Singapore Weather In May - Festival & Events

The summer season is on, and you wish to escape your tedious work life. But flee from here to where? Singapore? 'May'be? Oh yes!

The city that continually evolves, the city of great architecture, explorers, action seekers, foodies, and socialisers, Singapore is a place where new experiences take birth every day. And May, though being the hottest month here, is a great time to explore the island city-state. Below is everything you need to know about the weather of Singapore in May.

Singapore Weather in May

Singapore weather in May

Average Daily Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius
Highest Temperatures in May: 31 degrees Celcius (there's a slight chance of pre-monsoon showers in may)
Rainfall: 171 mm 

Being one of the months with the least amount of rainfall, May is considered to be a dry month in Singapore. The days are usually warm, and sometimes a little downpour brings a bit of relief from the heat. The sun shines brighter than in other months. The combination of rain, humidity, and scorching heat results in balmy weather. You can say it is pleasantly warm during May in Singapore. 

The weather is nice for travelling to Singapore in May. Singapore being a tropical nation, it observes frequent showers. Therefore, if you are lucky you might witness a few showers otherwise, it remains to be a great deal. Keep your sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses ready, and you are all set to walk on its streets.

Things to Do and Places to Visit in Singapore in May

Singapore is a tree with multi-cultural branches, and it won't be surprising if you witness some of them while you are here. As it is a boiling pot of many religions, celebrations are common all year round. In May, the country gives you a chance to witness a festival which is celebrated in serenity. Reflecting the giving gesture in humans, Vesak Day is the full moon day of the 4th lunar month. It is one of the most important festivals for Singapore's Buddhist Community.

Vesak Day

Vesak Day, Singapore's weather in May

Vesak Day commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha which is followed by his final nirvana. The Buddhist temples and monasteries are beautifully decorated with lights and flags. The shrines are adorned with fruits, flowers and other offerings. The celebrations though are closed hall but are open to the public as well. Fair of vegetarian food, singing hymns, and public talks are a few highlights of the same. The festival observes an act of generosity also known as 'dana' carried out by several Buddhist organisations and temples. The festival brings peace to your soul. It is quiet yet one of the most mesmerising festivals in Singapore.

International Arts Festival

Singapore International Arts Festival, Singapore's weather in MAy

Started by National Arts Council in the year 1977 as a local arts festival, to collect local arts from diversified communities in Singapore, the festival reached International heights in 1999 when Festival of Arts and Festival of Asian Performing Arts collaborated with each other to form an Annual International event. It is a great place to meet people with artistic instinct. You get to be around talented minds while you enjoy some bites and sips. The festival is a two-week long exhibition which starts in May and ends by June. Several Lectures, Group Discussions, Theatre acts and Screening, are a few highlights of this buzzing league. 

Hallyu Pop Festival

Hallyu Pop Festival

With the K-pop industry growing like wildfire, this could be the only chance for you to catch all your favourite k-pop icons in one place. The Hallyu Pop Festival happens on May 25th and 26th at the Singapore indoor stadium in Kallang. Names you can expect are Super Junior, Monsta X, Nu’est and Winner. Apart from music, you can treat yourself to South Korean beauty products and not forget, their iconic cuisine. 

Now that you know all about Singapore's weather in May, why don't you visit the place and make some great memories? Also, remember to keep a tap on the then prevailing weather conditions to avoid any havoc.

This post was published by Nidhi Khurana