Travelling To Singapore With Kids - 9 Places for the Perfect Family Trip

Selamat Datang, travellers! Welcome to Singapore (Singapura, as it is referred to by the locals)! This island makes for an excellent holiday for the entire family, especially if you have kids.

Every family vacation rides on a lot of expectations, and Singapore is sure to meet all of them, without hurting your wallet as well. If you're a first timer to this Lion City and don't know where to take your little ones, you've come to the right place. Go through our list of things to do with kids in Singapore, and embark on a great journey! Here is your comprehensive guide to visiting Singapore, with kids. 

Places To Visit

1. Island Adventure at Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, Singapore with kids
This island is every traveller's dream come true, with attractions for the entire family! Accessible by bus, car, cable (this is highly recommended!) and the Sentosa Express, Sentosa is an adventure island located off the Singapore coast. From aquariums, water parks and beaches to the world-famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, this island houses it all. One day is indeed not enough to visit all the attractions it has to offer, but you can get off to a great start by travelling to the island via cable. If you're lucky, you may even be served lunch in the sky! Visit this attraction in Singapore with kids, they are sure to love this. The Wax Museum houses famous Indian and international stars. See if you can spot Jackie Chan here!
Timings: From 9:00 AM
Cost for cable ride: SGD 29.50 for adults, SGD 21 for children
Budget: SGD 48 - SGD 185
Things to do:
  • Visit the Madame Tussauds Wax museum and take lots of pictures!
  • A bonus is the Marvel 4D Attraction at Tussauds
  • Visit the Dolphin Island, play with dolphins and watch a pink dolphin show
  • Take a photo next to the gigantic Merlion 
  • Travel by the Singapore Cable Car, and view the city from the sky
  •  Visit other attractions on the island like Universal Studios and the SEA Aquarium

 2. A New World at Universal Studios

Universal Studios, Singapore with kids

Step aside Disneyland, for the Universal Studios is here! With seven unique zones and a variety of rides, this attraction at Sentosa Island promises a treat for your children. From Jurassic World to Madagascar, from Ancient Egypt to fairytale castles, from Transformers to Hollywood, this wonderland has it all. Attractions for everyone in the family, amazing souvenirs, theatres, live events and other showstoppers make Universal Studios, truly universal.

Timings: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Entry fee: SGD 76 for adults, SGD 56 for children
Things to do:
  • Visit the seven zones individually, and experience the rides
  • Try local foods at the zones
  • Buy official fan merchandise from Madagascar, Sesame Street, Jurassic World, Transformers, Shrek, Despicable Me and many more
  • Enjoy the water rides like rafting and lazy river
  • Visit the Halloween Horror Night for a thrilling ride

3. Learn About the City at Singapore Discovery Centre

Singapore Discovery Centre
Singapore Discovery Centre is a local history museum situated in the Jurong District of Singapore. It is a source of ‘edutainment’ displaying articles of the past and giving an insight into the future of Singapore. It is a good place to visit in Singapore with kids because it allows adults and kids to learn more about Singapore. The museum has several interactive pieces spread throughout the floors to break the monotony. It has something for all kinds of people and age groups with an amazing art gallery, bus tour to Singapore Military Institute outdoor play area and science museum at their disposal.
Timings: 9am -6pm
Entry Fee: SDG 10 for adults and SDG 6 for children
Things to do:
  • TheWatch short movies on how Singapore became the amazing city it is.
  • Take a crisis simulation experience
  • Take a bus tour of the Military Academy
  • Play video games with themes about Singapore
  • Go on a 4D simulator ride

3. Up to the Top at the Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer, Singapore with kids
Watch the island of Singapore like no other, from the sky! This magnificent Ferris wheel lies at a whopping 541 feet above sea level. Spot three counties at once - Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with a panoramic vista, and enjoy the scenic beauty with your children. They are sure to love this joyride! And don't worry about motion sickness - the Flyer moves very slowly, and the ride lasts a half hour; there is no need to panic about dizzying heights.
Timings: 8:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Entry fee: SGD 33 for adults, SGD 21 for children
Things to do:
  • Take photographs at 160 metres above sea level
  • Take a practical geography lesson and spot three countries - Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore
  • Trace the evolution of the Singapore Flyer in the museum and exhibit
  • Carry home a special Flyer badge of merit

4. Flying to the Wings of Time Show

Wings of Time, Singpore with kids
A trip to Sentosa is incomplete without the Wings of Time show! Transport your kids to a mythical dimension and watch as their eyes go wide in wonder, as they enjoy the magnificent spectacle. Join Felix and Rachel, two inquisitive and adventurous kids, as they embark on an epic journey across time. This light, sound, laser, fire and water show is set against the Siloso beach at Sentosa and is a must-watch for anyone visiting Singapore with kids. We won't give out spoilers here, but prepare to be blown away by the magic!
Timings: 7:40 PM - 8:40 PM
Entry fee: SGD 23 for premium seats, SGD 18 for standard seats
Things to do:
  • Spot the stars above the arena before the show begins
  • Watch the journey of the Phoenix through time, from the Silk Route to the Industrial Revolution

5. Relaxing at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore with kids
Singapore isn't called the Garden City for anything! The star attraction which takes the meaning of 'Urban Jungle' to the next level with its breathtaking futuristic concept garden. Located across Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay adds to the distinct Singapore skyline, and is certain to take your children's breath away! The indoor gardens house exotic plants, and even have an ecosystem of their own, with lime exhibits as well. The Cloud Forest Conservatory houses the world's tallest indoor waterfall, masked by clouds. Signifying a beautiful union of modern technology and nature, the climate-controlled greenhouses complement the Supertree structures, which will take your children's imagination to new heights. Try to catch the lighting at night, for a sight, your kids will remember forever.
Outdoor Gardens: 5:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Conservatories: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Things to do:
  • Visit the Outdoor Gardens and spot eclectic plants
  • Visit the conservatory for an engaging lesson on conservation
  • Stroll through the Cloud Forest and walk between waterfalls
  • Walk by the atrium for a breathtaking view
  • Spot the Supertrees at night for an engaging light show 

6. Exploring the Wild side at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo, Singapore with kids
Spread over a 70-acre area, this zoo is every animal lover's dream! Ranked among the top zoos in the world, there is no better place to begin your kid's journey into the fascinating world of animals. More than 3600 species of mammals, reptiles, birds and others are housed in this extensive facility. Animals are well-cared for, and exclusive zones within the zoo distinctly mark the habitat, habits and behaviour of the animals. Forget the movie: if your kids ask you about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, take them here! What better thing to do in Singapore with kids than spot elusive tigers, lions, bears, kangaroos and other exotic animals!
Timings: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Entry fee: SGD 33 for adults, SGD 22 for children
Things to do:
  • Go to the Night Safari to watch animals in their natural nocturnal habitat, followed by a talent show
  • Visit the nearby Jurong Bird Park and watch our feathered friends
  • Visit the souvenir show for special, nocturnal clothes 

7. Underwater at SEA Aquarium

SEA Aquarium, Singapore with kids
Explore the deep seas with your loved ones in the SEA Aquarium, a key attraction at Sentosa Island. This immersive experience entails a visit to the deep waters, as you enter a revolutionary aquarium that mimics the ocean floor. Home to more than 100,000 marine species, the South East Asia Aquarium boasts of an eclectic ecology, complete with manta rays, bottlenose dolphins, hammerhead and nurse sharks, octopi, and the guitarfish. Teach your kids a valuable lesson about conservation as they have the time of their lives. Peek into the Open Ocean Tank which is home to the giant oceanic manta ray, and try to feel starfishes and friendly fish at the entrance. If you're lucky, you may be able to hold a giant python at the entrance!
Timings: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Entry fee: SGD 22 - SGD 34 for Singaporeans, SGD 29 - SGD 39 for foreign nationals
Things to do:
  • Walk along the length of the aquarium, watching animals all around you
  • Visit the Open Ocean Tank to spot the giant manta ray
  • Touch and feel starfish in the feeling tank

8. Magic at Trickeye Museum

Trickeye Museum, Singapore with kids
Nothing can prepare your children for the wonder that is the Trickeye Museum! Prepare to have their world turned upside down as they fight dragons, visit enchanted castles and embark on an adventure, all within a building! The Trickeye Museum houses an incredible array of art pieces which use 2D, 3D and even 4D art to enchant the visitors completely. This seamless blend of art and architecture uses AR technology to transport patrons to the world of their dreams. Give flight to your children's imagination with this visual treat! PS: This museum in Singapore for kids is perfect because has an exclusive 'Please Touch' policy, so you don't have to worry if your kids tend to get handsy!
Timings: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Entry fee: SGD 21.25 (online) or SGD 25 (onsite) for adults, SGD 17 (online) or SGD 20 (onsite) for children and senior citizens
Things to do:
  • Put the 'Please Touch' policy to good use and explore all the exhibits
  • Try the AR exhibit and be transported to another dimension

9. Splash Some Fun at Wild Wild Wet Waterpark

Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet, Singapore's largest water park, opened with a big splash in 2004. Since then, it has been a huge hit amongst the locals. This park is home to some of the best water rides that Singapore, or in some cases Asia, has to offer. The waterpark is therefore known for its water rides and the number of thrill seekers it attracts. It is family friendly and even known for having incredible safety procedures. It provides floats, life jackets and even baby water carriers.

Timings: Weekdays - 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Weekends - 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Entry Fee:
Adult (13 years and above): SGD 32
Child (3-12 years)/ Senior Citizen (55 years and above): SGD 24
U Live Member/ Pioneer Generation/ Toddler (below 3 years): Free
Family Package (2 adults and 2 children): SGD 102

Places to Eat in Singapore with Kids

Bak Chor Mee, Singapore with kids
Since Singapore enjoys a unique geographical placement, you will have no trouble finding food from different parts of the globe. All major food chains like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin' Donuts are available in major locations. We recommend that you try the local cuisine which is an eclectic mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes. Try to eat healthy, locally produced food, and go to fast food chains only in case of dire need.

There are numerous options for vegetarians and vegans as well. Local cuisine generously uses spices and nuts, so make a note of any allergies that your children may have.

Eateries to Visit with Kids
Chinatown Food Street and Little India to taste signature dishes. Non-vegetarian options include Bah Kut Teh (pork rib soup), Laksa, crabs, Bak Chor Mee (meat noodles), oyster omelettes and while vegetarians can try fried carrot cakes (not a dessert!), Tau Huay (a Chinese dessert), iced beans and water rice cakes. Check out the special dumplings at Din Tai Fung to treat your children's taste buds! The adventurous lot can even try Durian-incorporated dishes!

Travel in Singapore with Kids

Singapore Metro, Singapore with kids
Singapore is well connected by rail and road. The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) is the fastest mode available on land, which connects all major tourist attractions, within walking distance of an MRT Station. Daily tickets are available for one-time users, but tourists can also avail the Singapore Tourist Pass which allowed unlimited travel for a specified duration. The cards are to be bought at the Transit Link Ticket Office at the MRT Stations at Orchard, City Hall, Changi Airpot, Bugis, Bayfront, Chinatown, Woodlands, Ang Mo Kio, Jurong East, Kranji, Raffles Place, Farrer Park, Tanjong Pagar, Harbourfront, or Somerset Station. The trains are absolutely safe to travel at night and are stroller-friendly as well.

SGD 10 (single day), SGD 16 (two days), SGD 20 (three days)

Buses are the cheapest and most beautiful way to explore the city, and your children are sure to enjoy the experience. Most buses are air-conditioned as well. A Singapore Tourist Pass can be availed, for later payment.

A fun way to get around the city is by a trishaw, a characteristic part of the Singapore experience. For a cost of SGD 40 for half an hour, trishaws can comfortably carry a family of three around major attractions.

It is advisable to avail an E-Z Link card at the MRT Station for SGD 12 to facilitate easy payment, especially with kids around.  

Family Friendly Accommodation in Singapore

Hotel Room at Singapore, Singapore with kids
Being a tourist city, there are many family-friendly hotels in the city which can accommodate your children in comfortable rooms. Extra beds and mattresses can be purchased on demand as well. 

Here are a few hotels that your kids will surely love:
1. Orchard Hotel
A 4-star hotel located on 44 Orchard Road. It's within walking distance to all the major attractions in Singapore's famous Orchard Road. Babysitting services are available too.
2. The Fullerton Hotel
A hotel that is also a national monument, the Fullerton Hotel was built in 1928. The hotel offers its own tours like the Fullerton Heritage trail, Maritime Tour and Monument Tour. These are sure to keep you and your kids busy. 
3. Days Hotel
This hotel has the convenience of accessibility. With complimentary bus services from the hotel, you and your family can have a hassle-free trip to all the best places in Singapore. Not to mention, the fantastic views this hotel has of Zhongshan Park.

Doctors in Singapore

Doctors at Singapore, Singapore with kids
It is always better to prepare for any medical emergency while travelling to Singapore with kids. The first thing to remember is to not panic if your child is injured. General Practitioners are available in most neighbourhoods, and appointments are usually not necessary for consultation. Prescribed medication can be purchased at the clinic.

Public hospitals like Singapore General Hospital and the Tan Tock Seng Hospital offer quality health care, while private hospitals like Mount Elizabeth Hospital are also available. Emergency ambulance services of the Singapore Civil Defence Force can be reached at 995. Pharmacies are available at malls and shopping centres. It is better to have sunscreen and mosquito repellants on your person since Singapore is a tropical country.


It is essential to keep the children safe, secure and healthy while on vacation. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.
  • Keep a close watch on children while in heights, water or other adventure sports areas, and look out for signs of discomfort or ill health
  • Chewing gum in Singapore is illegal. Keep this in mind, as chewing gum attracts a huge penalty
  • It is unlawful to litter. Keep a bag where your children can throw waste, like food wrappers or other plastics. Dispose of in bins
  • Always carry an umbrella because the climate is humid, and may rain
  • Clothe children in light, breathable fabric because of the tropical climate
Which places do you plan on visiting in Singapore with kids? What was your most unforgettable experience? Comment below and let us know!

This post was published by Nivedha Narayanaswamy