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Timings : 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : More than 1 hour

Entry Fee : EUR 390 - EUR 1390

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Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius Overview

Mauritius is home to one of the world’s best mysterious phenomena. A spectacular illusion, the underwater waterfall is located off the coast of Le Morne Brabant. The scene is an illusion, created by sand and silt on the ocean floor, that runs off in a way as if the water is pouring down. It also looks as if the entire island is being sucked down a massive drain. The sand from the higher coastal shelf is pulled down by the ocean currents into deeper waters, making the water infused with sand.

This phenomenon is possible because of the fact that Mauritius has a volcanic origin. Though the ocean shelf is not deeper than 150 metres, the abyss in which these sand-infused waters fall into is as deep as 4000 metres. Though the waters look beautiful from the shore, seeing this view requires a helicopter ride. Aerial shots create the most stunning and visually stimulating appeal. There are many set up for this sole purpose in Mauritius.  

Underwater Waterfall Mauritius

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How To Reach Underwater Waterfall

There are a number of agencies providing helicopters that depart from Mauritius international airport for your convenience. Also, there are a number of helipads in almost all regions of Mauritius from where you can get to this place. North coast, South Coast and East Coast have a great number of departure points to Le Morne Brabant.

Other Things You Can Do

Whale watching and swimming with Dolphins: You can watch whales while they swim in their natural habitat of Le Morne Brabant. You also get a chance to swim along with the Dolphins. You will be provided with snorkel gear and get into the water to mingle with these giant marine mammals. Many speed boats also have hydrophones on board, with which you can listen to what humpback and sperm whales communicate.

Catamaran Cruise: Some cruises are departing from Le Morne. Going on a journey to Mauritius is a great experience. You can watch whales, view amazing lagoons and snorkel in the waters while sailing in the Indian Ocean. You can set around the northern shore of Mauritius, either on a two-hour or a full-day catamaran cruise. Gunners Coin, Ilot Gabriel and Coin de Mire are few sites you will get down to admire in this cruise.

Le Morne Beach: With Le Morne Mountain in the background, Le Morne beach is 4 KM long stretch. It is an excellent spot for swimming for the locals. The ‘One EyePoint’ near Le Morne Beach is one of the best places for Kite Surfing in the world. Also, there is an opportunity to swim with the horses as well, provided you are experienced enough. Delicious food is also served in the beach stalls at affordable prices.

Le Morne World Heritage Site: this site was used as a shelter for slaves and maroons through the 18th and 19th century in present-day Mauritius. They were protected in Le Morne’s almost inaccessible cliffs and formed small settlements on its summit. Le Morne is considered to be a symbol of slaves’ fight for freedom, their suffering and sacrifices.

Crystal Rock: it is a natural formation that rises above the ocean’s surface off the coast of Le Morne. By hopping on one of the boat tours, you get to see the rock closely. The natural formation is located 652 feet off the coast. Combined with a visit to crystal rock are activities like snorkelling, diving and swimming with dolphins. Here, you can also opt for a glass-bottom boat to watch the incredible marine life.

Itinerary for the Tour

Airport Tour

The Airport tour would take about 45 minutes covering a route from the airport through Grand Basin, Black River Gorges National Park, Kanaka Crater, Flic en Flac, and then crossing over the Underwater Waterfall to Chamarel seven Coloured Earths to the south coast and back to the Airport.

Underwater Waterfall Mauritius

Helicopter Tour

The Helicopter Tour is much more vast and there are options to choose from. Helipads depart from North, East and South of the Island.
  • North Coast Helipads take off from three different locations; LUX Grand Gaube Hotel, Royal Palm and Maritim Hotel. The Tour is for 1 hour 15 mins crossing various spots in Mauritius such as the North - West Coast, Flic en Flac, Port Louis, Le Morne, Black River, Underwater waterfalls, Seven Coloured Earths, Black River Gorges, Grand Port, Grand Basin, Ile Aux Cerfs, East and North Coast.
  • East Coast Helipads take off from six different locations; Anahita Residents, Belle Mare Plage Hotel, Le Prince Maurice Hotel, Shangri-La's Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, St Geran Hotel, Domaine Anse Jonchee. The Tour is for 60 mins with the itinerary of places - East, Roches Noires, Flic en Flac, Port Louis, Le Morne, Black River, Underwater waterfall, Chamarel Waterfall and Seven Coloured Earths, Black River Gorges, Grand Basin, Grand Port, Ile Aux Cerfs and East.
  • South Coast Helipads take off from five different locations; Le Paradis Hotel, Domaine du Chasseur - Nouvelle France, Les Chalets en Champagne - Varangue Sur Morne, Bel Ombre Golf Course. The Tour is for 20 mins with an itinerary of 7 places - Bel Ombre,  Le Morne mountain, Baie du Cap, Underwater waterfall, Ile Auc Benitiers, Chamarel Colored Earths and Bel Ombre.
Underwater Waterfall Mauritius

Important Documents Required

• Name as per official documents
• Passport number
• Nationality
• DOB and weight of each participant

Helicopter Sightseeing - Tips and Advice

• Depending on each package the helicopter departs from the airport or helipad.
• The capacity of each helicopter is 4 passengers.
• For flights that are departing from the helipads, landing fee is applicable as per each operator.
• The journey is subject to weather conditions and Air traffic conditions.


Exclusive underwater waterfall helicopter tour, fully customised our itinerary, a trained pilot to inform about and guide the passengers, equipped with four seats.

To watch the magnificent optical illusion from the skies, you can either choose between the Mauritius International Airport or the helipads that are located on the North, south and east of Mauritius. The fantastic part of the helicopter tour is that you can enjoy the aerial view of Mauritius and it's coastline, the spectacular gamut of blues, greens and whites which gives it an illusion of an unbelievable underwater waterfall.

Watch the stunning panoramic view of the Indian Ocean, the turquoise lagoons and coral reefs and beaches bordered by green Palm trees.

Underwater Waterfall Mauritius

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