Singapore In February - Weather, Events & Travel Tips!

Singapore is one of the most affluent, prosperous, tax-friendly countries boasting the busiest port in the world. Singapore is a melting pot of influences from India, Malaysia, China and Eurasia, making it a cosmopolitan country. It is also a perfect combination of what one would call contrasting features. The glitzy skyscrapers and malls with the gardens and historic districts, it truly is the perfect blend of all things nice. So if you plan to visit the city in February, just a little heads-up on how the weather in Singapore in February is like would be helpful in planning your trip. 

Weather in Singapore

Singapore Sunset, Singapore in February
Singapore is a tiny city-state that is located just south of the Malay Peninsula. It is an island that is located just one degree above the equator. Thus, it has a tropical and equatorial climate, as a result of which Singapore doesn't have any distinct seasons as such. The weather in Singapore is like anywhere else on a tropical island- warm and humid. Rains come suddenly, and the showers leave as fast as they came, seldom ever lasting more than an hour long. As a consequence of its location, Singapore never farces extreme weather and is usually always tolerable.

Weather in Singapore in February

Weather in Singapore in February, as mentioned earlier, is pretty much the same throughout the year with minor variations of two or three degrees depending on what time of the year it is. February is in the time just after the North-Eastern monsoon. As a result, it is much drier than the period preceding it. The weather is also relatively mildly windy in comparison to the rest of the year. The average temperature hovers between 24 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius and never goes under or over.

Is it a Good Idea to Visit Singapore in February?

Marina Barrage Singapore, Singapore in February
Given its consistent Singapore weather in February and also throughout the year and its location that is accessible from most parts of the world, Singapore always has an influx of tourists no matter what time of the year it is. However, February is a great time to visit since it is just after the holiday season around the world - also the peak tourist time for Singapore. The weather is also tolerable, making it a good time to visit the lion city.

Festivals and Events in February

1. Chinese New Year

Chinatown Decorations, Singapore in February
The Chinese New Year occurs every year in the weeks of late January to mid-February although celebrations go on much longer. Owing to the vast Chinese majority of Singapore, the Chinese New Year is arguably one of the biggest events and festivals of Singapore. New Year is based on the Lunar Calendar and is named after an animal each year cyclically. The entire festival stretches out for about at least half a month. The year's zodiac animal is emblazoned everywhere and, there is red tinsel, decorations, mandarin oranges and a festive spirit around town. The day of the new year itself is spent with family and friends as a result of which some shops and restaurants remain closed. The Chinese New Year is a great time to understand the part of Singapore that may often be overshadowed for a tourist by the glitzy malls, skyscrapers and the modernity that Singapore has. It shows the cultural and historic side of Singapore that makes it as unique as it is! One should head over to Chinatown to experience this festival best!

2. Chingay Parade

Chingay Parade, Singapore in February
The Chingay parade, in some sense, is a culmination of the festivities of the New Year. Held around 10 days after the day of the Lunar new year, it was originally started in around four decades ago to compensate for the ban of fireworks and crackers that are traditionally used to ward off evil spirits on the day of the new year. Although it is celebrated as an event in the Chinese new year, the event is representative of the multicultural spirit of Singapore. The parade has Indian, Malay, and Eurasian participants and influences bringing together the entire Singaporean community as one. Today the Chingay parade is one of the biggest street performances and float parades in all of Asia. With a lot of gaiety, energy and abuzz with events, the Chingay parade is a true representation of what Singapore is a perfect blend of the old and new apart from being a melting pot of four vividly different cultures.

3. Valentine's Day

Singapore Skyline, Singapore in February
Whats Singapore's weather in February like? Romantic of course! Celebrated the world over as the day of love, Singapore also has its own version of Valentine's Day. There are many events and parties that cater to the couples and lovebirds on the day. Right from offers on romantic meals to other events that can be done together as a couple. For a romantic yet memorable time: head over to the Harbourfront and hop aboard a cable car to Mount Faber for some splendid views and romantic times. Alternatively, go to the Marina Bay Sands Skypark's Observation deck on the 57th floor. From here you can catch the dazzling Singapore skyline along with your loved one. What better way to celebrate love than with panoramic views!

Travel Tips

  • Since Singapore is a tropical country it is best to bring light cotton clothes that are airy and leave you well ventilated. Also, bring caps or hats, and goggles while walking around Singapore as the locals do! Carry a bottle of water to keep yourself well hydrated. (Tip: Tap water in Singapore is safe for consumption!)
  • WARNING: Remember that consumption or possession of Narcotics in Singapore is punishable by death. Even if consumed before entry and found in the body the same sort of punishment is given.
  • Make sure you don't carry chewing gum as chewing gum is banned in Singapore although a small open pack is allowed sometimes.
  • Remember that laws in Singapore are taken very seriously and tourists aren't given any punishments that are less harsh. So, ensure you don't do anything illegal. To check ask any locals - they're always friendly and helpful! It isn't called "fine-city" without any reason after all!
So, whether you want to partake in the festivities of the Chinese new year, or celebrate the month of love, Thanks to Singapore's weather in February is the place to be! Happy travels!

This post was published by Abhijit Sreepada

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