Wedding in Seychelles: Top 10 Resorts To Get Married!

"When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
Walking down the aisle in a flowing white gown, a bouquet of aesthetic tropical flowers in your hand, barefoot on white powdered sand, with the turquoise coloured waves lapping against the shore and then saying "I do" to him. Is that how dreamy you envisage your wedding will be? A nod to this means that it's Seychelles you are looking for.

Lost in the waters of Indians Ocean, comprising of about 115 islands, is the archipelago of Seychelles. The bewitching charm of the white sand beaches overlooking the crystal clear waters of the ocean makes sure that romance blossoms naturally in this fairyland. You can plan a luxurious wedding on any of the islands as each one offers something novel. And with the exclusive packages that some of the most reputed resorts have, a destination wedding in Seychelles is what will make your special day perfect and an unforgettable one.

A glance at the top resorts and the wedding packages they offer.

1. JA Enchanted Island Resort

Floral Archway, Wedding resorts in Seychelles

Ratings: 4.5/5
Estimated cost: SCR 33215

Rated as the resort par excellence for a perfect romantic getaway, the Enchanted Island Resort has 10 rustic French-colonial styled private villas enclosed by unspoiled flora and fauna of the Sainte Anne National Marine Park. The location of this resort is what gives it an edge over others. The Enchanted Island Resort is located on a private island off the coast of Mahé. The drive from Seychelles International airport to the coast is about 10 minutes and takes around 15 minutes more to reach the luxury resort via motorboat transfer.

The island setting of this retreat provides an immaculate location to exchange your vows. No stone is left unturned to ensure that you get the best wedding memories. A designated wedding coordinator is there to assist you with all the plannings and pay attention to each intricate detail. If you wish to make your wedding a private affair, witnesses are provided too. Upon their arrival, the bride and the groom are welcomed with delicacies and a bottle of champagne followed by a 50-minute relaxing massage. Explicitly decorated bouquet and boutonnière designed for the bride and the groom.

For the venue of the ceremony, a bewitching spot just overlooking the ocean is chosen and set. A celebratory wedding cake a la mode along with explicitly decorated bouquet and boutonnière is presented as well. And even after the ceremony is over, the pampering doesn't end. The newlyweds are guided into their private villa where an exclusive turndown service awaits them. In a nutshell, a stay here is everything a couple could have imagined.

2. Four Seasons Resort

Beachside Dinner, Wedding resorts in seychelles

Ratings: 4.7/5
Estimated cost: SCR 26132 (subject to 26.5% taxes and services charge)

Set on the undisturbed Eden Island in the bay of Petit Anse is the spectacular Four Seasons Resort of Seychelles. Being enclosed by the wilderness of the forests on a granite hill makes this retreat one of the most sought-after resort by couples. It offers four luxury villas to choose from- Serenity, Hilltop Ocean view, Ocean view, and Garden view- all facilitated to give you the best holiday experience. Being 19 km away from the Seychelles International Airport, the resort arrives after a 35-minute drive. From the capital, Victoria, its distance is about 26 km.

Wedding planners at Four Seasons have carefully designed the 'Simply Bliss' package to provide you with the ultimate beach wedding (but in case you desire to hold it indoors on the resort premises, you just need to inform in advance, and all needs will be taken care of). From the entrance of the avenue to the bouquet and boutonnière, everything is adorned using fresh tropical frangipanis. Comfort and pleasure of the newly married are of utmost importance and hence, a plethora of services like exotic floral bath, dinner under the starlit sky on the beach, welcome deluxe fruit platter and champagne, are provided. Due to highly unpredictable tropical rains of Seychelles, the planners are ready with equally impressive alternate arrangements not to let the weather spoil the mood.  

"Love Grows Beautiful Things"

3. Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort and Spa

Beachside ceremony, Wedding resorts in seychelles

Ratings: 4.6/5
Estimated cost: SCR 36283

Romantically set on the white sandy beaches of the famous Silhouette Islands is the retreat of Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort. The lush green surroundings encompassed by the clear waters of the Beau Vallon Bay and glittering mountains promise an enchanting venue for your destination wedding. With an expert wedding coordinator by your side, you'll feel assured that even the smallest possible arrangements are being looked after with care. The resort has many opulent colonial inspired villas lined along the coast of the bay and surrounded by the woods of a national park. Activities for the newlyweds, like diving at the eco-concept 5-star diving centre and special spa packages at the award-winning Silhouette Spa, have been incorporated to give you the best stay at the islands.

The 16 km route takes a 30-minute drive from the Mahe airport to reach the resort. It is a 4-minute walk from La Passe town centre and 1 km from Pointe Vearreur.

With four tempting packages to choose from, the wedding planners at Hilton Resort give you the freedom to customize your wedding in the style that makes your hearts beat in unison cause we know that even the small intricate details matter. Named after the four elements of nature, each package reflects the various essence of love and life, promising you a unique experience that gets engraved in your memories forever. To focus their complete attention on making your day perfect, only one wedding is conducted per day per property. The ceremony is carried by a registrar and is legally recognized.

The Earth Package: Symbolizing the true essence of compassion, bliss and happiness of love is the Earth wedding package. It celebrates the unconditional love between two people and the selfless bond that they share. The romantic beachside setting of this package gives a dreamy feel to your ceremony.

The Fire Package: To reignite the spark within your bond and renew the romance, the Fire package attributes passion and promises to make you fall in love again. Renew your vows in the mystic setting on the beach and feel the atmosphere revive the chemistry.

The Water Package: Love is inevitable. It is the care that our soul seeks of, and it is the bond that rejuvenates our inner being. It is like water to our body, a necessity for happiness. Hence, the water package was designed keeping in mind the value of soul mate in a person's life. Every possible preparation is made to ensure that you feel closer to your loved ones.

The Air Package: To manifest the free spirit of the bond of love is what this package aims at. Like a bird cannot be caged, your desires are not restricted. Feel free to make additions as per your heart's say and best possible arrangements will be made to fulfil the wishes of you and your beloved.

Focusing on pampering both the bride and groom is what the team believes is essential to bring out their best on their wedding day. Here are the details of what is in store for the bride and groom to be.

For Her: The dedicated wedding concierge team provides a truly tailored service. From the hair to the makeup to the dress, they make sure that everything is in vogue.
For Him: Relaxing with the spa treatments specially designed for the groom and arranging a session where you can create your own signature cocktail.
For Them: Experience diving in an unparalleled way with the sole National Geographic Dive Centre of Seychelles. Go snorkelling, dive into the deep waters, and boating in the crystal clear ocean.

4. Constance Lemuria Resort

Ceremony, Wedding resorts in Seychelles
Ratings: 4.7/5
Estimated cost: Starting from SCR 23748 (Depends upon the package chosen)
Get ready to be greeted by the expanse of the white powdered sandy beaches of Anse Georgette and sea turtles swarming on the sand unbothered. In the midst of tall woods and preserved wildlife lies the modern resort of Constance Lemuria. The setting in the heart of three white beaches provides an excellent venue for a fancy wedding. Along with this are the exotic accommodations of private suites and villas equipped with first-class amenities designed for your comfort. Pass away the time by playing on the sole 18-hole golf course on Seychelles. A stay at this resort will bring you closer to nature but in a modern style.

Wedding at Constance Lemuria provides you with the option of three exclusive wedding packages to select from depending on your interests and finances. A committed concierge team will plan all the details. From selecting the perfect backdrop to decking up the pathway with exotic floral petals, from the lavish bouquet to French champagne and Canapés post-ceremony, from special gigs by noted musicians and sega dance groups to keep your audience enthralled to candlelit floral baths and massages to keep you refreshed; they have got all covered. Making a lifetime of memories is now just a booking away.

5. Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare

Kempinski Seychelles, Wedding resorts in seychelles

Ratings: 4.5/5
Estimated cost: SCR 31409

The romantic haven of Kempinski Resort lies on the shores of beaches lined with lush coconut and palm trees. When the aqua blue tides lap against the white powder shore, the scenery will appear like a landscape right out of a picture. The resort has its own helipad and verdant tropical gardens. Hangout at the diving spots and UNESCO world heritage sites close to the retreat and have the perfect adventure-packed holiday.

The resort is situated in the south of Mahe and can be reached from the Seychelles International Airport via a car or a taxi in just 30 minutes roughly costing you around SCR 800. The capital, Victoria, is close to the retreat and all the major city attractions can be accessed very easily. Planning a wedding in this sunny land is going to be one of the best decisions and will turn out to be an experience of a lifetime. To make your wedding experience one of a kind, the wedding coordinators at Kempinski Seychelles Resort provide a range of three exceptional packages -Hibiscus, Coco de Mer and Baie Lazare- to choose from, offering you joy, happiness and beautiful start to your new journey.

Exchanging Vows on the beachside, candlelight dinner under the starry skies, snorkelling in the crystal blue waters. There is nothing more a person can ask for.  So for the romantic at hearts, this hotel will be an ideal treat.

6. Banyan Tree Seychelles

Beachside wedding, Wedding resorts in seychelles
Ratings: 4.7/5
Estimated cost: SCR 40796
Nested in the heart of the crystal waters of Intendance Bay lies the romantic haven of Banyan Tree. It has 60 elite Creole-style villas each facilitated with uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape and a private pool. Find some of the most uncommon species of flora and fauna including the jellyfish tree, hawksbill turtle and black parrot.


7. Coco de Mer Hotel and Black Parrot Suites

Coco de mer resort, Wedding resorts in seychelles
Ratings: 4.4/5
Estimated cost: SCR 28160
This tropical paradise is situated close to Anse Bois de Rose beach on the island of Praslin and can be reached by taxi or car after a 15-minute flight to Praslin Island airport.

Providing excellent views of nearby islands of Silhouette, Mahe, Recif and Frégate, the hotel even organizes a tour to Anse Lazio beach about three times a week. Bathing in the sun on the white powdered beach, one can feast their eyes by watching the sea turtles come ashore and lay their eggs or by feeding the fishes on the Fisherman's Wharf.

You can choose from three exquisite themes.

Traditional: Decorations are done using fresh frangipani flowers while the rings are presented on a heart shaped cushion
Tropical: Tropical flowers are adorned on banana leaves while the rings are presented in a coconut filled with petals
Ocean: White flowers and seashells are ornamented on a beautiful organza while the rings are presented in a clamshell on a bed of sea sand.

8. Denis Private Island

Denis Private Island, Wedding resorts in Seychelles

Ratings: 4.5/5
Estimated cost: SCR 17870

Play in the cold waters of Indian Ocean or bask lazily in the sun, take your binoculars and go bird watching or go snorkel in the depths of the turtle sanctuaries; a stay here will give you the true sense of island life. Feel yourself immersed in the purity of nature at the private island of Denis. The resort is reached by a domestic flight from Mahe Airport to Denis Island Airport that takes about 30 minutes. The accommodations here range from 25 modern villas to rustic cottages. Romance sweeps in when you watch the tropical sunsets and have candlelight dinners beneath the stars. Exotic spa treatments amidst the lush casuarina trees and gentle chirping of endemic birds will surely de-stress you after which you can head off to explore the enigmatic jungles of the island. There is no wifi but you'll find some of the best connections.

9. The H Resort, Beau Vallon Beach

H Resort Seychelles, Wedding resorts in seychelles
Ratings: 4.7/5
Estimated cost: SCR 24370
On the expanse of silvery white sand of Beau Vallon beach lies the ravishing H Resort. Beau Vallon is an epitome of scenic beauty and vibrancy. Verdant forests and extrinsic tropical flowers combine to form the beauty of the picturesque landscape surrounding the resort. The gentle waters prove favourable for countless water activities. Scuba diving or snorkelling in those waters will feast your eyes to the colossal coral reefs underneath the crystal blue water. Romantics at heart will be awed by the mesmerizing sunsets and the beachfront retreats. So basically, it has all the reasons to be called the best location for a destination wedding.

It can easily be reached from the Mahe International Airport in about half an hour. The capital Victoria is also a few kilometres away and is ideal for local shopping, after which you can head off to Cerf Island via a boat. Tourists also enjoy taking a boat trip to the islands of Anse Major and Baie Ternay. The nightlife here is equally peppy with a number of nightclubs, bars and lounges to go to and relish the Creole delicacies.

10. Paradise Sun

Paradise Sun Seychelles, Wedding resorts in Seychelles
Ratings: 4.7/5
Estimated cost: SCR 15344

And located on the north-west coast of this beach is the famous Paradise Sun Hotel. Attesting to its name, the intimate atmosphere of this hotel has always promised magical starts for new journeys. It takes around 40 minutes to reach the resort after a domestic flight from Mahe to Praslin and then driving up to the hotel by a car.

French-Creole styled luxury villas with lovely views of the ocean give the most comfortable stays. The resort offers free wedding packages to couples staying more than six nights. Outlined by large granite boulders, the beach stretches to 2.5 km and has only a handful of shops and cafes making it vacant, providing an idle set up for an intimate ceremony. A designated coordinator appointed by the hotel helps with making all the arrangements. Celebratory wedding cake and a sparkling bottle of champagne for the toast are handed over during the ceremony.

Documents Required For Getting Married In Seychelles

  • Original or certified copies of Birth certificates of both future spouses
  • Valid passport copies of both
  • In case of a previous marriage of either of the companion, the original divorce certificate has to be provided as well.
  • In case of a deceased spouse, original death certificate and original previous marriage certificate has to be provided as well.
  • In case of a name change, a proof of it using a letter duly signed by a public notary is required.
  • If either party is under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied by a parent and have legal permission of a parent or a local guardian.

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