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Country rank: 4 out of 46 Places To Visit In Thailand

Sub-Region: Krabi Province


Ideal duration: 6 days

Best time: November - April (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Krabi (Check Flights)


"Bustling city, quiet locals"

Krabi Tourism

One of the oldest provinces in Thailand, Krabi is home to the traditional yet the modern, the touristy and the local flavour. Sample what you like and see what the other side of the coin has to offer too in this Thai province.

The number of guesthouses, travel operators and souvenir shops in Krabi might be overwhelming at first glance. However, there is much more to the province beneath the surface. Krabi, a popular Southern Thai beach destination, is gaining popularity and is adored by many. Not as popular as Bangkok or Phuket, Krabi has its own charm and can manage to sweep you off your feet if you give it a chance.

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Ao Nang is the place where people flock to sample Krabi street food and buy local souvenirs and kitschy items. Handicrafts and locally made products are available alongside imitation goods which Thailand is infamous for. Be careful of pickpocketers in the market. You might have to negotiate to get good prices.

Major cards are accepted in almost all restaurants, bars and hotels. Carry a sufficient amount of the Thai Baht with you as local market vendors may not accept other currencies.

Ao Nang and Koh Lanta have a lot of options for those looking for currency exchange services in Krabi. Krabi International Airport also has an exchange booth. Do not buy Thai Baht outside Thailand as the rates are much cheaper within the country.

THB 1200 - 1400 would be sufficient for any backpacker looking for a modestly comfortable trip to Krabi. For someone seeking more luxury, double the amount depending on your accommodation.

Krabi is relaxed when it comes to attire. Observe care when going to any temple or place of religious significance and cover up your arms and legs. Tipping is not expected but appreciated in Thailand. Learning a few Thai phrases can take you a long way.

Thai is spoken in Krabi. You may find rudimentary English being spoken by street vendors although tour operators will be well-versed in it. Do carry a dictionary with you wherever you go.

There are as many bars and clubs in Krabi as there are tourists. Head over to Chilling Bar, Room 69 & Roof Garden and the Old West Bar if you wish to sample some of the nightlife options that Krabi has to offer. Beer is generally cheap in Krabi and THB 70 - 100 will land you a good brand of local beer.

Food in Krabi is diverse and finger licking good. Try the Green Mango Salad when strolling through a market. Some other popular dishes to try are Black Grass Jelly or shaved ice desserts and the coconut pudding you get at stalls. If you are a vegetarian and don't eat eggs, you will have to take special care as eggs are considered vegetarian in Thailand.

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  • The 9th House

    THB 1,000 /night onwards

  • Sita Krabi Hotel

    THB 872 /night onwards

  • Talardkao Balcony Krabi

    THB 270 /night onwards

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All important modes of transport like airways, railways and buses can take you to Krabi. No matter which way you choose, the landscape out of the window will be a feast for the eyes. (Read More)

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