Seychelles' Weather In August Decoded!

Seychelles is fast emerging as a favourite vacation spot for tourists all over the world. Its wonderful equable climate acts as a catalyst to attract visitors apart from the endless natural beauty that the island nation is bestowed with.

Lying in the tropical climatic zone and with the Indian Ocean surrounding all its sides, Seychelles has balmy weather throughout the year with hardly any extremes of temperature. The maximum temperature lies within 31 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature seldom drops below 23 degrees Celsius in the entire year. The climate remains humid, but it does not make you feel uncomfortable due to the cool ocean breeze and the occasional rain showers spread all year round.
seychelles weather in august

Planning a trip to Seychelles in August? Here's a guide on how the weather is normally like in August in Seychelles to help you.

Weather in August

August is one of the driest and coldest months of the year in Seychelles making it ideal for vacation. The daily mean temperature in August lies around 26 degree Celsius with 97mm of average rainfall and 79% of average relative humidity and 8 hours of sunshine per day on an average. It is also the windiest month as trade winds from the south-east blow during this time causing wind speeds of around 13mph. Sea temperatures lie approximately 28 degrees Celsius.

Advisable places to visit in August

If you are going in August, the following are some of the areas that you can go to.

1. Beau Vallon

If you are in North Mahe, Beau Vallon district will be a great place due to the presence of the very popular Beau Vallon beach, coral reefs, various centres providing scuba and snorkelling opportunities and also the presence of ample hotels and eateries serving different cuisines from all over the world and suiting all pockets. From Beau Vallon, one can head to Morne Seychellois National Park to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the island or go on a hiking trail along Morne Blanc.

seychelles weather in august, beau vallon

2. Victoria

The capital of the Seychelles islands, Victoria is located in the northeastern part of Mahe island and has favourable weather conditions for tourism in August. Victoria is perfect for a cruise to Sainte Anne Marine National Park or Cerf Island. Other landmarks in Victoria include Natural History Museum, Victoria Botanical Gardens, Tempio Hindu, French Cultural Centre, Clocktower, etc.

seychelles weather in august, victoria seychelles

3. Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre is a district in west Mahe with the scenic and secluded Bel Ombre beach which remains calm in August for the tourists to take a dip in the deep blue waters. One can also drive to the nearby Sauzier Waterfall and Grand Anse Village on the western side of Mahe, or Eglise De Saint Roch church in Bel Ombre.

seychelles weather in august, bel ombre

Apart from these, most other places in the north and western parts of the island are equally good like Anse Etoile, Glacis, Grand-Anse Mahe and Port Glaud.

Try to avoid beaches in the south-eastern parts such as Baie Lazare, Takamaka, Anse Royale and Anse Intendance on Mahe and Grand Anse on Praslin as the heavy winds can create threatening currents.

Suggested Activities in August

Due to the winds, August is the apt time for surfing and sailing, and also bird watching since this is the nesting season for birds. However, underwater activities like scuba-diving or snorkelling will be less preferred during August due to reduced underwater visibility during this time because of the trade winds. Due to the same reason, there are chances of more seaweed on the beaches and water and this coupled with the strong winds, and high tides can make swimming unsafe.

Seychelles, lying in the tropics, has two main distinct seasons namely, the dry season and wet season. The dry season lasts from May to September, so similar weather conditions like in August are likely to prevail during these months as well. However, always keep in mind that activities or places that are not favourable during the dry months will always be preferred during the wetter months which are from October to March. Like for instance, during these months, beaches on the south and eastern parts are likely to have calm waters thus enabling calm and gentle cruises between the islands and favouring swimming. Thus, each season has its own pros and cons so plan your trip considering which places or activities are your priority.

Now these might be the normal weather conditions in Seychelles, but there can always be exceptions, like in August also despite basically being a dry season, there can be bouts of rainfall. Hence it is always advisable to check with the local weather forecasts before heading to any place.

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