Anse Georgette, Seychelles Overview

Anse Georgette is ranked as one of the best beaches in Seychelles along with Anse Lazio. While Anse Lazio is a public beach and is usually crowded, Anse Georgette is a private paradise owned by Constance Lemuria Resort. Entry into this place is free of cost even if you're not a guest at the resort, however, prior booking is recommended.

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Things to Do at Anse Georgette

The main highlights of the spectacular beach are the clear, turquoise water, the pristine sand and the lush vegetation. Located in Praslin Island, Anse Georgette promises to fulfil all your expectations and then some, with its gorgeous sunsets, adventurous activities and family-friendly environment.

Anse Georgette Seychelles

  • Surfing
The currents in the water make Anse Georgette a perfect location for surfing and bodyboarding. If you're one for water sports, you are bound to enjoy the feisty waters of this beach. The best time to surf in Anse Georgette is in October and November when the wakes are just perfect. You can rent gear from water sports agencies nearby, or contact the resort as well.
  • Snorkelling at Anse Georgette
Snorkelling enthusiasts are in luck at Anse Georgette, as the crystal clear waters make snorkelling a dream come true at this beach! The visibility is excellent, and you are sure to spot some tropical fish here. Keep in mind that the sea deepens quickly here, and there is an offshore coral reef as well. The currents may get moderately strong, so if you're a novice swimmer, it is better to not venture out to sea alone.
Patrons of the resort can rent equipment from the premises, else you will have to rent snorkelling equipment elsewhere and carry it to the beach. 
  • Swimming and Sunbathing
Swimming can be really fun at Anse Georgette, because the water is warm and comfortable, and the currents are moderate. Inexperienced swimmers are advised not to enter the water without supervision, because the currents may occasionally be strong. Children are not to be left unsupervised.

Sunbathing is a favoured activity at Anse Georgette as it is secluded and scattered with few tourists. The beach is extensive, and there are lilting coconut palms that offer a natural canopy to rest under. Sunbeds are also laid out, where you can lounge by the water and soak up the sun.

Best Time To Visit Anse Georgette

The best time to visit Anse Georgette would be in April, May, October and November because this period is snugly set in between the two monsoon seasons. Humidity is not too high, and the temperatures range from 26 to 31 degrees Celcius making it a tropical paradise. 


  • Since the only way to reach the beach on land is through the expensive Constance Lémuria Resort, you will have to obtain prior permission from the resort manager. This is to ensure that the serenity of the beach is maintained - the resort is keen to ensure that Anse Georgette does not become too crowded, as it might hinder the aesthetic appeal of the tropical paradise.
  • If you're a patron of the resort, you're set - the resort offers free golf carts to reach Anse Georgette in no time.
  • If you just want to visit the beach, you will have to call up the manager beforehand and book your slot, as Constance Lémuria Resort allows only 30 non-guests at the beach at any given time.
  • Children must not be left unsupervised near the water.
  • The beach is very clean, so make sure you don't litter. 

How To Reach Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette is located at Praslin Island, about 50 kilometres away from the Mahé Island. You can hire a seaplane or a boat to Praslin from Victoria, the capital city at Mahé for fares ranging from SCR 100 - 1000. At Praslin, Anse Georgette is nestled in a cove 5 kilometres north of Praslin Airport.

There are two ways to reach the beach - one is by boat, as part of a cruise or expedition. Guided beach tours may stop at Anse Georgette for about a couple of hours, giving you enough time to explore the various activities. The more common way to access the beach is to pass through the Constance Lémuria Resort, which has the rights to this private beach. The walk to the beach from the resort is about a kilometre long and strikingly picturesque!

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