Airports in Seychelles

Tourism is the main industry of Seychelles with around 200,000 tourists visiting it every year. As such it's a prerequisite that the islands be well connected with the rest of the world. This necessity is fulfilled by two means - partly by waterways and partly by airways. In this article, we elaborate on the latter.

Given below is a list of all the airports in Seychelles:

1. Seychelles International Airport (Aeroport de la Pointe Larue)

The largest and busiest airport of Seychelles, located on the eastern part of the largest island - Mahe, this is the sole international airport of the island country connecting it with all major cities of the world. The airport is operated by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority and has 3 terminals - an international, a domestic and a cargo terminal. Apart from operating passenger and cargo flights, it also serves as a base for the Seychelles Public Defence Force.

The airport is 11 kms away from the capital city of Seychelles - Victoria on Mahe island itself but is well connected to it and all other areas of Mahe mainly by two means - public buses and taxis. The former is available from the airport with a gap of 20-30 minutes and comes at the cost of SCR 3 while the latter at SCR 75 during the day and SCR 100 at night. The airport serves around 730,000 passengers annually with 184 domestic and 153 international flights departing from the airport weekly.
Flight carriers in operation: Many important airlines operate in the Seychelles International Airport such as Air Seychelles, Emirates, Etihad Airways, British Airways, Qatar Airways, etc., with flights to and from various parts of the world like London, Dubai, Johannesburg, Paris, Mumbai and many others.
Out of these, Air Seychelles has the maximum number of flights in operation, and it is also the only airline company which has flights flying to other domestic destinations like Praslin, Bird Island, Denis Island and some other islands.
Services and facilities available: Being the only international airport of the country, the Seychelles International Airport offers various services and facilities such as free wifi, ATMs, forex counter, medical services, restaurants and some duty-free shops selling various items to let you splurge on yourself or carry souvenirs back home.
Address: 5th June Ave, Seychelles
Airport Code: SEZ
Seychelles International Airport, Airport in Seychelles

2. Praslin Island Airport (Iles des Palmes Airport)

This is another important airport located on Praslin Island, the second-largest island of Seychelles (48 kms away from Mahe) and is operated by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority. It has a single terminal and serves nearly 200,000 passengers annually with 173 domestic flights departing from the airport per week.

The means of commuting to and from the airport to different places in Praslin include taxis, buses and shuttle transfers. Public buses have the same uniform fare to all places on the island while taxi fares vary depending on your destination. Some hotels also offer to provide pick-ups from the airport.

Praslin Island Airport, Airport in Seychelles
Flight carriers in operation: Air Seychelles with scheduled flights to Seychelles International Airport and charter flights to various other islands of the country.
Facilities and services: Praslin airport also offers some facilities and services, but definitely not so much as the Mahe airport. These mainly include some restaurants and a bar, kiosks for renting cars and a taxi ramp and some shops.
Address: Grand Anse, Praslin, Seychelles
Airport Code: PRI

3. Alphonse Airport

This is a small airport located on Alphonse island which is a part of the Seychelles group of islands and 400 kms away from Mahe. It is operated by the Islands Development Corporation and has a single runway. Very few flights run on this airport mainly for the sake of inter-island travel.

Flight carriers in operation: Air Seychelles which has charter flights to and from Seychelles International Airport and only a single weekly scheduled flight from October to April.
Airport Code: FSAL
Alphonse Airport, Airports in Seychelles

4. Assumption Island Airport

This is another small airport located in Assumption Island (1135 kms southwest of Victoria) which is a part of the Outer Island district of Seychelles and is operated by the Islands Development Corporation which runs charter flights sometimes from Mahe airport. It is actually an airfield with no passenger terminals and a single concrete runway. Unfortunately, Assumption Island has been closed for tourists since 2015 due to an agreement between the governments of India and Seychelles to construct an Indian military base on the island.
Airport Code: FSAS

5. Bird Island Airport

Bird Island Airport is a private airstrip located on Bird Island which lies at a distance of 100 kms northwest of Victoria and is operated by the Bird Island Lodge.

Flight carriers in operation: Air Seychelles flies a single charter flight daily to and from Seychelles International Airport. Helicopters or other charter flights can also be operated on request for travelling to other islands apart from Mahe.
Airport Code: BDI
Bird Island Airport, Airports in Seychelles

6. Fregate Island airport

Just like Bird Island Airport, Fregate Island Airport (situated 55 kms east of Victoria) is also a private airstrip operated by the Fregate Island Resort and has a single runway which isn't paved.
Flight carriers in operation: The resort runs helicopters to and from Mahe, and there are also some charter flights operated by Air Seychelles.
Airport Code: FRK
Fregate Island Airport, Airports in Seychelles

7. Desroches Airport

This airport located in Desroches Island (230 kms southwest of Victoria), and is operated by the Islands Development Corporation which runs two flights daily to and from Mahe Airport. It has a single concrete runway just next to the Four Seasons Resort on this island.
Airport Code: DES
Desroches Airport, Airports in Seychelles

8. Denis Island Airport

Another private airstrip located on Denis Island (94 kms north of the capital), it has a sole unpaved runway on which a single scheduled flight runs every day for transporting passengers between Mahe and Denis. Plus, charter flights operated by Air Seychelles and helicopter charters can also be booked when required.
Airport Code: DEI
Denis Island Airport, Airports in Seychelles

Apart from the first two airports, the rest of the airports are located on luxurious private islands with single resorts who will most of the times send representatives to the Seychelles International Airport to take care of your transportation once you reach there.

In addition to the ones stated above, Seychelles also has some other airports viz. Remire Island Airport, Platte Island Airport, Marie Louise Island Airport, Farquhar Island Airport, Astove Island Airport, Coetivy Island Airport and D'Arros Island Airport. Most of these airports are small private airstrips with a single paved/unpaved runway and operated by the Islands Development Corporation (IDC) with charter flights run by Air Seychelles or IDC.

Thus, Seychelles being a group of small islands, has only a major international airport and a bunch of other minor domestic airports primarily for facilitating travel between the various islands of the archipelago. Now that you have information about all the airports in Seychelles go on and book your tickets and head to Seychelles to enjoy paradise on earth!

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