Surfing in Mauritius – What to Know Before You Go!

As a tourist destination, Mauritius is a water-sport fan's fantasy world and an absolute dream come true spot in the whole wide world. All thanks to its never-ending and vivid marine life, historic shipwrecks and lovely beaches, a large number of guests run to the nation every year to investigate and explore this special aquatic wonderland of the Indian Ocean.

A Surfers Paradise

The island is broadly viewed as one of the best extravagant luxury travel destinations in the world, which is quite true in its sense. Endless supply of white beaches, which are supported by a quiet, completely clean ocean, is a natural brilliance in itself. In the north – the region that most of the sightseers visit – you can take part in a wide cluster of adventure sports, from parasailing to water skiing and even underwater bike cruising. For the surf, however, you have to travel south.

Surfing is an ingrained local activity in Mauritius for quite a long time and has been a key draw for tourists for around 60+ years now. Read on if you are thinking about taking up a surfing trip to Mauritius anytime soon.

Best Time to Surf in Mauritius

Surfing in Mauritius

Summer months of November to April is undeniably the best time to surf in Mauritius. During these months, there are good waves in the sea. The swells on the southern ocean during this season are reliable and regular. So, for all the surfing enthusiasts, it’s better to plan a surfing trip to Mauritius during the summer season.

Top 9 Surfing Spots in Mauritius

1. Tamarin Bay

The significant surf seashores in Mauritius are all in the south and west of the island, and just beneath Flic en Flac on the western coast is the best known of them all: the Tamarin Bay. Dating back to the 1960s, this was as yet a moderately obscure spot, surfed distinctly by high-class local people in addition to a bunch of hardcore (predominantly Australian) wave chasers from abroad. Actually, Tamarin’s popularity began when The Forgotten Island of Santosha was invented. It’s basically an elite 1974 surf narrative that focused on the bay’s incredibly long left-hand reef break and its 10 foot long swells.

Nowadays, changes in the currents and flows, along with the wind patterns have made Tamarin a far less predictable bet than in years back, but when the water conditions are great, this is as yet a world-class spot to surf. In case you're a beginner, visit the surf school at the imperatively retro Tamarin Hotel for exercises, or just fly in for a talk about the most recent wave conditions.

Back ashore, an absence of large scale advancement implies that this place still holds something of an old-school vibe, making it a particularly well-known destination for the more boho visitors.
Note: This spot is for the experienced surfers only.
Best Time to Surf: The summer months of November-April for the waves are just the best during these months. 
Surf Schools in Tamarin Bay: 
Tamarin Bay Surf School
Phone: +230 5257 5050 
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm, everyday.  

2. Riviere des Galets

Once you travel about 20km further east along the twisting south coast street, you'll arrive at the town of Riviere des Galets. Here you will find an uncovered reef and left-hand surf break, which will offer you with dependable waves in case you are a pro surfer. It's additionally only an extraordinary spot to unwind and appreciate the characteristic setting – here on the south shore of Mauritius you'll discover the islands most out of control and least created stretch of coastline, complete with dramatic ocean cliffs and thrashing waves made by the gaps in the reef.

Just toward the west of the town itself, the minor Ilôt Sancho – which, being only a couple of meters offshore, is easily accessible by foot during low tide – offers both left and right-hand reef breaks and trustworthy surf conditions. In spite of being less notable among guests than either Le Morne or Tamarin Bay, this has regularly been an area for local surf competitions and can get truly bustling when the conditions are correct. What's more, if, for reasons unknown you don't like getting your shorts wet, it's likewise an incredible spot to just sit back, relax and have a glimpse of the natural beauty.
Note: This surfing spot is good for both the amateurs as well as the experts in surfing.
Best Time to Surf: Summer months of November-April.
Surf Schools in Riviere des Galets: 
Mauritius surf holidays kite school
Phone: +230 5843 2689
Timings: 9 am to 9 pm every day.
Kite Camp / Surf & Travel / Surfcamp
Phone: +230 5429 7341
Timings: 8 am to 6 pm, everyday.

3. Le Morne

Shielded by the defensive look of Le Morne Brabant Mountain, the waters of the Le Morne cape are presently seemingly the most prevalent spot to surf in Mauritius. About 30 minutes south of Tamarin Bay, on the island's far southwestern furthest point, Le Morne offers both level tidal pond conditions for absolute amateurs to discover their ocean legs, and challenging surf spots for experienced surfers to test their courage. One such spot – an uncovered reef break known as One Eye – is found just in front of the St. Regis resort. It's best surfed at elevated tide when the tide is as yet rising, however with truly quick currents, it's one for the specialist surfers only.

Another professional surf spot with a genuine reputation is Manawa, a likewise uncovered reef break 2km out to ocean before the Indian Resort and Spa. Best reached by a boat, you'll find reliably enormous waves and offshore breezes blowing in from the southeast.
Note: This surf spot is very famous in Mauritius for the experienced surfers. In case you are an amateur in the sport, you will need supervision.
Best time to Surf: Summer months of November-April.
Surf Schools in Le Morne: 
Kite Surfing Le Morne
Phone:+230 425 0637
Timings: 6.30 am to 6 pm, every day.
ION CLUB Le Morne Kitesurf Center
Phone:+230 5718 5058
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm, every day.
Surfing in Mauritius

4. Black Rocks

Another famous surfing venue exclusively for the most experienced hoping to appreciate the surfing in Mauritius, Black Rocks is a perfect spot if Tamarin Bay gets excessively occupied. Set yourself up to catch some genuine waves! The best time to go surfing at Black Rocks is around elevated tide when the tide is rising. Sharks in some cases go to the waters around the territory, check with local people in the zone before taking off.
Note: This spot is again for the experienced surfers only.
Best Time to Surf: Winter months of June to September is the best time to surf here for the waves are the best and the tides are high.

5. Souillac

For progressively stable surfing conditions, Souillac is the place you must go. This top Mauritius surf spot offers immaculate waves practically whenever of the year. For the best swells (averaging as high as 7 feet), look out for the ones originating from the southwest. Souillac is another well-known spot for surfing in Mauritius. Ensure you visit during the week to keep away from the end of the week crowds.
Note: This surf spot is well suited for all kinds of surfers.
Best Time to Surf: All time of the year.

6. Darne

Another increasingly serene Mauritius surf spot is this area giving you a magnificent reef break. Darne has the extra advantage of being a flawless spot with stunning scenery. The waves you can get here can keep running for around 164 feet, with some exciting barrels to ride when the breeze turns north. Look at with local people to discover when is low tide so you can abstain from being in the water during that period, because of the shallow conditions and the solid momentum in the past.
Note: This surf spot is well suited for all kinds of surfers.
Best Time to Surf: During the summers.
Surfing in Mauritius

7. Graveyards

Named for its area, directly in front of a burial ground, Graveyards is considered by surfers as offering average waves, however, it wouldn't be on this list if it didn’t have its glory! Make a point to go to this spot in the early morning, before the wind starts to blow.
Note: This surf spot is well suited for all kinds of surfers.
Best Time to Surf: During the summers.

8. Maconde

Head to Maconde on the southern tip of Mauritius to appreciate steady conditions for a perfect surfing background. For the best chance to appreciate this top Mauritius surf spot, discover when there are seaward breezes from the upper east. Maconde is additionally one of the more famous areas, and hence, you should certainly go surfing during the week to avoid the unwanted crowd on the weekends.
Note: Best suited for all surfers.
Best Time to Surf: Summer months of November-April.

9. Harbour Rivière Noire

From Harbor Rivière, get spotless lefts, explicitly at the passage of Baie de la Petite Rivière Noire. You'll have to get a boat ride to get to this spot. The conditions at Harbor Rivière are perfect for surfers of intermediate surfing level. It doesn't become busy at this area regularly, so, in the event that you visit during the week, you'll have the option to appreciate this Mauritius surf spot without battling to discover space.
Note: Best suited for all surfers.
Best Time to Surf: Summer months of November-April.

A Few Tips for the Surfers in Mauritius

Surfing in Mauritius

Mauritius gets moderate to high rainfall consistently all throughout the year. June to November is the main time frame when the precipitation is low and is the best time to go surfing in Mauritius. The following are a couple of pointers to remember:
· Keep in mind, local people also love to surf. With surfing being a well-known action in Mauritius, getting a wave for yourself can be testing. Give a local surfer their space to appreciate the waves.
· In the event that you need a greater amount of the waves to yourself, time your surfing for the early morning until noon. Ensure you surf just during the week, to maintain a strategic distance from the crowds at the end of the week.
· When you're not in the water, try to have sunblock to make preparations for a burn from the sun. Do likewise make a point to put on considerably more sunblock when you're in the water, because of the sunbeams which reflect right off the water.
· Despite the fact that the water is warm, take a couple of booties and a wetsuit top along when you surf to shield yourself from the coral reefs further away from the shore (more on that later). Do try to abstain from remaining on the coral, with the goal that they don't get harmed and you will skirt the danger of harming the urchins.
· Before taking off for a surfing experience, check online for the nearby surfing forecasts, which will enable you to get the best surfing conditions.
· Only one out of every odd surfing spot has shops offering surfboards for lease.

Best Surf Shop in Mauritius

· Tou Korek Surf Shop
Address: village walk supermarket, La Gaulette, Mauritius
Hours: every day (9 am to 7:30 pm), Sunday (9 am to 1 pm)
As much as Mauritius is a lovely travel destination for those searching for the luxury holidays which they had always wanted, unmistakably the island additionally holds itself as one of the top must-see surfing places the world has to offer to the travellers around the globe.

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