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"The South African Paradise"

Knysna Tourism

Knysna is one of the most unbelievable and beautiful vacation spots anywhere in the world. It is blissful, quiet, and is home to some truly picturesque locations and recreational activities for that perfect week of relaxation!

Knysna is not commercial, it is not a bustling urban area of noise and pollution. It is just the opposite. If you're looking for that week away from you busy life with your family, this is the place to go. If you're looking for that perfect honeymoon trip with your wife, this is the place to go. If you're looking for a laid back and relaxed week out with your friends, this is the place to go! Located on the famous South African Garden Route, Knysna has become a top tourist destination for people looking for just those things. Book yourself a chalet on Breton On Sea for that perfect sea side location, or stay in one of the unreal lodges in the many forest resorts in the Garden Route. You just cannot go wrong over here because no matter where you go or where you decide to stay, you'll get that perfect calm and peaceful atmosphere. Then head over to the famous Knsyna Lagoon, touted by Britishers as the most dangerous lagoon in the world once upon a time, with it's iconic Heads, providing a natural defence structure. After that, get a move on and head on for a hike along the numerous famous hiking trails on the Garden Route like the Circle in the Forest or the Garden of Eden. Engage in many adventure activites like rock climbing and learn how to surf in the Buffalo Bay's sandy beaches. Knsyna's Oyster Festival in July is also extremely famous, where people catch oysters and you can also learn how to open them, with the ultimate reward of having them for dinner! Knysna is just the impeccable choice of destination for a relaxing yet absolutely fun and engaging vacation which will have you fresh as a daisy once again!

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Currency in Knysna

The South African rand is the only currency accepted in Knysna. Cards are accepted in the region, but not widely, so it's best to carry cash for payments at the small places.

Exchanging Money in Knysna

There are not too many currency exchange options in Knysna. Travelex has an office in the town and Tower Bureau de Change has one in Woodmead Lane in the town. It is best to change most of your cash at one of the major cities before you visit Knysna. Apart from those, your best bet are the ATMs located in the tourist areas. Do enqire about international costs.

Daily Budget for Knysna

Knysna in general is not an expensive place to visit. However, the plethora of tourist activities of the region make it a but heavy on the pocket. Depending on where you eat, how you get around, which all actvities and attractions you visit, your budget can vary greatly. Budget trip : ZAR 400 - 600 Comfortable trip : ZAR 1000 - 1300 Luxury trip : ZAR 1500 - 2000

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Knysna Customs

Knsyna is a major tourist destination, and as such tourists are not bound by any customs or codes of conduct. There are no real restraints on what you wear either since Knysna is full of beaches. Tips in the region of 10 - 15% are enough in restaurants, and around ZAR 3 - 5 for parking attendants, security guards, and petrol station attendants. Porters and bell hops expect tips in the region of ZAR 10 - 15.

Language of Knysna

In Knysna, more than half the local population speaks Afrikaans. There is a sizeable portion of English speakers too, and most of your guides and the locals in tourist hubs will speak English. Some Afrikaans words like Hallo (hello), Ja and Nee (yes and no), Dankie (thanks), Asseblief (please), and phrases such as Verskoon my (excuse me), Waar is ..? (Where is..?), and Ek probeer Afrikaans leer (I'm trying to learn Afrikaans) will definitely help you get around and be appreciated by the locals.

History of Knysna

The European settles first arrived during the 18th century. George Rex was a British entrepreneur who is actually credited as being the founder of Knysna. He acquired the previously established European farm of Melkhoutkraal, and later to the farm Welbedacht which he then renamed Eastford. 80 acres of Eastford was donated to the Colonial Government where the town of Melville was established. After the settlements in Knysna grew slowly, it became a Magisterial Division in 1858. Soon after when the Thesen family came to settle here, their interest in commerce and sailing combined to make Knysna a major hub for timber export. Timber export was one of the main reasons for growth of Knysna, especially in the 1880s. Since the onset of the 20th century, Knysna has grown to become a very popular tourist destination in the Western Cape.

Nightlife in Knysna

Since Knysna is a quiet and laid back place, there are hardly any dedicated nightclubs. Many restaurants have their own bar but if you're looking for a proper club, you will be disappointed.

Shopping in Knysna

At Knysna though you won't find international brands all around, you will definitely find many lively shopping areas. Places like Woodmill Lane and Waterfront Knysna Quays are top destinations to shop, with various boutiques, jewellery and gift shops throughout for that perfect Knysna souvenir! Also, the Wild Oats Farmers' Makret is one of the most popular farmers' markets in the country!

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FAQs on Knysna

What is the best time to visit Knysna?

During this time, the temperatures are fairly pleasant and it's a good time to go out on hikes. There are going to be one or two rainy days in a week, so carry an umbrella or raincoats just in case. This is also the best time for whale watching, as the Southern Right whales are headed to the southern waters for breeding. The summer season that follows becomes very hectic, as the schools have holidays and there is a lot of rush.
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What is the local food in Knysna?

Quite obviously, Knysna is best known for it's sea food, and also it's locally grown poultry and farm products. The best way for you to sample the local food is the Wild Oats Farmers' Market in Sedgefield. It is the single best place for you to acquaint yourself with all the brilliant local delicacies, while educating yourself on the local cuisine. Don't forget to eat the various dishes of Oysters! There are many restaurants like the Freshline Fisheries, Cafe Z, Caffe Mario and Mon Petit Pain are some places you should check out!
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What are the top hotels in Knysna?

There are 484 in Knysna which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Knysna are Beacon House, Guinea Fowl Loft, Collection Luxury Accomodation Simola House, Alkira Lodge, Blue Ocean Villa, At Leisure Apartment. You can see all the hotels in Knysna here

What are the things to do in Knysna?

The top things to do in Knysna are Brenton on Sea, Garden Route, Buffalo Bay (Buffelsbai), Featherbed Nature Reserve, Prince Alfred Pass, Wild Oats Community Farmers Market. You can see all the places to visit in Knysna here

What are the places near Knysna?

The top places near to Knysna are Cape town which is 426 km from Knysna, Johannesburg which is located 994 km from Knysna, Durban which is located 884 km from Knysna, Pretoria which is located 1048 km from Knysna, Port elizabeth which is located 231 km from Knysna

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