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Anse Lazio, Seychelles Overview

Anse Lazio is situated at the northwestern part of Praslin Island, which is 44 km from Mahe – the entry point of choice while travelling to Seychelles. The beach measures only 600 meters in length and 25 meters in breadth. The turquoise sea, soft white sands, boulder-strewn areas and the backdrop of lush green tropical trees combine beautifully to present a picturesque setting for the numerous daily visitors to Anse Lazio beach. Restaurants and shops are available at both ends of the beach. The area starts to become crowded slowly as the sun climbs, so try to reach Anse Lazio by 9 AM or earlier to experience it in relative solitude.

Activities at Anse Lazio

1. Snorkelling

The crystal blue waters of the surrounding Indian Ocean are clear enough for a great snorkelling experience. Look for charters offering some tasty barbeques along with refreshing swims in the warm wat (Read More)ers and enjoying the spectacular underwater vistas. Also, there are secluded coves and pockets in the sea around Anse Lazio beach where you can see unique flora and fauna of the ocean in their glory.

2. Deep-Sea Fishing

For those looking for day-long travel on the seas, deep-sea fishing is a great way to combine sports and sightseeing. Charter a boat for going far into the sea and enjoy the sun in solitude while enga (Read More)ging in sport fishing. Enjoy the surrounding seascapes and finish your tour with a scintillating sunset-at-sea view from your boat.

3. Sunbathing

The temperatures at Anse Lazio tend to remain almost constant throughout the year, and the sunshine is ideal for tanning your skin. Spending a day sunbathing at this beach is another rewarding experie (Read More)nce.

4. Photography

Anse Lazio is one of the most photogenic beaches in the world, as per many professionals who have visited there for picturesque shots through their lenses. For the tourists, the combination of granite (Read More) boulders, forested green backdrop, crystal blue sea and powdery white sands provide many memories for fond reminiscence later. There are many areas within the beach itself that are ideal for holiday photography.

5. Best time to visit

Best time to visit
January, February and May are the three busiest months of the year at Anse Lazio and Praslin Island in general. The year starts with the summer season till March then continues into the fall from Apri (Read More)l onwards. For tourists looking to enjoy warm and sunny days with some rainfall, January and February are the ideal months for planning a visit to Anse Lazio.

Temperatures are almost constant throughout the year with average values between 29 to 32 degrees. The month of May experiences somewhat higher temperatures and lesser humidity, making it another favourite time of the year to visit Anse Lazio. Rains are also common all throughout the year with mild variations in wind intensities as per seasonal and regional effects.

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How To Reach Anse Lazio

Tourists will be comfortable with flying to Praslin Island Airport from Mahe, or you can take one of the high-speed boat services that connect the main islands in Seychelles. The picturesque ride on the turboprop plane to Praslin takes about 15 minutes, whereas you will get there in 50 minutes or more while travelling through sea.

Praslin Island has a pretty efficient bus service that can take you to Anse Lazio, even though the bus stop is somewhat removed from the actual beach. But you will enjoy the walk through green tropical trees and vegetation and may see the famous Coco-De-Mer tree, an endemic palm species that bears the largest seeds and flowers among its species in the world.

Alternatively, you can hire a taxi or rent a car for the day; there are three parking spots available near Anse Lazio.
Bicycling through the hilly green trails to reach Anse Lazio is another fun way to travel while taking your time to appreciate the surrounding nature’s beauty.

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