Seychelles Weather In September: What To Expect & Where To Go

Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean lie the 115 islands of Seychelles. Being in proximity to the equator gives it tropical weather throughout the year. The temperature here always fluctuates in the range of 24 to 32 degrees Celsius, so it's never too burning hot or too freezing cold. Hence, any time you visit Seychelles is the best time to visit it.

The average weather condition in September

The temperature in Seychelles averages about 27 degrees Celsius in this month. Dry weather, with a scattered rainfall of about 154 mm and the sun shining for 12 hours a day, prevails in the country making it one of the driest months. However, the scorching heat is not able to impact thanks to the cool ocean winds blowing at 16mph during this time of the year, acting as natural air conditioners.

The air has a moisture content of 79%.  Rainfall increases by the end of the month and is experienced more in islands present at higher altitudes. Accommodations become cheaper in September, making it easier on the pockets. 
Seychelles weather in September

Activities To Do in Seychelles in September

September brings in trade winds from the south-east, so at whatever hour of the day you step out, there will be a warm pleasant breeze brushing against your cheeks. Be it swimming, sailing, snorkelling or scuba diving, with such steady winds in the air you'll get the ultimate experience of water sporting. However, the same wind turns the waters turbulent near the southwest of Mahe and Anse Intendance making it really tough to go swimming. 
As far as heat is concerned then, with a breezy environment and each resort equipped with 24-hour air conditioning, it never becomes a deterrent for travel enthusiasts. The equatorial rains are highly unpredictable but don't last long. Especially in September, scattered mild showers occur very rarely and end within a few hours. So, while planning your activities for the day, you can strike out the rain as a hurdle too.

Scuba Diving in Seychelles, Seychelles weather in september

If you are looking for a beach holiday and wish to spend your time basking in the sun lying on the sand, then the beaches of Mahe will be idle since the shores of Praslin are washed up with a large amount of seaweed due to the winds during this time.

Interestingly the months from May to September are the nesting periods for birds so you may be wakened by the sweet chirping of birds in the morning. Hikers planning to go exploring the woods will come across a cornucopia of unspoilt flora and fauna, so will nature photographers looking to capture breathtaking snaps.

Places To Visit in September

1. Beau Vallon, Mahe

On the north-west coast of the largest island in Seychelles lies the famous beach of Beau Vallon. The expanse of silvery white sand on its coast attracts tourists bustling from all corners of the world throughout the year, making it the most frequented beach in the archipelago. Beau Vallon is an epitome of scenic beauty and vibrancy.

The gentle waters prove favourable for countless water activities. Scuba diving or snorkelling in those waters will feast your eyes to the colossal coral reefs underneath the crystal blue water. Romantics at heart will be awed by the mesmerizing sunsets and the beachfront retreats. 

It has many tourist attractions nearby- starting with Morne Seychellois National Park, the hotspot of trekkers. The capital Victoria is also a few kilometres away and is ideal for local shopping, after which you can head off to Cerf Island via a boat. Tourists also enjoy taking a boat trip to the islands of Anse Major and Baie Ternay. The nightlife here is equally peppy with a number of nightclubs, bars and lounges to go to and relish the Creole delicacies.

Beau Vallon Mahe, Seychelles weather in september

2. La Digue Island

Back in 1768, a French explorer called Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne visited the island with his crew. There, in the fleet, was a ship named "La Digue". And this how the island got's its name.

With a petite population of merely 2000 people and not many vehicles on the road, La Digue is the perfect place for people seeking solitude. Lined with some of the most captivating beaches in Seychelles it is becoming an emerging destination for nature lovers.

You can cycle your way in La Passe and get exposure to the welcoming Creole culture. Its beaches of Anse Cocos, Anse Source D'Argent, Petite Anse, etc are all adorned with big granite rocks. Though these beaches are not a very good choice for swimming, the view from these islands is eye capturing.

Hikers are advised to consult the locals or hire a guide before go exploring the woods as the paths through its dense trees is quite tricky. Being a laid back islet makes finding beachfront accommodations difficult but there are plenty of those in the town. 

La Digue Island, Seychelles weather in september

3. Cote d'Or, Praslin

The mystic setting of this island in the cove of Anse Volbert is what makes the beach of Cote d'Or a magnet of tourists. Pristine white beaches outlined by the aqua blue ocean water has made it the most popular spot in Praslin.

From cosy guesthouses to grand villas, there is an array of accommodations available on the outskirts to make sure that life on the beach remains undisturbed by the city clamour. Variety of activities like snorkelling and boating are organized on the shores for tourists and locals.

The beach stretches to 2.5 km and has only a handful of shops and cafes making it vacant, which the travellers find really appealing. Boat transfers to the nearby islands of St. Pierre, Chauve Souris and Curieuse are organized throughout the day, each island renowned for its delicate charm.

Cote d'Or, Seychelles weather in september

4. Denis Island

Play in the cold waters of Indian Ocean or bask lazily in the sun, take your binoculars and go bird watching or go snorkel in the depths of the turtle sanctuaries; a stay here will give you the true sense of island life. Feel yourself immersed in the purity of nature at the private island of Denis. The accommodations here range from modern hotels to rustic cottages.

Romance sweeps in when you watch the tropical sunsets and have candlelight dinners beneath the stars. Exotic spa treatments amidst the lush casuarina trees and the gentle chirping of endemic birds will surely de-stress you after which you can head off to explore the enigmatic jungles of the island. There is no wifi but you'll find some of the best connections. 

Dennis Island, Seychelles weather in september

Overall, at Seychelles, you can embrace the true island lifestyle with a modern twist. And now, with an overview of the weather, you are prepared to go exploring in the white sandy beaches of the archipelago. But just so you don't experience any surprises, it is suggested to keep a keen eye on the horizon, and a keener one on the weather forecast. 

This post was published by Sonali Garg

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