Weather :

Timings : Winter time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM;
Summer time: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : For residents:
Adult: INR 270
Child (3 to 12 years): INR 125

For non residents:
Adult: INR 490
Child (3 to 12 years): INR 250

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La Vanille Nature Park, Mauritius Overview

Located close to the Riviere des Anguilles village towards the south of Mauritius is the 5-hectare surface area of the La Vanille Nature Park. The park is set up in the middle of a tropical forest inhibiting vivid flora and fauna, the main attraction being the crocodile farm comprising of numerous crocodiles preserved in the premises and categorized according to age and species. Other than that, the park is home to giant tortoises, iguanas, wild pigs and deer.

La Vanille Nature Park

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Inside the Park - What to Expect

One could opt for a guided tour of the park or explore the area themselves by following the marked path with clear signs and information panels. If someone is visiting with kids then its best recommended they check out the park by themselves as kids would be really bothered for a systematic venture and hence by choosing to tour on your own would give the little ones the necessary freedom to visit any part at any time.
  • The Reserve
Shaded by the lush green palm and giant bamboo trees, you can walk through the reserve to witness hundred of Nile crocodiles that are being raised in the park. You can also see the giant Aldabra tortoises slowly roaming in open enclosures and the information panels would remind you that it is the largest herd of Aldabra tortoise in the entire world which makes a souvenir photo with these beautiful exotic creatures a must-do thing.

Other animals that can be found are iguanas, lemurs, monkeys, deer, Japanese carp, mongooses and many more which constitute the euphoric fauna of the park. The reserve also displays the last locomotive of Mauritius - the Ruston & Hornsby diesel engine.

La Vanille Nature Park

  • The Aquarium
The La Vanille aquarium gives you a chance to discover some beautiful aquatic species residing in the freshwater. The beautiful sight of the iguanas sprawling on the banks of the pond, and the fishes and turtles swimming together is just a peaceful experience.

La Vanille Nature Park

  • The Insectarium
After 30 years of dedication, passion and patience, Mr Jacques Siedlecki brought life to the unique collection of 26000 insect species and 30000 specimens from about 5 continents and this insectarium is not reputed as one of the largest in the world. With some luck, you can also meet Mr Jacques in the insectarium who will tell you stories related to his work and passion.

La Vanille Nature Park

  • Fossil Museum
Named as “100 Million Years under the Sea” - the fossil museum in the park exhibits a collection of fossils from places like Madagascar, ammonites and skeletons of marine mammals such as whales.

La Vanille Nature Park

  • Le Crocodile Affame
The “Hungry Crocodile” restaurant has a capacity of 120 people and it offers you an array of Mauritian local dishes and you can also choose to taste some crocodile meat from one the chef’s dish, and other treats like toasted ham, cheese sandwich and other snacks.

La Vanille Nature Park

Tour Timings

Generally, the first tour starts at 8.30 AM and the last tour start at 4.30 PM in an interval of half an hour. However, the last tour timings differ over the year:
  • In summer (1st November to 30th April) – the last tour at 5 PM
  • In winter (1st May to 31st October) – the last tour at 4.30 PM
It should be noted that the timings may vary according to the availability of guides during peak season.

La Vanille Nature Park

Tips and Information

There are few entry conditions the visitors need to abide by to help the management protect the nature reserve:
  • Adults must accompany their children all the time
  • It is prohibited to enter any of the enclosures
  • Removal of any plants or provoking the animals is strictly prohibited
  • Do not throw food or any other item into the crocodile pond  
  • The visitors must retain their ticket during their stay inside the park
  • The management reserves the right and has full authority to restrict access into the park to any person who is in an intoxicated state or if someone doesn’t abide by the rules of the park

Historical Background of La Vanille Nature Park

The La Vanille Nature Park was created back in 1985 and its name is inspired by the old vine cultivation in the valley that used to dominate the landscape in which the park is located. The entire ambience of the park is brimming with Mauritian hospitality, the welfare of the wildlife and preservation of nature. Experienced guides will take you on a knowledge-filled excursion into the park and make it an unforgettable visit for you by taking you back in time to bestow upon you what Mauritius used to be like hundreds of years ago.

La Vanille Nature Park

How To Reach La Vanille Nature Park

While coming from Curepipe or Port Louis on the Riviere des Anguilles take the left exit towards Route Maisonnette and again turn left from Restaurant Senneville and that will lead you directly to the entrance of La Vanille Nature Park. If you are coming from Plaine Magnien & L’Escallier, take the left into Route Maisonnette and follow the same.

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