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and National Gallery of Singapore

2. OFO

This app is free, and it just needs a key to kick-start your ride. It is very cheap and charges per trip rather than minutes.

Cost: SGD 0.50 per trip
Availability: MRT Stations near HDB estates such as Punggol and even West Coast Park

3. Bicycle Hut

This service is located in the centre of the town and becomes convenient for the customers to rent it out. They provide guides to customers about the routes where there is no traffic.

Cost: SGD 20 per hour

4. Coastline Leisure

They rent bikes for cycling in Singapore as well as the coastal areas. They have many cycles ranging from mountain bikes to cycles for children.

Cost: SGD 6 - SGD 10 per hour

5. Biking Singapore

They are famous because they provide you with foldable bicycles as it becomes convenient for the rider. It provides you with the luxury of delivering you the cycle to the hotel and picking it up when finished.

Cost: SGD 35 for 6 hours and SGD 60 for a full day

6. Wheelers

It is a bicycle store which sells a bicycle with the service of renting them out. They have a vast range of bikes to offer - mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, kids bike and family bike.

Cost: SGD 25 to SGD 88


  • Make sure that you visit enough stores in Singapore before deciding to buy a particular bicycle for yourself. There are a myriad of well-equipped stores for the same, such as Hello Bicycle, Tay Junction, Treknolog, and The Bike Settlement. Wheeler’s Yard does some amazing speciality bikes, and the e-commerce app Carousell is the perfect place for you if you are on the lookout for some second-hand bicycles. 
  • The best part about is that you don’t necessarily need a bicycle to enjoy riding in Singapore. There are numerous places where you can rent a bike for a day, such as the East Coast Park and the Pulau Ubin. Rates can go as low as SGD 3 per hour, making biking affordable and fun at the same time. 
  • Even though helmets are not mandatory yet for cyclists in Singapore, never refrain from wearing one for your own safety. Additionally, your bike needs to be equipped with a white light in the front, and a red light at the back. 
  • Try and take full advantage of the car-free Sunday, once a month in Singapore. On this day, roads around Padang and other streets in CBD are partially closed for cars, making it the ideal condition for cyclists to enjoy a carefree day. 
  • You might not find a lot of eating outlets and shops on the way, so it is best to stock on water beforehand
Cycling in Singapore has got more comfortable and takes you to a whole another planet because of its scenic views and pleasant weather. Riding takes you away from your busy schedule to relax and forget all your worries. Those who dislike jogging can consider cycling, and it is an even better option to experience!

~ Written by - Devyani Makan and Muskan Ahuja

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