Eureka, Mauritius Overview

The perfect insight into the life during the plantation period of Mauritius, Eureka is a fully furnished Creole house from the 1830s.

Built in the 1830s and since preserved brilliantly, this massive house today serves as a museum for just the right representation of colonial life in Mauritius. Every room is representative of the time, and so is every chair and every table. Around the house you will find antique maps, quite informative of the land during the plantation period. And it's not just the house that is worth noting, the property has grown over the years to include the nearby lands, full of lush green gardens, colourful flowers, leafy trees, and also several small waterfalls. There are many rare endemic plants in these gardens, and also a fair share of marine life in the small river that feeds the waterfalls. Overall, Eureka is a wonderfully educational and tranquil place to visit.

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