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Best Beaches in Seychelles

A dramatic mountain backdrop with exotic beaches in front, doesn't it paint a fairytale image? I am sure, it does! Time to rejoice, as this isn't limited to your dream world because a place like this exists in reality. A tiny dot on the world map, Seychelles is that one destination which hits almost each one of our bucket lists. Attracting the newly-weds and of course the young beach lovers, it is a compilation of 115 islands lying in the East of Africa. This archipelago has gifted Seychelles with the world's most beautiful beaches, 70 of which lie on the most visited Mahe island. Getting confused in a place where there are so many beaches is obvious so here is a list of some fantastic beaches which you definitely should not miss. Here is a list of the best beaches in Seychelles.

Here is the list of 28 Best Beaches in Seychelles For Your Right Mood!

1. Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon
4.3 /5

The most touristy beach in Seychelles, Beau Vallon finds itself in Mahe. Surrounded by coral reefs and crystal clear water, the beach is famous for diving and snorkelling activities. Besides this, it is also known for some fantastic eateries. Beau Vallon is a complete package for an exciting day. Lying under the bright sun with coconut water in your hand, what more do you want? This beach is a must-must visit.

Highlights of the beach: In the foreign lands, the happiest moment for us Indians is our Indian Masaledaar food. Splurge upon some tasty dishes at this Indian Restaurant called "Mahek" which is situated on this coral strand.

Activities: Snorkelling, Diving, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Canoeing, and of course Swimming. For diving April-May and October-November are considered as the best months. Being under the sparkling blue waters, you can spot octopus, rays, innumerable fishes, reefs, giant groupers and what not.

2. Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio
4.5 /5

Fringing the coast is the golden sand which makes this beach an amazing place to be at. The water here is unbelievably clear. Moreover, the shade of Takama trees is a perfect place to relax in solitude. The magical beauty of this beach is enough to leave your mouth wide open. Unprotected by the coral reefs, it gives you a chance to see waves fighting with giant rocks on their way to reach the shore. Being a famous beach, it gets crowded within no time. Do not worry, crowded in Seychelles is entirely different from that in Miami. So, you would still find a place for yourself to sit or nap.

Highlights of the beach: If you can drag yourself up early in the morning, you will see the most beautiful sunrise at this beach. At this hour you will have the beach completely with yourself. At the end of the beach is an interesting bar named as Honesty Bar which has no waiter, waitresses or barmen. The customers serve themselves and then pay for what they had.

Activities: The beach has a designated swimming area made after keeping in mind the safety of visitors. Surrounded by a net, it keeps fishes and other marine creatures away from the people who swim. A lifeguard is always on duty. The water here gets deep even before you know. Hence, inexperienced swimmers and children are advised to stay in this designated area. The water which is clearer than a crystal is best suited for snorkelling.

3. Anse Major

Anse Major

People who are in search of heaven, your search is over, as this beach in Seychelles is a hidden gem. With beauty unmatchable to any description, Anse Major finds itself in Mahe. It is an isolated spot with fewer visitors hence, is an exemplary place for silence seekers. As the beach has a solitary existence, there are no food options available. You must pack some good food and drinks before you visit Anse Major.

Highlights of the beach: The place is known for an astonishing trekking trail through Morne Seychellois National Park.

Activities: Besides the vast granite options waits colourful coral and animal life yet to be explored. Diving at Anse Major is something you should not even think of missing. Apart from diving, the beach is an excellent spot for snorkelling and picnic.

4. Anse Forbans

Anse Forbans

Anse Forbans is yet another beach to make it to the list of secluded mesmerizing beaches of Seychelles. Located at the southeast coast of Mahe, the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, this beach offers enticing calm waters, perfect for families and children to have an eventful beach day without any worries. The offshore coral reef at Anse Forbans acts as a barrier towards the open ocean, ensuring shallow water reaching the bay. 

Highlights: From small guesthouses and hotels to large luxurious resorts, this beach has everything in stock. Check into any beachside stay, and enjoy the picturesque view of the sea from your bedroom, talk a morning walk or a refreshing dip in the ocean or melt into the soft sands and get that perfect tan! 

Activities: Due to its shallow waters, Anse Forbans provides the opportunity to indulge in activities like Bathing, snorkelling, and fishing. The steady stance of the sea is perfect for a mid-ocean dip, exploring the offshore coral reef. For snorkelling, the necessary equipment can be rented from nearby hotels like Hilton Allamanda Resort. 

5. Anse Volbert, Seychelles

Anse Volbert, Seychelles

Anse Volbert beach is the longest beach on Praslin Island of Seychelles. Also called Cote d'Or, Anse Volbert is easily the most popular beach among tourists. Its main beach faces Chauve Souris, the offshore islet. With scenic vistas that look like they belong in a postcard, Anse Volbert is a beach suited for all ages with waters that are safe for children.

Highlights:  You can get your adrenaline high with the many water sports or just relax on the soft sands under the shade of palm trees savouring scrumptious meals and drinks whipped up by the restaurants nearby. Truly the good life!

Activities: Visit the Praslin Museum, take a boat taxi, visit a spa or even engage in wild water sports!

6. Anse Source d'Argent

Anse Source d'Argent
3.8 /5

The National Geographic Channel has recognised this beach as the world's most photographed beach. The idiosyncratic pink rocks, glistening white sand and water in all shades of blue make this beach one of the most beautiful in the world. It is located on the West coast of La Digue Island. During high tide, it almost disappears into the sheet of waves and even gets densely crowded. For a perfect photo op, visit here in the late afternoon when the colours are sharper and intense. If you wish to spend time in serenity, try reaching here before 9:00 in the morning.

Highlights of the beach: It finds itself within the L'Union Estate. An entry fee of SCR 100 is applicable which entitles you to spend time at L'Union Estate's museum and coconut mills. The sad part is that you cannot stay here after five as the gates of the Estate get closed at this hour.

Activities: It is the right snorkelling spot. Marine life can be explored at its best. If lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of turtles swimming in its shallow waters.

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7. Anse Intendance

Anse Intendance
4.2 /5

A wild beach in Seychelles situated in the South of Mahe, Anse Intendance is powdered with white sands blending into the turquoise waters. The incredible beauty which it poses is ready to be clicked as a postcard image. No wonder why people visiting here cannot stop praising it.

Highlights of the Beach: A remote yet one of the most mesmerising beaches, it is only populated with a single exclusive resort- the Banyan Tree. The resort offers a small bar with to the visitors of the beach. It is also home to cute little turtles. The turtle season starts in October when the first turtle comes here to lay its eggs and end in February when the last egg hatches

Activities: With waves hitting the granite boulders fiercely, it is an ideal beach for the ones who wish to body-surf. The current is strong enough to throw you away, hence if you are not a perfect swimmer, do not dive into the waters of this beach. The best time to visit here is in December when the weather is pleasant.

8. Grande Anse Beach, Seychelles

Grande Anse Beach, Seychelles

When you get tired of normal routine life, take a flight to Seychelles and drive to Grand Anse in Mahe. This beach isn't just a sandy bay, but an ultimate destination for both solo escapists and couples looking for some romantic hideouts. The beach has spectacular views and thus, is perfect for taking long walks along the shoreline. However, if you are looking for swimming here, this place may disappoint you due to its strong undertow. Nature has bestowed this place with jaw-dropping beauty. 

Highlights: Grand Anse is one of the longest beaches located on Mahe Island. The turquoise, clear and gorgeous ocean along with the excellent clean sand makes it a favourite destination for recreation.

Activities: Diving, boating, island tours, this peaceful beach will NOT disappoint.

9. Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette

With neither the corals nor the rocks in its bay, this beach is purely a sandy one. The absence of both has given its waters the most stunning bright colour. Located behind Constance Lemuria Resort and Mont Plaisir in Praslin, Anse Georgette is a small and secluded beach. Its remote location makes it one of the most peaceful beaches in Seychelles.

Highlights of the beach: The beach is perfect for romantic dates and wedding photography. The incredible scenery here is a mix of turquoise waters and white sand which many beaches in the world claim to have but fail to deliver.

Activities: The untouched beach is best for body surfing and snorkelling. The resort also offers snorkelling equipment to its guests for a better experience. The current might get strong with a blink of an eye, hence it is essential to be careful while you are in the water.

10. Anse Severe

Anse Severe

Situated in the north of La Digue, this beach in Seychelles faces Parslin which is the second largest island of Seychelles. The calm and shallow waters of this beach welcome you with its open arms. A small snack shop, a boutique, and a bar make sure to provide enough facilities during your visit to the beach. Bathed in a small lagoon, Anse Severe is a quiet beach.

Highlights of the beach: The beach offers you a captivating sunset. While the sun bids goodbye for the day, the sky lights up spectacularly giving you a chance to witness the most alluring sunset.

Activities: As the beach has shallow waters, it is protected from the oceanic currents. Therefore, best for snorkelling, children, and untrained swimmers.

11. Île Cachée

Île Cachée

Meaning the "Hidden Island" in English, Île Cachée is concealed within the thick vegetation of Cerf Island. Away from the bustling city, the beach allows you to live in solitude at least for a few hours. With very less population, you can be yourself solely at the beach. Also, the not so deep waters here offer a decorative underwater scenery.

Highlights of the beach: According to some legend, there is plenty of pirates' treasures. So keep your eyes open, you might knock into some.

Activities: The waters here at this beach in Seychelles are perfect for snorkelling and swimming. Moreover, the place is ideal for a relaxing nap.

12. Anse Cocos

Anse Cocos

A photographer's dream, the beach is located in La Digue. It has the best of everything that the archipelago of more than hundred islands has to offer- luxurious powdered white sand with streaks of beautiful golden, ample of shade thanks to tall palms that sway around the coastline and glistening water in shades of blue and sometimes green. There are times when the beach has not even ten people. As it takes a little effort to reach here, the place is consumed with quietness.

Highlights of the beach: The beach was among one of the earliest settlements in La Digue where copra was produced in a large amount. Off the beach, you would still find ruins of abandoned buildings and remains of Kiln which was used to dry coconuts.

Activities: Children and non-swimmers feel lucky as the beach has a natural collection of pools. Splashing into waters just got easy. Swim, Swim and Swim all the way in the majestic waters of Anse Cocos!

13. Anse L'Ilot

Anse  L'Ilot

The yet to be known treasure of northwest Seychelles, Anse L'llot is a homie of Mahe. It is difficult to spot it from the road which is a reason for its pleasant and tranquil environment. Owing to its secluded nature, it is serene and peaceful. It is perfect for honeymooners and other couples too. The beauty of this beach won't disappoint you. A web of palm trees standing straight upon the golden sand, overlooking the glittering water, crazily hypnotises you. If you are lucky enough to find it, then it's a Win-Win!

Highlights of the beach: This beach in Seychelles becomes no-beach but submission to the Indian Ocean during the high tides. It submerges into the ocean leaving behind no traits of a beach. Hence, pay a visit when tides are extremely low.

Activities: The water here is neither too deep nor too shallow. It is ideal for swimmers and snorkelers. There is a sharp drop off after 50m from the shore hence parents' supervision upon their children is crucial. For witnessing the place at its best you must visit here between June and September when the tide is low, and the beach is mostly visible.

14. Anse Soleil

Anse Soleil

Surrounded by the chain of coconuts, almond, and pine trees, Anse Soleil is pure bliss found in Mahe. The foliage gives ample of shade for lying and relaxing under the sun. The beauty of this beach sticks to the trademark beauty which Seychelles is known to have. With a perfect blend of finely powdered sand and greenish blue waters, it is an ideal family spot. The beach lies near many accommodations hence finds itself full of locals and travellers. Despite being jam-packed, it gives space to each one of its visitors.

Highlights of the beach: Visit here during the high tide as it looks extraordinarily unique with a rise in the level of water. The sand is believed to appear more shiny and gorgeous.

Activities: Swimming, Surfing, Snorkelling- do it all at Anse Soleil. Be cautious while swimming during the high tide as the waters gets intensely deep. The people who are new swimmers and children are advised to stay away from the waters during this hour of the day as there is a drop off not very far from the shore. The beach even has some shops and restaurants nearby where you can head to after a soothing dip.

15. Anse Gouvernement

Anse Gouvernement

This beach in Seychelles with sailboats dotting its water is an excellent charmer. Engulfing calmness and serenity, Anse Gouvernement is more of a private beach in the north of Praslin. Not many people know about it. Usually, the guests staying at the Hotel l'Archipel are seen splashing into its waters. With shallow waters and small waves, the beach creates a mystical environment.

Highlights of the beach: The sunsets here are divine with wonderful views of Cote d'Or, the islands of Chauve Souris and St.Pierre. Photographers would be delighted to spend some time clicking pictures with exotic beauty.

Activities: As the beach is at a remote location, not many people pay a visit. Hence, its waters are left untouched. Swimming in this clear water is indeed rejuvenating. The water is even ideal for fishing, kayaking and snorkelling activities. You can rent the equipment for both very easily. The sand is relaxing enough to let you have a peaceful nap under the palms.

16. Baie Lazare

Baie Lazare

A complete package of soft golden-white sand, breathtaking ocean waters, and massive granite formations, Baie Lazare creates a stunning beach environment in Mahe. Struck by beautiful colours of nature this beach is excellent for having great profile pictures.

Highlights of the beach: A crescent-shaped bay in the laps of Mahe, Baie Lazare owes its name to a French explorer Lazare Picault who landed here in 1742 to claim the island for France. The beach is even believed to have pirates' treasure which was excavated by the locals. You can find it in the Seychelles national museum now.

Activities: It is best suited for windsurfing. Swimming and snorkelling are other activities that could be done too. The waters not being too deep are ready for new swimmers also.

17. Anse La Blague

Anse La Blague

After the rather challenging route, one is almost rewarded the moment they reach the Anse La Blague beach. Secluded and well-hidden along with turquoise waters and white pristine sandy beaches, it makes for an amazing and peaceful getaway. With lovely views of the surrounding islands, the beach has calm waters.

Highlights: The beach may be hard to reach but is one of the most pristine beaches in Seychelles

Activities: Go snorkelling and take a swim on the beach's blue warm waters.

18. Anse Consolation

Anse Consolation

A unique beach where the water is too shallow even to bathe in, the Anse Consolation comprises rock formations, shallow pools, and sand. As a result, the beach has a unique aesthetic that is perfect for your next social media post. 

Highlights: Uncrowded and serene, you can relax on the warm sand of the beach.

Activities: Enjoy fantastic views of the beach

19. Anse Patates

Anse Patates

Having rock formations and the occasional Dolphins swim by it, the Anse Patate is one of the prettiest beaches of the island of La Digue. Not very crowded and popular, it offers great spots for one to relax. The beach, thus, makes for amazing photos apart from the careful dip in the water that one can take!

Highlights: Uncrowded and serene, you can relax on the warm sand of the beach.

Activities: Best beach in Seychelles for snorkelling

20. Anse Port Launay

Anse Port Launay

Although not too popular in comparison to some other beaches, Anse Port Launay is a scenic and mesmerising site. With stunning and contrasting differences during high tide and low tide, the beach has a lot to offer like walking to an islet that is completely submerged during low tide and only accessible during low tide. 

Highlights: Being well connected and with lovely views, it definitely deserves a place on your itinerary.

Activities: Adventure activities

21. Anse Louis

Anse Louis

Close to the famous Maia resort that overlooks the bay, Anse Louis beach in Seychelles is a beautiful beach located on the west coast of the island of Mahe. An added bonus is that it is easily accessible!

Highlight: High waves making it suitable for surfing apart from perfect romantic strolls during sunset.

Activities: Takamaka Rum Distillery, visit the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

22. Anse Marie-Louise

Anse Marie-Louise

A peaceful beach that is a well-kept secret with not too many people around, the Anse Marie-Louise is peaceful and tranquil allowing you to relax and cool down. While doing so, you can soak up the splendid views around or go swimming or snorkelling in the waters. Calm and gentle, this beach makes for a perfect session of relaxation.

Highlight: Calm and peaceful for a quiet day at the beach.

Activities: Snorkelling

23. Takamaka Bay

Takamaka Bay

The Takamaka bay tour includes visiting the famous distillery located here. With a tour that takes up about half an hour to three-quarters of an hour, you can learn the history of the distillery, the process of making the famous Takamaka rum. In the end, you can taste and purchase the beverage from here.

Highlight: High waves making it suitable for surfing apart from perfect romantic strolls during sunset.

Activities: Takamaka Rum Distillery, visit the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

24. Petite Anse

Petite Anse

Warm sands, azure beaches, clear waters and not too crowded, sounds unreal right? All these adjectives perfectly describe the Petite Anse beach. A beautiful beach in Seychelles near the Four Seasons Hotel, the Petite Anse offers pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. It also has mesmerising views leaving one in awe of the beauty!

Highlight: Although it isn't safe for you to swim in the waters here, you can kick back and relax under the shade of the many trees or play on the soft sand of the beach enjoying the good life!

Activities: Go fishing, snorkelling

25. Anse Marron

Anse Marron

Anse Marron is a unique beach in the southern part of La Digue island in Seychelles. Well known for its remoteness, the beach is a hidden gem that tends to fascinate anyone and everyone who steps foot here. A charming white sand beach, giant boulder formations, dense verdant vegetation and a sense of tranquillity that is hell-bent on rejuvenating your soul, Anse Marron is stunning. Once you step out of the hiking trail that leads through verdant forests to the beach, clear blue skies open up the horizon, and the brisk sea breeze embraces you in a swift refreshing manner. Since the beach is secluded and far from any settlement (nearest one is around 2 kilometres away at Grand Anse), you can expect to enjoy a calm day-off from the hubbub of daily life.

Highlight: The golden white sand of the beach is winged by lush green vegetation on one side and pristine turquoise blue waters on the other.

Activities: Go on a boat tour

26. Anse Kerlan, Praslin

Anse Kerlan, Praslin

With deep waters and high waves, Anse Kerlan, residing in the north-west coast of Praslin, is unlike any other beach you’ll find in Seychelles. This one-of-a-kind beach in Seychelles is a coastline consisting of beauteous small stretches of land, separated by artificially laid out rocks acting as breakwaters. These rocks provide a sense of uniqueness to the regular beauty of the beach, which in itself is mesmerizing considering the excellent views of Cousin and Cousine Islands and the breath-taking sunsets!

Highlights: Uprooted trees and the artificial breakwater rocks contrasting with the shining sand and blue waves paves the way to create a dramatically beautiful setting, perfect for some aesthetic and elegant photographs.

Activities: Even though the waters here are considerably deep with strong currents, activities like Swimming, Snorkeling, and Windsurfing can very well be enjoyed. The beautiful offshore coral reefs are worth taking a dip for!

27. Anse Aux Poules Bleues, Mahe

Anse Aux Poules Bleues, Mahe

If you’re the kind of person who likes to explore the Road Not Taken, then you’ll find the beach Anse Aux Poules Bleues at the end of that road in Seychelles. A small stretch of sand in the south-west of Mahe obscured amidst famous beaches like Anse Soleil; this solitary land is only visible during low tides. Dipped in tranquillity, secluded from all the crowd, Anse Aux Poules Bleues is perfect for a day rendezvous. 

Highlights: The secludedness of the beach. There’s a beautiful art studio called Michael Adams Art Studio nearby as well, which make this sequestered land a perfect pit spot for all the art lovers as well as solace seekers.

Activities: Anse Aux Poules Bleues proves to be an excellent spot for surfing, with no crowd and ideal waves, though its best to keep an eye out for some hidden rocks. The water here is generally a little muddy, but it’s still good for a quick swim.

28. Anse St. Sauveur, Praslin

Anse St. Sauveur, Praslin

If you’re looking for a small, cosy beach to relax and have a good time, this is where you want to be. Under the shade of a thousand palm leaves, feet buried in warm white sands, and calm waves touching your pinkies now and then, yep that’s all that this beautiful beach is about!

A small stretch of seashore lined with beautiful, tall coconut palm trees hanging over the sand makes Anse St. Sauveur a land of tranquillity and solace. Located in the south of Praslin, the second-largest island in Seychelles, this beach offers calm and shallow waters, perfect for a soothing beach day under the cool shade and a relaxing swim in the blue ocean. 

Highlights: Its alluring views. Anse St. Sauveur is a picture-perfect beach, isolated and calm with unbounded beauty, making it a dream location for every Instagram feed and photographers out there. 

Activities: Due to its calm and steady waters, this beach is ideal for activities like swimming, snorkelling, and even fishing. There are small shops nearby where fishing equipment can be easily rented, and you can make a day out of it.

Blue skies with lush green trees and sandy beaches beneath, Seychelles introduces nature to you in its best form. In fact, the waterscape here rivals any beach you could ever imagine. The gorgeous bright sand contrast the soothing blues of the ocean. The place which is not less than heaven needs to be visited at least once in your lifetime. So, add this list of beaches in Seychelles to your bucket list for an adventure of a lifetime!

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