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Le Souffleur, Mauritius Overview

A trip to Mauritius will be heavenly if you are looking forward to spending some quality time on the beach. And indeed, the beautiful beaches and bay in Mauritius are a vital draw - stretching over 160 km - with a coral reef encircling a calm lagoon, you won't have to hunt far before you find one. All beaches are available for the public's access, with well-made toilets and parking areas. And it goes without saying that the best beaches are found inside the best hotels.

But you won't be disappointed as the beach covers almost the entire country. So, there's plenty of seas to see wherever you are headed. Go to the north, and you will find the highest concentration of beaches with a wide range, including those shaded by casuarina trees. The east, however, is the most glamorous site, because the much celebrated "oh so famous" white sand beaches are found over there, gently sloping into the calm and pristine sea. Head over to the west coast for some golden sizzle. This is also the area where you'll come across great sunset views. Want to put your swimming skills to practice? Dive in the fresh shallow waters here.

Le Souffleur in Mauritius
Cliff in Le Souffleur

While all coasts promise a memorable beach experience, there's just something unique about the south coast, which sets it apart from its counterparts. This is where wild surfs strikes the shore, and the sand stretches till where your eyes can see. You will also come across offshore islands, some bustling with activities while the others away from human touch, and some like the Robinson Crusoe style. The southern coastline has created great wonders, one of which is Le Souffleur.

What To Expect At Le Souffleur?

Le Souffleur

Major islands on the southern coast of Mauritius, including Le Souffleur, were formed centuries ago by waves breaking against the cliffs. The hidden treasure of Mauritius, and definitely worth the visit is Le Souffleur, which was created when the rough sea crashed against hot lava rocks. So natural springs is a common sight here. The water is always rough as if nature is trying to send a powerful message. Despite this, there's tranquillity all over the island.

The island is the best spot for people who love adventure because Le Souffleur packs a punch. The island's half-formed grotto-like structure has a natural geyser fountain which spouts water up to 20m high, just like a whale sprays out water from its blowhole. This is a sight you wouldn't want to miss.


The island doesn't have many activities to indulge in. You can go there and visit the cliff, that will be worth the adventure. When you head a little bit more than 1 km to the eastern side of the island, you will come across Pont Naturel, the naturally formed bridge. Visit the bridge only if the seas aren't particularly rough. The bridge is worth a camera click which was formed when the roof collapsed on another which naturally created a recess. It won't take you more than an hour to check out the whole place. Hangout in the area and unwind for another hour if you have some time to spare.

Le Souffleur
Le Souffleur

If you are looking to visit a wild and rugged landscape, Le Souffleur is just the place for you. Don't worry if you fail to see the natural geyser fountain (due to low tides), the natural beauty itself and the adventure combined would be worth it. The beautiful backdrop of the wild sea sets a picnicky mood, but that's unadvisable due to lack of proper seating arrangements, thanks to the rocky plateaus. So instead, pick a nice clean rock and sit while listening to the waves crashing in the background. Pure bliss.

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Getting to Le Souffleur is not an easy going task if you don't follow proper instructions. But it gets easy once you get a clear idea of where you are heading towards. The impressive cliff is situated between Souillac and Blue Bay and can be reached from L’Escalier. Just look for a sugarcane factory when in the village. A road past the factory will lead you to the cliff. Your adventure begins right from here. It is recommended to get a car, a sturdy one which would cross unpaved paths. There are plenty of signs on the road that will lead you to your destination. While you are at it, enjoy your thrilling ride while you drive on rocky trails, surrounded by sugarcane fields all around and a few ancient ruins here and there.

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