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If you love food and if you love travelling, Singapore's annual food fiesta may as well be your gastronomical escape to heavenly food at every turn. The food stall authorities definitely know how to seize this opportunity and bring out the best of Singapore's passion for food, with an over the top range of multicultural, heritage and explorative culinary experiences. A perfect blend of more than a dozen scrumptious escapades, this food festival features traditional, contemporary, local and international flavours. With a particular emphasis on Singaporean Cuisine, the SFF is mainly oriented toward conveying Singapore's culture and heritage and bridging the gap of awareness through food. The food festival not only offers food but also presents to you craft workshops, cooking demonstrations and theatrical experiences. 

Singapore Food Festival
Festival Village (Source)

How is it celebrated?

This seventeen-day festival is celebrated in all its grandeur. The Singapore Food Festival is categorised into four pillars.  The modernity pillar is primarily focused on modern and contemporary cuisine and highlights creative and trendy innovations of food. The pillar of culture is oriented towards bringing out the Singaporean cuisine in its best form. It throws light on the local eating habits and dining culture of Singapore. The art pillar glorifies home-grown, individually made culinary craftsmanship and their own artistic contemplations of food. The last but of course not the least pillar of tradition sparks Singapore's local heritage and aims at re-discovering and bringing back the old, simple and traditional methods of cooking and preparing food out of raw, organic ingredients.

Singapore Food Festival

Highlights of the festival

The Modernity Segment pampers the taste buds of those with an appetite for contemporary food trends and who are open to the adaptation of food with everyday realms of life. This segment is for those who are always up-to-date with the latest viral video of food or the current market ruling dish of the food industry. To comply with the pillar of modernity, the Accorhotels are hosting different food fiestas. To name a few, venues like Anti-Dote, Ellenborough Market Cafe, Xperience and Kwee Zeen are all offering mouth-watering dishes to sate your cravings.

Singapore Food Festival
A vendor cooking Smoked Satay (Source)

Streat is another event that features local cuisine blended in a pop-up restaurant style. The food here has a reputation of being crafted by Michelin-starred Chefs. Culinary workshops and entertainment sessions are also expected to be accompanied by the tasty food.

Park Bench Deli Collaborations are also an event under the Modernity pillar that will blend the talents of Roast Paradise Hawkers and the family behind Rumah Makah Minang to bring about a fascinating outlook on Contemporary and Traditional dishes.

Singapore Food Festival

The segment of Culture is for the ones who associate food with their customs and values.  This segment draws foodies who are not just into food but who are also passionate about authentic flavours and local, cultural experiences of food.

The slab of Culture has many sub-events just like Modernity. One such is 'A Taste of Eurasian Heritage' where foodies can explore novelty Eurasian food and culture. This is hosted at the Eurasian Community House. 'Hawker Spotlight' and 'Curry Day' are also exclusive Culture-events. The Curry Day is set to feature curries of the Indian, Chinese, Malay, Peranakan and Eurasian flavours. It also has a Sentosa Grillfest, obviously at the island of Sentosa. This Feast at Sentosa is organised keeping in mind the love of Singaporeans to dine al fresco.

Singapore Food Festival
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When there is food and culture, how can India be left behind? There is an entire segment dedicated to Indian cuisine called the 'Great Indian Food Affair' where the true essence of Indian food is going to linger on the taste buds of foodies from around the world. This event is comprised of North Indian and South Indian cuisines and is hosted by the Sayali Restaurant. Not just drool-worthy Indian food, but also cooking demonstrations and workshops led by celebrity chefs are held in this event.

Singapore Food Festival
Indian Spices (Source)

The Art segment is for those who perceive food not just as appetising but also look beyond satiating themselves. If you're one of those who has an artistic glance and a profound sense of theatre and literature in terms of food, then this pillar of Art is segmented just for you. This portion of the SFF has an event called 'Celebrating All-Time favourite food films & local cuisine' where movies with a primary focus on food are screened while local dishes like chilli crab ragu and Hawker style BBQ chicken wings are at the menu. Another very much anticipated event of the SFF is 'Beer Yoga and Citylights'. Whoever thought of stretching out and performing asanas while chugging a beer? To top this, a free bottle of beer is at your service! The Art pillar has 'A Samsui Love Story: A Food & Dance Affair'. This event will take you on a dancing journey of food. A special five-course meal is served while you enjoy the sensory-contemporary choreography. 

Singapore Food Festival

The very last segment of the SFF is of Tradition. Throwing light on the ancient recipes and cooking methods passed down through generations and emphasising the importance of bygone food preparation techniques is just what Tradition is aimed at. The events here are Singapore Restaurant Festival, an event that brings together more than 60 restaurant brands in an exhausting array of cuisines. Weekends at Moniker - Singapore Goodness is one more event where home-chefs prepare dishes from locally farmed ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Time out Singapore Balik Kampong Heritage Dinner is another event where renowned chefs trace back the ancient food making techniques across Peranakan, Chinese and Eurasian cuisines. Another workshop called Back to Basic-Savour Your Heritage Kuehs focuses on the roots of where your food comes from. The last event is The 50 Cents Fest: Colonial Singapore. This event is specially organised for the older generations and is sure to leave them with nostalgia. Food trends that originated since the 1930s are highlighted here.

Singapore Food Festival
Time out Singapore Balik Kampong Heritage Dinner (Source)


13 July-29 July 2018

Venues and Entry Fees

McDonald's Love Local Campaign-
All McDonald’s outlets
Free Entry

Makan Cosmopolitan-
SGD 50

Empress Lawn
Free Entry

Beer Yoga & Citylights-
Clifford Square
SGD 29

Food Festival at Accorhotels-
Free Entry

Feast at Sentosa-
Siloso Beach
Free Entry

Lovesg at Changi Airport-
Changi Airport Group
Free Entry

Great Indian Food Affair-
Free Entry

SFF-Exclusive Beverages-
Available at Street, Beer Yoga & Citylights and Weekends at Monniker
Free Entry

Favourite Food Films & Local Cuisine
The Screening Room- Ann Siang Road
Free Entry

Back to Basics-
Citizen Farm-SGD 68
Cheng Sugar Candy Factory-SGD 48
Ah Hua Kelong-SGD 68

Weekends at Moniker-
SGD 40-45

A taste of Eurasian Heritage-
Eurasian Community House
SGD 40

Park Bench Deli Collaborations-
Park Bench Deli
Free Entry

A Samsui Love Story-
Caldwell House Alcove @ Chijmes
Adults- SGD 105
Children-SGD 48 (4-10 years)

Hawker Spotlight-
Amoy Street Food Centre
Free Entry

Time Out Singapore Balik Kampong Heritage Dinner-
SGD 150

Curry Day-
Velocity @ Novena Square Indoor Atrium
Free Entry

The 50 Cents Fest-
Chinatown Food Street
Free Entry

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