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Anse Cocos, Seychelles Overview

The 'C' shaped beach of Anse Cocos is nothing less than a heavenly sight. Situated on the easternmost fringes of La Digue island - the third largest in Seychelles archipelago, Anse Cocos is definitely one of the most beautiful secluded beaches one can visit. Incredible golden-white sand promenades, unfiltered crystal clear waters, turquoise hues of the Indian Ocean, and spectacular bay spots to unwind without the intervention of a single soul, Anse Cocos is the dream destination for beach lovers. The fact that one can reach this beach only after an arduous hike through the lush tropical vegetation of the seaside forests makes it an effort that is very well rewarded. The beach tends to unfold itself as something out of a heavenly dream. Anse Cocos has etched itself as a place of significant scenic and romantic interest among travellers and honeymooners.

More About Anse Cocos

Anse Cocos Seychelles

Anse Cocos spreads over an area of approximately half a kilometre, and it certainly paints a pretty image. The beach area is long and wide, rendering it spacious, regardless of the tourist traffic around the place which usually tends to be none. Anse Cocos is one of the lesser accessible beaches on the island, which is the reason for its unequalled idyllic setting. It is shaped like letter 'C' and is dotted with dramatic boulders, striking cerulean waters, lovely golden sands adorning the coastline, and verdant forest cover on the other side.

The beach is undoubtedly unrivalled when it comes to natural beauty. Large groves of palm trees make up most of the lush green landscapes, but Anse Cocos is a fairly small beach with minimal vegetation. The beach provides a secluded getaway and a sense of solitude to anyone who is blessed enough to experience its tranquillity. Spectacular orange-red sunsets are an occurrence that should definitely not be missed when at Anse Cocos. A vivid colour palette blossoms every hour of the day - sometimes emerald blue on sunny summer days, pale blue during sunrise or a crimson touch during sunset, here, at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The water currents near Anse Cocos are unpredictable, and hence it is not advisable to wade far off into the waters. However, you can certainly swim at the far side of the beach, where shallow pools are a natural occurrence. These protected pools are sheltered by huge granite boulders.

Activities at Anse Cocos

Anse Cocos Seychelles

You can spend a full day at Anse Cocos and when you are here, every hour feels like a second. Laze around, go for a dip, have a drink by the beach or spend your time reading a book. The secluded beach is also a paradise for people looking to test out their photography skills. Anse Cocos was one of the first settlements on La Digue. You can still spot some of the abandoned buildings here, which are the remnants of a former village. The locals were well known to produce Copra - dried coconut kernels from which oil is extracted. The beach environment presents itself with vivid colours that charm you and makes you never want to close your eyes. Anse Cocos is a fantastic getaway, to say the least.


  • Prepare yourself for the hike with enough water bottles to keep you hydrated. The sultry climate here tends to dehydrate you.
  • Do not venture too deep out in the open water as the currents can rapidly change pace and the water is usually deep.
  • If unsure about how to get here, contact guides or local people who are willing to help.
  • There are no facilities here, so carry whatever is necessary for your stay.
  • Be mindful of leaving as early as possible before it gets dark.

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