River Safari

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Time Required: 2 - 3 hours


River Safari: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM,
Last entry 6:30 PM,
Visitor Services Counter: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Entry Fee:

River Safari:
Adults: SGD 32,
Children (3 - 12 years): SGD 21,
Seniors (Singaporean): SGD 15,
Amazon River Quest: SGD 3 - SGD 5

River Safari, Singapore Overview

The River Safari in Singapore is Asia's first river-themed zoo and aquarium, part of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore. Built over 12 hectares between the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari Singapore, the park explores the ecosystems and biodiversity found across various rivers of the world such as the Amazon, Nile, Congo, Ganges, Mississippi, and so on. Visitors are treated to the rainforest setting of this fantastic park as they are taken through a tour of the lives of the river-dwelling animals.

Spread across the ten unique riverine ecosystems of the reserve, the River Safari houses around 6,000 animals of over 300 species, 40 of whom belong to the threatened species category. These include exotic animals like the giant Chinese salamander, the world's largest amphibian, and the giant Mekong catfish, an endangered aquatic animal. This massive biosphere is also the site of Southeast Asia's largest Panda exhibit, with the chief attraction being the pair of Giant Pandas, a species of a global population of 1,600 and China's national treasures. The pair were a loan from China to Singapore to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Sino-Singapore relations, landing at the reserve in 2012 for a ten-year period. One can also find the world's largest freshwater aquarium at this reserve.

Visitors can choose to explore the River Safari on foot or embark on the River Safari cruise. The main aim of the River Safari is to increase awareness of the biodiversity that resides in these habitats, and aid in global efforts to conserve the same. With this in minds, there are various engaging activities like enrichment programmes, interdisciplinary trails and workshops organised at the reserve.

More on River Safari

Reservoir Cruise: 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM, Last entry 6:00 PM,
Amazon River Quest: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Last ride 6:00 PM,
Squirrel Monkey Forest: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM,
Giant Panda Forest: 10:00 AM - 6:15 PM,
Touch Pool:
Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM,
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays: 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

  • Rivers of the World: The River Safari comprises of ten riverine habitats, recreating the ecosystems of iconic rivers such as the Amazon, Mississipi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Murray, Mekong, and Yangtze rivers. Animals native to these surroundings may be found in these zones. Some of the endemic wildlife that one will get to see are the Mississippi paddlefish, Indian gharial, Mekong catfish, Chinese river otters, giant freshwater stingray, and softshell turtle.
  • Giant Panda Forest: A sophisticated biodome that houses Singapore's resident Giant Pandas, the Giant Panda Forest is also where one can find the rare red panda and golden pheasants. The environment within has been carefully crafted to simulate the natural surroundings of the giant pandas.
  • Amazon Flooded Forest: The River Safari has recreated the scenario of the annual flooding of the grand Amazon rainforest. Fallen branches, hanging vines and lush greenery typical of the rainforest can be seen throughout this zone. One can also find the world's largest freshwater aquarium here, which can be explored through an underwater tunnel. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness exotic marine life like the manatees, piranhas and arapaimas, while anacondas and giant river otters can be found at this wonderful section.
  • Amazon River Quest: A 10-minute boat ride takes you through the enormous replica of the mighty Amazon River. Through the course of this ride, guests will be able to see close 30 wildlife species of the Amazon, including the Jaguar, Giant Anteater, Brazilian Tapir, Capybara, and the Scarlet Ibis.
  • River Safari Cruise: This 15-minute journey takes passengers on the Upper Seletar Reservoir which goes along the perimeter of the park, giving them a chance to witness wildlife from the neighbouring Night Safari and Singapore Zoo.

One of the main highlights at the River Safari is the male and female pair of Giant Pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, housed at the Giant Panda Forest. Giant Pandas are considered China's national treasures and are a heavily endangered species, with about 1,600 currently present in the wild. In order to facilitate the survival and lifestyle of these adorable creatures, authorities have constructed a high-tech biodome, complete with climate-control, boulders, water features and vegetation that mimics the natural habitat of these pandas from their native land of China. 8000 square metres of land is maintained as a plantation of special bamboo for feeding the giant pandas. One can also find the rare red panda and golden pheasants within this enclosure.

  • Be a Panda Researcher: This programme helps participants gain a deeper understanding of the pandas. This involves studying their diet and digestive system, examining their paw prints, and observing methods used by experts to track and monitor pandas.
  • Panda Rise and Shine: This morning session allows participants to witness the morning routines of pandas, as well as the daily physical checks and weighing of the pandas carried out by experts at the park. You can also assist in the preparation of the pre-morning snack, bamboo breakfast and enrichment toys of the pandas.
  • Fishy Business: Participants are given a behind-the-scenes tour of the large aquarium at the Amazon Flooded Forest, witnessing how the life-support system of this structure. One can also engage in the preparation of feed for manatees and arapaimas, even getting the chance to feed the silver arowanas.

One can purchase interesting souvenirs from the River Safari Shop and the House of Jia Jia and Kai Kai.

The Mama Panda Kitchen offers delightful dishes of the Chinese Szechuan cuisine, with signature dishes like Panda pau and Bamboo rice. There is also a Starbucks within the premises of the River Safari.

The River Safari is located within the same compound as the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. One can take buses 138, 926, and 927 to arrive directly at the Singapore Zoo Bus Stop.

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