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Mauritius is a heavenly place; a place where you can enjoy looking at the crystal clear waters, where you can wander through the soft white sand and above all, enjoy an exotic dish. There are many things unique to Mauritius, and if you are travelling to this beautiful island, you cannot afford to miss seeing these places. Here we have a list of things and places you should do or see in Africa's best destination:

Here is the list of 22 Things To Do In Mauritius

1. Discover the Dark Depths of Belle Mare

Exploring the world unknown to the human race is best possible through scuba diving. Being a volcanic Island, Mauritius offers an intriguing experience for adventurers. The unique underwater attractions like caves, arches and tunnels will take you to another level of happiness. Diving in the Belle Mare la Passe du Puits is a beautiful experience as you can come across sharks, barracudas, eagle rays and other stunning sea creatures. Tamarin Bay is also an excellent destination for scuba diving, as it has a diving centre which is very ideal for underwater exploration. Many agencies offer diving packages at affordable rates.

2. Glance at the Underwater Waterfalls

Underwater waterfalls might seem only a fairy tale thing. Well, in this Island nation, it is a reality. Captivating people from all over the world, this underwater waterfall is just an illusion. Located on the shores of Le Morne Brabant in the south-west of Mauritius, this illusion is the result of movement of sand and silt due to underwater currents. Helicopter sightseeing in this region unfolds a feast to your eyes as the view of this waterfall from the air is a real wonder. There are many helicopter tour packages available, which can also be customised according to your needs.

3. Surf in the 'Surfer's Beach'

Tamarin Beach, one of the best beaches in Mauritius, offers the best waves for surfing and beach-bathing. The beach acquired the title of surfer's beach' for the same reason. With its glittering turquoise water, the beach has an excellent view, and there are chances that you can meet a dolphin nearby! La Cuvette Beach Grand Bay, Mont Choisy Beach, Blue Bay Beach and Gris Gris Beach are some other beaches that offer excellent views for sea lovers.

4. Come Face-to-face with Dolphins and Whales

Such substantial marine mammals seem dangerous, yet watching them is going to be a breathtaking moment. There are some spots in this nation where you can encounter dolphins and whales. Swim along with dolphins and watch the whales pass by on the west coast of Mauritius. Humpback whales, species endemic to Mauritius can be observed between July and November when they move to warmer sea areas. There are many whale and dolphin watching excursions and tours with packages starting from $60.

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5. Hike and Walk through the Pristine Forests of Black River Gorges Park

Enjoy the stunning views by walking in the Black River Gorges Park. The forest has amazing wildlife and indigenous forest types. Surrounded by hills, this forest is also a good place for hiking trails. The parking facility is available near the entry gates. The gates close at around 6 PM, so make sure that you come out of this 50 km long protected forest before this time. Some trail routes inside the forest lead you to different places like Parakeet, Mare aux Joncs waterfalls and Macchabee-Petrin. You can also hike to see impressive sites inside the forest.

6. Enjoy the Local Dishes and Cheap Snacks of Port Louis

Port Louis, the capital city, is known for markets selling cheap goods and local foods. Dholl pori, a street food, is known for its Indian origin. It is believed to be derived from Indian parantha. Rose-hill is the right place to eat the best Dholl pori. One must also try Victoria pineapples which are sweeter and more delicious than the rest of pineapples. The food of Mauritius is greatly influenced by Indians. Mauritius curry served with rice or bread taste similar to their Indian counterparts but have a different flavour altogether. One must also try the seafood, as the cuisine revolves around seafood itself. Lobsters, calamari and Capitaine, are a must try. Tomahto, the coconut cakes of Mauritius, is made from grated coconut and sugar. They are delicious cookies and are sold in all markets of Port Louis.

7. Taste the Tea of Boris Cheri

Boris Cheri is a town in Mauritius that hosts the tea plantations. The most famous tea brand also derived its name from this town. You can have a look at the tea factory, whereby you can see the tea processing unit. Besides, there is a museum and a restaurant where you can taste the tea without paying for it. You can directly buy from the factory. The landscape is breathtaking, and a visit during the winters will leave you relieved.

8. Surround Yourself in the Midst of Chamarel Waterfalls

One must look at the waterfalls in Mauritius to connect with Mother Nature. The Chamarel Waterfalls, the highest waterfalls of Mauritius, expose volcanic rocks that date back to millions of year. In the same place, you will also get to see Seven Coloured earth, which is a geological formation that exposes seven layers of rocks with different colours. Alexandra waterfalls offer another splendid view with lush green flora and vibrant fauna. Tamarind Falls offer you a chance to involve in some adventure activities like hiking and canyoning. It has seven simultaneous waterfalls, which will be a feast to the eyes.

9. Feel Blessed by Visiting Ganga Talao

Ganga Talao is a crater lake is Mauritius, which also hosts a Hindu temple. This place draws hundreds of pilgrims every year. People visit this place to enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake or to take a walk and play with the monkeys. Maha Shivaratri, the Island's most important Hindu festival is celebrated in the temple of Ganga Talao. Entry to this site is free, and there is ample parking space as well. The place is very sacred and is of cultural importance, as it resembles the harsh conditions sustained by Indian indentured labourers in Mauritius.

10. Shop on the Streets of Port Louis

You shouldn't miss shopping on the streets of Port Louis. Mauritius is known for its amazingly manufactured goods and handicrafts. Port Louis hosts approximately 100 small retail shops that sell Chinese clothing and herbs. Exotic fish, t-shirts, baskets and traditional handicrafts are also sold. Be it on a beach road or in the expensive malls; you cannot afford to not buy them as gifts for your people. There are some other markets, like Grand Bay, Goodlands and arsenal which also sell products at a lower price.

11. Navigate the Caves of Roche Noire

Located in Roche Noire, these caves appear as interconnected lava tubes on the surface. It is an amazing place to explore as it contains flowing water and various other rock formations. These caves have everything that is a feast to your eyes. You should not forget to take a guide along with you inside so that you don't miss some corners of these caves. A map near the entrance will give you an idea about the trails, with which you can easily reach the openings.

12. Parasailing - To Experience A Bird's Eye View of Mauritius

Parasailing, also known by the term 'parascending', parasailing is an exciting activity where a person harnessed with a specially designed parachute is towed behind a boat. As the boat gains speed, the parachute is sailed up due to the air pressure against it and carries the person attached to it into the air. Depending on the power of the boat, almost two to three people can parasail at the same time. Generally, a 9 meter long Boston Yellow Whaler boat is used for parasailing which has an engine of 140 horsepower.

13. Snorkel Among the Reefs

Mauritius, Africa's one of the best tourist destinations, is also the best destination for snorkelling. To the east and south-west of the island, the lagoon, with a surface area of 300 square km, is at its most extensive. Besides, Mauritius also has around 430 different species of underwater creatures. The quality of the seabed and corals varies sharply.

14. Safaris In Mauritius - Get Mesmerised By The Breathtaking Wildlife

A safari in Mauritius is an activity that is enjoyed by people of every age. Witnessing the majestic predators of the jungle such as lions, tigers in their natural habitat without any cages hindering your view is a breathtaking experience that few people ever encounter. Added to that the opportunity to interact with the big cats, take them on a walk, touch and feel them and you've got yourself an adventure of a lifetime. Few places in the world offer these activities, hence ensure that your trip to Mauritius involves these safaris.

15. Golf Courses in Mauritius for the Ultimate Golfer Experience

Mauritius is often rightly termed as the tropical paradise of the world, and one of the most accessible islands in the Indian Ocean. Flourishing in rich Anglo-French history along with the industries of sugar, tobacco and tea, Mauritius is one of the most desired holiday destinations worldwide. However, Mauritius is not only about white sand beaches and beautiful resorts. Recently, it has been awarded as the best ‘Golf Destination of the Year’ in Africa, the Gulf States and the Indian Ocean. So, if you are planning a trip to Mauritius sometime soon and if you like golfing, these top golf courses in Mauritius are your choice!

16. Mauritius Excursions - A Guide To Everything You Need To Know

If you think Mauritius is all about stretches of beaches and views of the ocean, then you'd be amazed to see what Mauritius has to offer you. This Indian Ocean island nation is a paradise of excursions along with being a holiday destination and is one of the best places to visit in the world.

17. Cycling In Mauritius - Discover The Offbeat Routes!

Best known for its lagoons, mountains, waterfalls, white sandy beaches and warm tropical weather, Mauritius is an ideal destination for a breathtaking vacation. If you're heading to Mauritius for your next vacation, you don't have to spend too much on transport. There is a more natural way to get around the island, i.e. renting bicycles! Imagine the thrill and exhilaration you would feel as you whiz past cars and buses while cycling around the landscape of Mauritius. Not only is it exciting, but it is also eco-friendly and cost-effective. This guide will tell you all there is to know about cycling in Mauritius.

18. Catch a Breathtaking View of Sunrise in Mauritius

There’s something exceptional and unique about watching the day’s first rays- and witnessing it in a tropical paradise like Mauritius makes it even more special. So, without further adieu, let’s jot down five of the best places in Mauritius, where you can get a glimpse of a marvellous sunrise.

19. Exhilarating Hiking Spots in Mauritius For The Adventure Enthusiasts

Mauritius enjoys the perfect location for a holiday destination amidst the ocean, with white sandy beaches encircling the whole coastal area and ranges of tropical forests showered with rich and diverse flora and fauna. Because of its volcanic origin, the island has many valleys and the hilly regions to explore. For these obvious reasons, Mauritius is widely popular among tourists for the different hiking possibilities all over the island. The combination of challenging trails through rough terrains with an abundance of scenic beauty is just tough to resist for any adventure lover. The vibrant island nation has some breathtaking locations to explore and embrace nature up-close.

20. Quad-Biking In Mauritius: Explore The Wilderness With Some Four Wheel Fun

While you can reach any corner of Mauritius in a normal four-wheeled car using the well-developed road network, quad-bikes with their formidable off-road capabilities allow you to take the road not taken and carve out a path for yourself where there isn't any. While riding a quad-bike, your quest for exploration isn't limited to the dimensions of the asphalt beneath your tires but rather to the amount of courage you possess. With chunky off-road tires, punchy high-revving engines and lightweight construction, these mean machines can tackle the worst of terrains and weather conditions without breaking a sweat.

21. Festivals In Mauritius To Experience The Festive Vibe Of The Island Country

Festivals promote diversity. They bring our neighbours into dialogue and improve our psychological well-being as well. During celebrations, all you have to do is wander freely and see what happens. Festivals are fun, be it kids or adults. Festivals form a significant part of traditions. And what about festivals in a country like Mauritius, with multiple ethnicities, cultures and religions? A shared history of that unites the multi-ethnic people of Mauritius began more than 400 years ago. Mauritians have their ancestors originating from three different continents, which in itself is diversity. They celebrate some festivals, which reflect their cultures. Most of these festivals in Mauritius are primarily linked to their religion.

22. Explore the Glorious Heritage of Mauritius

If you are planning to visit the paradisiacal island of Mauritius on your next vacation, you should surely pay a visit to the nation's glorious history and heritage in its wide range of reputed museums that have conserved hundreds of years gone by inside their gates. A visit to the museums can help in breaking the monotony once you've seen all the beaches and favourite tourist spots.

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