Everything You Need To Know About the Weather of Singapore In July

Being a tropical island country that is located just one degree (around 137 kilometres) above the equator, Singapore has a tropical climate that doesn't see much seasonal variation. There is more daily variation than seasonal variation. It is always warm and humid with occasional showers that last from 20 minutes to half an hour. Since the weather is pretty much constant and never really changes much, it can be visited at any time of the year. Thus, the weather is never really a major deterrent to any plans.

Weather in Singapore in July

Singapore, Singapore in July
Singapore's weather in July is warm and is under the tropical climate conditions and is humid through the day, similar to the weather throughout the year. July falls under the Southwest-monsoon period of Singapore. Some short showers and thunderstorms are common during this period of the year. However, these showers go as fast as they come and aren't a major deterrent to any plans.

Average temperature: Between 31 degrees Celcius and 26 degrees Celcius
Winds: Between 40-80 km/h, called Sumatra Squalls

Visiting Singapore in July

Is it a good idea to visit Singapore in July? The answer is yes. Although anytime you want to visit Singapore is a good time to visit due to the weather, July happens to be a good time to visit Singapore since there aren't any major public holidays in July where everything is shut making it convenient for a tourist.

Although there will always be tourists in Singapore no matter what time of the year you go, July isn't very crowded since it doesn't coincide with any major holiday season. However, this doesn't mean that there won't be other tourists though! But the weather in Singapore in July is a nice time to hit some outdoor events and festivals. 

Festivals and Events in Singapore in July

1. The Great Singapore Sale

Chinatown, Singapore weather in July
An annual event that begins in June and ends in August, the Great Singapore Sale was started in 1994. During this time, there are major sales in shops, both branded and non-branded, throughout the country. It was started as an attempt to boost tourism in Singapore. Under this, most goods that one would want are under sale and are available for pretty low prices. So literally shop till you drop!

Popular places to go shopping in Singapore:
  Orchard Road: One of Asia's most famous shopping streets, Orchard Road is a 2.2km stretch in Singapore where one is spoilt for choice in shopping. With numerous malls and high-end stores, there's everything one would want to shop for available here. Just walking around this place filled with energy and enthusiastic people makes it an amazing place to be. One can also visit ION Orchard, one of the most iconic malls and visit the 56th floor for splendid views of the area.

Almost every major store that you'd want to shop from has an outlet on or near Orchard Road. Hence it is a good idea to go here because what better to experience nice and sunny weather of Singapore in July than out shopping!

Other shopping destinations that have small but plenty of shops include Chinatown and Little India where can find great items and an even greater variety! For those who want to go to independent shops, visit Haji Ali Lane or Kampong Glam.

2. Singapore Food Festival

Food Stall, Singapore weather in July

Another annual event that takes place every July is the Singapore Food Festival organized by the Singapore tourism board. During this time one can experience the best of Singaporean food and cuisine throughout the country. With different events going on across the island nation, the signature event of the food fest is called STREAT. Whether it is hawker centres where one can try and enjoy scrumptious yet hygienic Singaporean street food, or a Michelin star restaurant, Singapore has it all. Sometimes both of them combine, a hawker centre stall that is Michelin grade!

The popular hawker centres can get crowded during peak times but it is said that the food is worth the wait. Apart from just eating and tasting the food, one can try learning how to cook different styles of food from around the world at the different venues of the fest!

Popular Hawker Centers of Singapore include Newton Food Centre, Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Centre, Maxwell Road Hawker Centre, Old Airport Road Food Centre, and Chinatown Complex Food Center.

What to Pack?

  • Since Singapore's weather in July is is pretty warm and humid, one should take cotton clothes to stay dry and comfortable. It is also advisable to take shorts and half sleeved t-shirts to keep up with heat, although most places will be air-conditioned.
  • It is a good idea to keep a cap and goggles too.
  • To stay hydrated, keep a bottle of water with you or buy one at the many stores around the city. It is also perfectly okay to drink water straight from the tap in Singapore!
  • Remember to carry beachwear with you since you will definitely go to a beach in Singapore at least once!
  • Carry an umbrella or a poncho for the short yet sudden rains that hit Singapore.

Remember that chewing gum is illegal in Singapore although small amounts of open packs may be allowed. There also very strong repercussions for breaking any other laws or littering and other such offences. Tourists aren't pardoned from any legal repercussions so beware!

WARNING: Possession or consumption of drugs or other narcotic substances is illegal and punishable by death in Singapore. Even if they were consumed outside the country one can be tried and given the same punishment.

Now that we've covered the weather of Singapore in July. So, pack your bags and head there this July. Be sure to take a photo with the iconic Merlion, the icon of the Lion City!

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