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Sub-Region: Indian Ocean, east of Africa


Ideal duration: 3 days

Best time: July to October (winter) (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Mauritius (Check Flights)


"Indian Ocean's island paradise."

Mauritius Tourism

Mauritius is the premier holiday destination island on the Indian Ocean. Itês a famous honeymoon location, or for a relaxing trip with your family. The amazing beauty and natural aesthetics of this country will definitely leave you spellbound.

Calling Mauritius an island paradise is no overstatement. A single visit to the country, it's vast sandy beaches, deep green forests, amazing historic locations and indulging in it's delectable local cuisines will be memories to forever cherish. Mauritius is undoubtedly among the prettiest places you are ever going to visit, which is why it is often at the top of the list for newly weds for the perfect, private honeymoon. It has tons of famous and amazing beaches, where you'll want to lay in the sand and swim in the clear waters all day, and then head out for a delicious bite in the restaurants nearby. Indeed, Mauritius' food is one of it's many charms, with a scrumptious mix of flavours from Europe, India and even China. Take a scenic boat tour, with the vistas calming you through and through, or toughen up and trek up the Les 7 Cascades, a group of 7 waterfalls in a forest, a famous Mauritian trek. Visit the historic Le Morne Brabant, where slaves used to hide in refuge from the countries of nearby, and also check out Eureka, a 19th century Creole house preserved in perfect condition to make a fascinating museum of the times that have passed. The great Mauritian nightlife and endless avenues to shop make Mauritius an even better and complete place to visit. This breathtaking island is one place you cannot miss in this short life!

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Mauritius Packages

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  • Panoramic Mauritius | 5 Days 4 Nights

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  • Spectacular Mauritius | 6 Days 5 Nights

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  • Colourful Mauritius | 7 Days 6 Nights

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Hotels in Mauritius

Top Hotels in Mauritius

  • Bubble Lodge Bois Chéri

    Staring from EUR 319

  • 7 Cascades Restaurant and Lodges

    Staring from EUR 87


Local food in Mauritius is of a wide variety, due to influx from many international cosines. Flavours from India, China, Europe, especially France, dominate the cuisine. Curries and spices are a major part of the Mauritius cuisine, along with French tastes in the several dishes found in restaurants. Street foods in the country are a rage as well, like dholl puri, gateau piment, the Indian 'sev', and several others. And of course, you cannot afford to miss out on the famous Mauritius rum! There are high end restaurants in hotels and traditional smaller restaurants all over the island.


Hinduism, Christianity, Islam

Customs of Mauritius

Mauritians are extremely polite people. Strangers will greet you on the streets if you make eye contact and shop and restaurant owners will wish you a good day as you leave. French culture is apparent in Mauritius, such as the customary kiss on the cheek. Dressing neatly is considered enough, and since there are a lot of beaches, people are often seen in short clothes during the day. Tips are expected in Mauritius, and you should tip according to how good the service was. MUR 5 - 10 every day to the housekeep at the hotel and to the porters who help you is sufficient. While MUR 100 - 200 is enough for guides and your daily driver.

Language of Mauritius

Several languages are spoken in Mauritius, and there is no proper official language. However, English and French are the two languages used in the Parliament, and as such the two languages have huge number of speakers in Mauritius. The Mauritian Creole, a French based language, is the most widely spoken language in the country.

History of Mauritius

Mauritius has been under the rule of 3 European colonisers since it was initially found by the Portuguese back in the early 16th century. The Dutch came in first, right at the end of the century. They introduced the sugarcane to Mauritius before leaving in 1710 for South Africa. The French settled in Mauritius next, 5 years later. Mauritius was renamed to Isle de France, and it is this period during which it saw it's first sign of development. Port Louis was made capital and Mauritius became a prosperous trading island. There was loads of sugarcane and rum on the island to be supplied, and Mauritius grew exponentially. In 1810, the British arrived. They conquered Mauritius and soon after abolished slavery. The island developed greatly under the British as well, who made efforts to educate the population so that they could be of aid to them in occupying the lower spots of governmental work. Mauritius finally gained independence in 1968, and adopted the British parliamentary model. Today, it is one of the premier tourist destinations, and also among the most stunning, in the Indian Ocean.

Nightlife in Mauritius

Mauritius has decent offerings as far as nightlife is concerned. Check out clubs like the Banana Beach Club, Les Enfants Terribles, Big Willy's, C Beach Club, the Tamarin Hotel among several others which make Mauritius a buzzing place after sun down.

Shopping in Mauritius

Shopping in Mauritius is a must-do activity. With an abundance of shopping options, you will find yourself spending hours shopping at times. Mauritius is famous for it's textiles, handicraft, intricate jewellery, among several locally made items. Even Chinese items have a good market in Mauritius, as well as the markets in districts like Goodland which are very famous for their Indian clothes. Among the many centres to shop in Mauritius, the most famous include the capital Port Louis, the tourist village of Grand Bay, the Bagatelle Mall, and the famous Flic en Flac village.

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