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Anse Major, located on the wild northern coast of the Seychellois capital of Mahé, is a small secret bay, full of natural beauty. It is abundant in breathtaking underwater life and fascinating coral seabeds, making it a great snorkelling spot. This island is quite secluded, so to get there; you will have to hike through the Morne Seychellois National Park. Although the hike can be tedious, but once you reach the beach, all your efforts will be truly worth it.

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Hiking to Anse Major

Hiking Trail to Anse Major
The hiking trail to Anse Major begins from the Bel Ombre Bus Terminal. At the beginning of the trail, you can spot a signboard, which has all the major information regarding the trail, like the total distance and difficulty level. As you begin your hike, the first few hundred meters might seem to be a bit tedious as it is a bit steep with forest on one side of the trail and houses on the other.  Although the trail is quite long, you won’t even feel it because, throughout the trail, you will be greeted with exotic species of birds like Seychelles Bulbul, Seychelles Kestrel and the Seychelles Sunbird. Along the trail, make sure you don’t miss the amazing views of the granite rocks or Silhouette Island.
About the Trail: The trail is around 2 Kilometres long, which might take you approximately 1.5hours to reach the end.
However, if you are not up for a hike, you can also reach Anse Major by boat.

Anse Major by Boat
The Anse Major boat trip starts from Bel Ombre and costs around SCR 200. You can reach out to Taxi Boat Happiness, a tour operator, which have daily boats to Anse Major from Beau Vallon. It is a 20-minute boat ride with some spectacular views along the way.

Things to do at Anse Major Beach

1.      Snorkelling-  Anse Major is a perfect snorkelling destination in Seychelles. At Anse Major, you can spot numerous species of fish like the emperor, threespot and semicircle angelfish, the green birdmouth wrasse , the blue spotted grouper,the white-spotted boxfish and different species of moray eels. You can also come across a wide range of fascinating corals here.

2.      Relax on the beach- If you want to go somewhere away from the main hustle-bustle of Seychelles, Anse Major is the perfect spot for you. Unlike other tourist destinations in Seychelles, since Anse Major is quite secluded, it is not frequented by a lot of tourists and hence you will be able to sit back on the beach, relax and enjoy the calmness of the sea.

3.      Romantic getaway- If you want to enjoy some alone time with your partner, Anse Major can be an ideal getaway destination. The beach is almost never crowded and you can just have your own private time and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Things to Note

1.  Wear loads of sunscreen to avoid sunburns and also bring some extra along with you.
2.  Start the hike as early in the morning as possible preferably by 9 AM to avoid peak sun time.
3.  Cover yourself with a hat and a long-sleeve lightweight shirt. The sun can sometimes be really intense.
4.  Bring an adequate amount of water for the hike.
5.  Proper shoes are key to any successful trek or hike. So remember to wear proper hiking shoes or any waterproof sandals.
6.      The Anse Major trail is full of bugs so it is better you get mosquito repellent for the hike.
7. If you are planning to visit Anse Major during peak season then ask your  hotel about any ferry services beforehand, as they operate on a non-frequent basis.

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