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Timings : Monday to Saturday: 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM
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Time Required : 2-3 hours

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Grand Baie Bazaar, Mauritius Overview

Having a reputation of being a shopping paradise, Mauritius has plenty of options to buy from, whether it is shopping in a mall-like vast shopping complex or going on a shopping spree in the local market that will offer a more elegant experience than buying at a local market that sells handcrafted and handwoven goods. The Grand Baie Bazaar is arguably the most popular shopping destination in Mauritius.

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How To Reach Grand Baie Bazaar

If you are coming from the Pointe aux Cannoniers, you have to keep going on the Royal Road until you reach Grand Baie. Try to locate the popular restaurant called La Jonque which serves Chinese food. The restaurant can be seen on the right side of the Grand Baie. From this point, take a right turn and drive till you reach the market and spot the signboard for the Grand Baie Bazaar.

Tips to Keep in Mind

· While you are at the Grand Baie Bazaar, do not part with your hard-earned money at the first deal you get. Check around the market and see if you can haggle a bit and get a cheaper deal at another store.
· Do keep in mind that the quality of the mock-designer clothing is average. So, do not be disappointed if your dress looks worn out after a couple of washes.
· The market is usually crowded on weekends and therefore, you never know if there are pickpocketers around. The key is to take care of your belongings in a tourist place such as the Grand Baie Bazaar.

Now that you have all the necessary must-know pointers for the Grand Baie Bazaar make sure you visit the place because your family and friends with surely love the “Made in Mauritius” label on their souvenirs and clothing that you are planning to take back home.

About Grand Baie Bazaar

Among the important shopping streets in Mauritius, Grand Baie Bazaar is located away from the Royal Road in what may look like a hidden inland street. The street at the Grand Baie has shops lined at both left and right side of the alley. For beautiful souvenirs like Malagasy and Mauritian Crafts, Grand Baie Bazaar is the right place to start off with shopping. The good thing about the market is that most of the items are priced at an affordable rate, and hence, there is less or no haggling involved. However, if you see, there is a chance to reach a cheaper bargain then go for it.

Grand Baie Bazaar
Entrance to Grand Baie Bazaar

The ambience of Grand Baie Bazaar

Grand Baie Bazaar gives you an authentic feel of shopping at a local market where vendors have their tactics and jingles to lure customers to their shops. The market has a massive line up of snack stalls opposite to it. To take a break from your shopping spree, you can always grab some mouth-watering street food to satiate your hunger, refresh and continue collecting cheap bargains.

Grand Baie Bazaar
Grand Baie Bazaar

Things to buy at the Grand Baie Bazaar

The Grand Baie Bazaar has stalls that sell a wide range of local crafts. Another good part about the market is that it is covered, so you do not have to think about the sun or showers ruining your shopping plans.

Among the range of souvenirs that you can pick are clothes, trinkets, artificial flowers, model boats, colourful bags, wooden artwork, beachwear, ornaments made with silver gold and stone, artworks and much more. There is an abundance of mock-designer clothing lines available at the stores at the Grand Baie Bazaar.

These might not be of very superior quality, but if you are on a lookout for clothing that is going to last till the eternity, then you can shop your heart out. Although the items at the Grand Baie Bazaar are decently priced, there is always some scope to haggle a little and get the items for a good deal.

Grand Baie Bazaar
Shopping in Grand Baie

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