Renting a Bicycle in Singapore - Top Rentals, Trails and Tips!

While the city of Singapore is dotted with modern architecture and surrounded by metropolitan buzz, there’s always room for a bike out in nature. Housing several hiking and biking trails, farms, and scenic adventures, it has plenty to satisfy every travel bug! Moreover, biking around is an excellent way to get closer to the city and know its every nook and cranny. Singapore is also inaugurating its initiative for a Care-free Sunday; a significant step towards environmental sensitivity. So when you feel like tossing that car away and picking up the bike for a day out in the city, here’s all you need to know!

Where to Rent a Bicycle in Singapore

1. The Bicycle Hut

One of the most popular places to rent a bike from, it is strategically located in the centre of the city, making every significant landmark highly accessible. Whether you’re a tourist or resident, there’s something here for everyone. When renting a bike in Singapore, the Bicycle Hut offers a variety of options, ranging from Dura Fixie to Schwinn Cruiser. Additionally, they are also child-friendly as an extra child seat can be attached. Along with this, the Bicycle Hut also guides tours and tips for first-time bikers around the city. The average cost per hour is SGD 20, with a child seat and helmet included.

2. Hello, Bicycle

Rent a bike in Singapore with a variety of brands to choose from.
If you’re prominently looking for a bike rental to go around the city, this place is for you. Hello, Bicycle specialises in bikes used for town touring and covers all European and American brands. Along with the bike rental, you will also be provided with a helmet and, lock and lights for biking during the night. The average rental prices go up from SGD 30 for 6 hours.

3. Lifestyle Bike and Skate

Lifestyle bike and skate will offer the most convenient and comfortable bikes, especially with their multiple renting booths across the town. Additionally, they also provide bicycles for young children and double bikes. The renting cost begins at SGD 3 per hour.

4. Coastline Leisure

From street side tourism to mountains, visitors can rent a bike for any activity.
For travellers or residents located near the East Coast, Coastline leisure, is a convenient rental place. You will find any and every bike, from adult bikes to children, and even mountain bikes. It has an affordable rate of SGD 6 to SGD 10 per hour.

5. Rent-a-Bike Kiosks

Perhaps the best part about Rent-A-Bike is that you don’t even need to go out and look for it. The bikes on rent can be delivered to you, providing the utmost convenience. As they lack having a proper store, their main specialisation is in providing mountain bikes. The rental comes along with a helmet and lock. The average bike can range from SGD 30-40 along with the free home delivery.

6. Biking Singapore

Bikes can be rented on hourly or full day basis and are available for all ages.
Have you heard of foldies? Well, you sure will now. Biking Singapore has it's signature foldable bikes or as commonly called, foldies which are convenient to carry around. Whether out to explore the city or hop into the scenic trails, this is the best place for your rental pickup. Additionally, Biking Singapore now delivers the bike to your home or the hotel and will also collect it from whichever location you are at. With an average cost of SGD 35 for three hours, it is worth it!

7. Wheeelers

An emerging rental place is the Wheeelers, which is traditionally a bicycle store. The best part about Wheeelers is that there is no kind of bike you won’t find here! It is home to bikes for children, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, multiple seater bikes for families, and more. Along with this, they provide an 8000 square feet biking arena to ride around. The average renting cost is SGD 25.

Best Cycling Trails in Singapore

Apart from the cityscapes and renowned landmarks, there are several hidden biking trails you can treat yourself to!

1. Punggol Waterway Park

The Punggol Waterway Park is one of the most scenic trails in the country to rent a bike and explore.
Nestles in the northeast of Singapore, this park/biking trail has something unique for all ages! Along with a stunning view of the Waterway, it has several paths and lanes to explore with your bike. Additionally, this waterway park also houses a Green Gallery, which is famous for natural terrain. Whether with family, friends or just by yourself, a ride across this trail will offer you some of the most scenic views.

2. Eastern Coastal Park Connector

Harboured near the East Coast, this park is a long stretch offering various kinds of sights to admire. From plane watching at Changi Airport to the lakeside, and even local restaurants, you’ll find anything and everything on your path here. This park especially bikes friendly with separate lanes for bicycles, which is ideal for children a swell.

3. Western Adventure Loop

The Western Adventure Loop is a special favourite of the young ones to explore the history of the country.
This adventure loop origins at Bukit Batok Nature Park and is nothing less than a natural wonder. With stunning lookout points from the cliff-like edges to hidden trails, it is history waiting to be explored. What’s more? The Western Adventure loop contains eight different parks offering all the exciting experiences in one go.

4. Bukit Timah MTB Trail

A healthy ecosystem and nature reserve in one, this trail is truly a delight for the nature lovers. An interesting fact about this place is that it boasts of more tree species than the entirety of North America! Usually experienced riders make their way here for the rocky roads and awe-worthy landscapes.

5. Track 15

Also known as the T15 is by far one of the most comfortable trails you can be on. It has fewer slopes and is an excellent place for beginners to sharpen their skills. Ride along a landscape where the skies meet the waters and take in all that nature has to offer!
A land of contrasts and diversity, Singapore will offer you the best of both. Whether on a day out with family or simply taking it solo, biking your way through the city is a guaranteed way to come closer to all it has to offer.

This post was published by Priya Thakur

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