Top 3 Places for Parasailing In Mauritius - Experience A Bird's Eye View of Mauritius With Parasailing

Have you ever fancied enjoying the mesmerising sights of the turquoise lagoon, the lush green tropical forests and golden beaches of the beautiful island nation of Mauritius from a bird's eye view? You needn't look far for anything as parasailing is the one-stop solution to fulfilling your wish.

Parasailing in Mauritius

Parasailing in Mauritius

Also known by the term 'parascending', parasailing is an exciting activity where a person harnessed with a specially designed parachute is towed behind a boat. As the boat gains speed, the parachute is sailed up due to the air pressure against it and carries the person attached to it into the air. Depending on the power of the boat, almost two to three people can parasail at the same time. Generally, a 9 meter long Boston Yellow Whaler boat is used for parasailing which has an engine of 140 horsepower.

Best Time for Parasailing in Mauritius

Mauritius is famous for its tropical climate throughout the year. During the summer, however, hanging out on the beaches might be not very pleasant because of the heat and humidity. October - November is an ideal time for a trip and a perfect time to enjoy paragliding. The wind speed and the dry weather around this time favour parasailing. The fun-packed adventure usually is of 5-15 minutes duration; however, the duration can be customised as per the participant's requests.

Boston Yellow Whaler, parasailing in Mauritius

Top 3 Locations for Parasailing in Mauritius

You can choose from any of the three different locations in Mauritius to experience parasailing:

Grand Baie - north-west Mauritius
Belle Mare - east coast of Mauritius
Ile Aux Cerfs or Trou D'eau Douce - central east coast of Mauritius
  • The activity starts with the necessary safety briefing after which the participants are taken to the launch pad by the same boat which will later be used for parasailing.
  • On reaching the launch pad, the participants are connected with the safety harness and then to the boat.
  • Once the professional instructors and ground assistance are done checking the harness and the rig, they give the driver a green signal to start the engine and gradually increase the acceleration.
  • Within a few minutes, the boat gains its momentum; the participants find themselves floating in the air the fresh blue waters.
  • There is no voluntary steering required as the sails follow the direction of the boat.
  • For those who aspire to experience the 'touch and go' do have an option.
  • It is nothing but going down near the surface of the water instead of floating in the air, which is followed by a dip into the ocean for a refreshing dive.

Parasailing Duration

Usually, the total duration of the entire parasailing excursion is about 25-30 minutes, which includes 5 to 12 minutes of parasailing flight at the height of 60 meters. However, the duration of the parasail flight is varied depending on the location:

Grand Baie - 12 minutes
Belle Mare - 6 minutes
Trou D'eau Douce/Ile Aux Cerfs - 5 to 7 minutes

Tips and Additional Information

Parasailing In Mauritius,

The following things should be well acquainted with the participants

  • The minimum age requirement for the activity is eight years and above
  • The participants should cross the weight limit of 90 kilograms
  • There should be no physical conditions
  • The operator will provide a life Jacket. 
  • Parasailing capacity at Grand Baie is 1 and at Ile Aux Cerfs are 2.


The price for the parasailing activity is different for the three locations:

Grand Baie - EUR 35 per person
Belle Mare - EUR 29 per person
Ile Aux Cerfs - EUR 24 per person
In the case of Ile Aux Cerfs Island, the parasailing is done at the island, and the access to the island requires a boat ride back and forth, that costs an additional EUR 12.


1. "What kind of clothes should I wear."
It is recommended to wear comfortable and light clothes to enjoy the ride in a hassle-free manner

2. "Will spectacles/contact lenses be a problem?"
Not; the gear comes along with a proper set of goggles to protect the spectacles and contact lenses

3. "Should I eat before parasailing?"
It is advisable to have a light meal, nothing rich or heavy.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and experience the thrill of being a bird - well at least for a few minutes!

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