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Chamarel Waterfall, Mauritius Overview

Being a tropical island, there are quite a few waterfalls spread out all over Mauritius, that makes for a beautiful tourist destination, one of the most important ones being the Chamarel Waterfalls. Chamarel, as a town in itself, doesn’t stand out on the Mauritius tourism map, but it is home to quite a few unique natural sights, which makes it a huge tourist draw.

The Chamarel Waterfalls are situated at a very close distance to the famous Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel. Dropping down from a height of 272 feet, the Chamarel waterfalls are formed from the St.Denis river flowing through the island, and the entire formation is bordered on all sides by the dense foliage of Black River Gorges.

Chamarel Waterfall, Mauritius
There are various viewpoints all around the falls from where you can get a good look at its beauty. The Chamarel waterfalls are different from any other waterfall on the island in the sense that the flow of the falls depends explicitly on the season.

During the summer, the waterfall divides itself into two or three thin trickles which never join until they reach the basin, but during the monsoon (or after heavy rain), the waterfall gushes down as one single mighty stream. Abseiling from the very top of the cliff face through the waterfall and down to the pool is a favourite water sports activity that many tourists choose to take part in a visit to the Chamarel waterfalls.

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How To Reach Chamarel Waterfall

The Chamarel Waterfalls are situated along the B104 road, so regardless of whether you’re travelling from Port Louis or from Grand Bassin, you can hire a taxi or take a public bus to reach the waterfalls. Do keep in mind that the entrance to the waterfalls are via the entrance to the adjacent tourist attraction of the the seven coloured earth.

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