Singapore Weather In June - What To Do & Where To Go!

Here in Singapore, you cannot really talk of summer season or winter season for there are no clear-cut seasons as such. The climate is uniform all the year-round - high heat, lots of humidity and unprecedented rainfall. Singapore weather in June bears similarity to the climate patterns existing in the other months with slight variations. June marks the beginning of the southwest monsoon season in Singapore. Rainfall begins to gather momentum, and the weather overall remains good to spend a lovely time here. 

Average Temperature in Singapore in June

Daily Average Temperature: 27 degrees Celcius (around 81°F).
Highest Daytime Temperature: 31 degrees Celcius (about 88°F)
Lowest Nighttime Temperature: 24 degrees Celcius (around 75°F)
During the day, the balmy summer sun makes for a great time to get out and explore the beautiful city. Do apply sunscreen properly before heading out during the daytime. And during the night, step out to dine at some good restaurant patios or behold the city adorned with colourful lights. 

The southwest monsoon season starts officially in June, with the intensity of rainfall increasing gradually. The average precipitation across the month has been recorded to be about 163mm. The downpours are abrupt and mostly take place during mid to late afternoons. It rains for around 19 days in a month, but the good news is that the rainfall is not incessant. It can range from surprisingly a minute to about two hours. The island country faces the so-called 'Sumatra squalls' during this time of the year. These are accompanied by strong gusts of wind and are like thunderstorms. In case you are outdoors and notice such conditions, quickly get inside a building and just wait for it to pass because the weather of Singapore in June includes short showers. 

June receives a pretty decent amount of sunshine. The sun shines brightly for about 8 hours a day. The time is enough for you to visit new places, explore the parks and engage in fun-filled activities. However, keep in mind that the tropical Singapore sun causes terrible tans, even when the sky is overcast with clouds. Do not forget to apply sunscreen with SPF 50+ before venturing out into the open. You can also wear a hat to keep cool.

Sea temperature

The average sea temperature is about 30 degrees Celcius (around 86°F). Coupled with the warm, pleasant air outside, it is a good idea to take a dip in the waters here. Water sports can be enjoyed to the fullest during this time.  

Things to Do & Places to Visit in Singapore in June

With pleasant Singapore weather in June, this means a dozen things to do and attractions to visit. The weather is perfect, and you should take complete advantage of the sunny hours. Shop at the malls, engage in watersports or drink cold smoothies at the roadside cafés. 

Thrilling Water Sports 

Changi Beach, Singapore in June

Singapore's weather in June is the perfect time to engage in watersports. So, what do you fancy? Scuba diving or snorkelling? Speedboat races or kayaking? Windsurfing or kitesurfing? Or, perhaps what about jet skiing? The adventurous water sports here on this little island nation will ensure a constant adrenaline rush as you splash the cool waters. Paired with drinks and good food, what else can you ask for. 

Watersports in Singapore- There are an ample number of sports hubs with great packages to choose from. You can spend an hour with colourful fishes while snorkelling at Rainbow Reef. Or do windsurfing at the lovely Changi beach. Love more adventure and thrill? Head to the Siloso beach to try a hand at jet skiing.


West Coast Park, Singapore in June

Want to go on a little camp trip? Maybe set up a bonfire, stay nice and toasty under a blanket in front of it? Well, the weather in Singapore in June is just perfect to fulfil these little things off of your checklist. Finding serene places here in Singapore for camping might be a bit challenging, but not impossible. Relax on the soft green grass with a barbeque and fall asleep gazing at the stars. Sounds like a dream? Here are places in Singapore for camping that will help these dreams materialise. 

Where in Singapore- You can set up camp at the Changi Beach Park or the delightful Pulau Ubin Island. Pasir Ris Park and West Coast Park are also good options. 

Cloud Forest 

Cloud Forest, Singapore in June

This is the world's tallest indoor waterfall falling from a height of about 100 feet. The Cloud Forest is definitely one of the coolest attractions in Singapore and should not be missed irrespective of you being a garden lover or not - for this is not an ordinary garden. This is one of those marvels at which you cannot help but keep staring in wonder and amazement. The tropical forests have been recreated here, and there are arrays of trees and plants from all over the world. The temperature here is carefully regulated - not at all humid like the one in the equatorial forests. The misty falls are the main source of attraction here. The white clouds of mist mingled with the dark green vegetation is a sight to behold. Tourists coming here even rate it as a good place to click pictures.

Location- The mystical Cloud Forest at 18, Marine Gardens (in Gardens by the Bay).

Timings- The Cloud Forest is open to tourists on all days from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Singapore has a uniform climate throughout the year, still, uncertainties prevail. Singapore's weather in June remains hot and humid with spells of light showers in between. Rainfall is not heavy, but more during the latter part of the month. The island is sometimes enveloped with a haze of thick smoke with its source being Sumatra. Covered pathways have been constructed in Singapore to protect the passers-by from such hazardous smoke. In case you feel some sort of irritation, do visit a local doctor. The uncertainties can also be tracked from the reports released by the local weather department.

Festivals in Singapore in June

Probably one of the reasons why June is considered to be a peak time for tourists to come to Singapore is the brilliant festivals queued up the entire month. With the city brimming up with joy and celebration, it is a perfect time to hit the island and be a part of this monsoon extravaganza. Here's a list of festivals you MUST visit in June in Singapore.

1. The Great Singapore Sale 

the great singaporesale

Dear shopaholics, this mega sale is going to be your paradise! It is not just a sale but about a two-month long celebration for shopaholics from all over the world. Organised by the Singapore Retailers Association in cooperation with malls and other stores, this is one of its kind shopping experience. Nowhere else in the world will you find shopping as blissful as this one. Great deals, bonanza offers, lucky draws, and exciting gifts- this is nothing short of a festival. You will get massive discounts (sometimes as much as 70% off) on branded items at stores and malls all over the island. Apparels, shoes, bags, electronics, jewellery, spa, lifestyle attractions, perfumes, accessories- there are amazing offers on each one of them. Rush to the glittery Orchard Road shopping malls where branded items with great deals await your shopping carts. Known as the GSS, the bargains here are worth every penny. 

Location- These alluring offers are present in all retail stores all across the island. Orchard Road shopping malls are the most sought-after ones. If you want to buy some really unique gifts and souvenirs, head straight to Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam. For independent shopping, you will undoubtedly love the Haji Lane in Kampong Glam. Happy GSS!

2. Dragon Boat Festival 


With over 70% of the population in Singapore is Chinese, the community's festivals have found a significant place in the county's festivals. Thumping of drums, hot and steamy dumplings and dragon-shaped boats are the chief features of this colourful Chinese festival. The interesting tale behind its celebration has its roots in politics and honesty. When the incorruptible and great poet named Qu Yuan of the Chu kingdom decided to drown himself in the river to free his state from the shackles of corruption, local fishermen began to beat their oars with great force to prevent the flesh-eating fish from devouring the great man's body. A legend was born, and the incident marked the beginning of the much-anticipated boat races which are a USP of the festival. Let your hearts beat against the thumping of the drums as you cheer for your favourite teams while nibbling the lip-smacking dumplings.

Location - Various agencies all over Singapore organise boat races. Catch a glimpse of these at the Bedok Reservoir, the Kallang River and Gardens by the Bay Marina Channel.

3. Ultra Singapore

Ultra Singapore

Singapore's weather in June is perfect for plenty of activities; drink a nice hot cuppa during the day when there are light showers and dance the night away to live music from your favourite DJs in the EDM scene at the Ultra Music Festival that's happening in the city. The dates for the festival are 8th and 9th June 2019. Don't forget to book your tickets to Ultra Singapore when making other arrangements when visiting the country. 

Location: Ultra Park, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

What to Carry When Travelling to Singapore in June

Pack loose cotton clothes like dresses, playsuits, shorts and culottes which are not sticky. Try to wear as few layers of clothes as possible to keep off the humidity and heat, prevalent at the equatorial region affecting Singapore's weather in June. Most of the public places like libraries, museums and malls are air-conditioned with temperatures as low as 20 degrees Celcius. In such cases, you can also keep a light cardigan or jacket. A small umbrella always comes handy in Singapore. Also, carry a pair of rubber-soled shoes that you do not mind getting drenched in water.

With all these essentials, you are ready to fly to Singapore in June to have the most memorable holiday.

This post was published by Kirti Dass

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