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What is the best time to visit Mauritius?

Mauritius only has two seasons, summer and winter. The best time to visit Mauritius is between April and June and September and December when the weather is most pleasant. You can avoid the peak of summer and winter during these months. The average temperature in Mauritius remains around 25 degrees Celcius which makes it suitable for swimming throughout the year. All the activities and sightseeing in Mauritius can be done throughout the year.

The centre of Mauritius has cooler temperatures and higher rainfall, with a difference of 3 to 5 degrees Celcius between the centre and the coastal zones. East Mauritius is windier as it is influenced by southeastern winds, while North and West Mauritius is warmer and drier.

October to April is the summer season in Mauritius. The temperature is the highest between December to February, while heavy rainfalls are expected in February and March. The summer season in Mauritius is ideal for diving and deep-sea fishing. 

May to September is the winter season in Mauritius when the average temperature ranges around 22 degrees Celcius. Therefore, hiking and other outdoor tours are better during this time. July and August are the windiest months making them ideal for surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. However, avoid visiting the east coast of Mauritius in July and August as the winds are the strongest during this time of the year.

Weather in Mauritius


Upcoming Mauritius Weather

Monthly Weather in Mauritius

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 25°/ 21° 19 days
February 26°/ 21° 15 days
March 25°/ 21° 20 days
April 24°/ 20° 14 days
May 24°/ 19° 6 days
June 22°/ 18° 7 days
July 21°/ 17° 6 days
August 21°/ 16° 6 days
September 22°/ 16° 6 days
October 23°/ 18° 3 days
November 25°/ 19° 10 days
December 26°/ 21° 19 days

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High Season/Peak Season (November to January )

The summer months of December and January are considered as high season in Mauritius. During these months, all the spots in Mauritius like public beaches, restaurants and other attractions remain fully crowded.

The weather remains hot and humid with temperatures soaring high. December and January are also considered as peak seasons in Mauritius but the crowd mostly comprises local Mauritians as it is the holiday season in Mauritius. Accommodation charges are also at the peak due to high demand so if you are planning to visit Mauritius anytime soon and do consider booking a month in advance.

Low Season in Mauritius (April to October)

May to September counts as low season in Mauritius. This is also known as the winter period in Mauritius. Although people don’t visit Mauritius during this time of the year it is actually the best time to visit Mauritius for someone who doesn’t like the patchy humid weather of Mauritian summers.

Light spells of rain are quite prevalent during winters but other than that, the weather is cool and balmy. An added bonus of travelling to Mauritius during the low season is cheap accommodation and transportation prices. This is also a great time to engage in adventure and water sports so make sure you make the most of it.

Shoulder Season in Mauritius (March, April, and November)

February, March, April, October and November are considered as the shoulder months in Mauritius. Temperatures during this time period mostly remain high and hence, fewer tourists come to Mauritius during this season. Cyclones are quite rare but, it is advised that before planning a trip to Mauritius, have a good look at the news. Accommodation charges are higher than the low season but lower than high season.

Mauritius in Winter (May-December)

As May arrives, the winter season starts to creep in, in Mauritius which lasts until December. This is the best time to visit Mauritius for those who wish to avoid the crowds as well as adventure enthusiasts, as the mild and cold weather is perfectly suitable for indulging in various outdoor activities.
Daytime is usually hot and humid with temperatures as high as 25 degrees so do not forget to carry sunscreens. Although the evening weather in Mauritius during winter is not as cold as other places, temperatures usually drop down to a minimum of 17 degrees so you will need to carry light layers for the evening.

Winters in Mauritius also witness a few episodes of light rainfall, which mostly occur only in the evenings, which makes the weather cool enough to spend a day relaxing on the beach or go sightseeing. In Mauritius, winter season is also the best time to engage in outdoor activities like biking, hiking and wildlife exploration.

Activities in Mauritius during winter:
  • Winters in Mauritius are not as extreme as other destinations so you can try out most of the activities that can be done during summers in Mauritius.
  • Although you can try out surfing but during winters, water sports are a no-no, since the water remains cool. So you can mostly try out adventure sports like Quad-biking, trekking, hiking and other exploration activities.
  • If you do not like adventures, then you can go on a heritage sightseeing tour and explore Mauritius’s heritage. If not any of these, then you can just spend a day on the gorgeous beaches of Mauritius.
Festivals in Mauritius during Winters

  • Mid-Autumn Festival
- This harvest festival of the Chinese community in Mauritius is usually celebrated during the months of fall is quite famous in this island. Also known as the Moon Festival, it is marked by the mooncakes that take over the Mauritian islands. It mostly takes place during September.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
- Another vibrant festival widely celebrated among the Hindus, this festival in Mauritius is a celebration of Lord Ganesha. After the festivities end, the immersion ceremony is usually an elaborate procession where people dress up and engage in traditional and Bollywood dance. It takes place in the month of September and out of the many Hindu festivals celebrated in Mauritius, this is a must-watch.
  • Diwali
- Diwali or the of Lights marks the victory of good over evil and is a widely celebrated festival among Hindus. During this time of the year, Mauritius is completely transformed, adorned with lights all across. Fireworks are also an inevitable part of this festival, which takes place in the month of October.
  • Christmas
- During this time of the year, the entire island is beautifully decorated with lights. There are live carols in different parts of Mauritius and Santa clauses roaming around in the city. It is a great time to visit Mauritius, as you can even get your hands on some of the best home-made traditional Christmas delights.

Mauritius Weather in May

This pleasant weather lasts until November. Rains, which also take on the hues of cyclonic nature owing to the geography of Mauritius, abate by April. So the island takes on a fresh, newly washed and green look in May making it a visual delight.  

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Mauritius Weather in June

With low humidity, light to moderate breeze and an average sea temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy sunny days and warm weather during June. This does not mean you will not see any rain there are occasional bouts of rainfall, especially along with the eastern and southern coastal areas. However, June is generally one of the driest months of the year, with an average of 76 mm of rainfall.

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Mauritius Weather in July

Mauritius enjoys winter in July and the temperature is much cooler, and on most days, you will not even have to use the air conditioners. Since this month is an off-peak season, the hotel prices are much lower. Since the rainy season in Mauritius gets over by the end of June, it rains very less in July. And even when it rains, it is mainly in the evening or just a passing shower during the day. So, visiting Mauritius in July gives you an edge as the weather will be comparatively pleasant.

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Mauritius Weather in September

The temperature is generally high and constant in September, staying between 27 degrees and 23 degrees. Interestingly, the lengths of days in September are increasing as we move ahead towards the end of the month from the beginning. As for the sea temperature, it is positively warm of about 23 degrees which makes it perfect for water sports and activities like windsurfing, water skiing and kayaking.

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Mauritius Weather in October

The temperature in October soars up to 25 degrees Celsius during the day whereas the average temperature is usually around 20-23 degrees Celsius. October is the dry month with occasional light showers. Those of you who are visiting Mauritius in October and happen to be movie buffs, then you must ensure to visit the International Short Film Festival being held at the Mauritius Island in the month of October. 

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Mauritius in Summer (November-April)

The month of November marks the beginning of the Summer season in Mauritius. The weather during the entire period is pretty hot and humid, and temperatures tend to shoot up as high as 33 degrees during the daytime.

The hottest months of the summer season in Mauritius are December, January, and February.

Cyclones might be prevalent during December and February. Since summertime in Mauritius is pretty bright and sunny, make sure you carry your sunscreen, hats, beachwear, shades, etc.

Beaches are one of the most popular attractions during summers and mostly remain crowded. This is the best time to visit Mauritius if you want to try swimming, fishing, and boating.

Activities in Mauritius during Summer
  • Summer months in Mauritius are considered as the best time for trying out water sports such as scuba diving and scuba scooting to get that perfect adrenaline rush.
  • Since summers in Mauritius are the warmest, the warm water attracts a lot of tropical marine creatures, which is an added advantage. Other than water sports, the pleasant weather of Mauritian summers is great for trekking and exploring the intriguing features of this island.
  • You can also go quad biking. If you are a tea-enthusiast, do visit the Mauritian tea plantations and try out a wide range of teas. 
Festivals in Mauritius
  • Thaipoosam Cavadee
- This festival in Mauritius, dedicated to Lord Murugan, a popular Tamil god, is one of the most vibrant festivals of Mauritius. It takes place on 21st January so if you are visiting Mauritius during this festival, make sure you visit the Soclalingum Meenatchee Amman Kovil and witness all the fervours.
  • Thimithi
- The Walk on Fire, known as Thimithi, is another famous festival of the Tamil people who make up a large part of Mauritian Hindus. Similar to Thaipoosam Cavadee, this festival is also held over a period of ten days and devotees ‘walk on fire’ outside temples with a packed audience. Among the most famous festivals in Mauritius, this festival takes place on 18th February and is a must-watch.
  • Holi
- Mauritian Hindus celebrate Holi festival with great pomp. Bonfires and colours are an integral part of this festival. People spend this day with their family and friends, smear each other with colours and across large grounds, set against music and drinks. It takes place during the month of March and is most colourful amongst all festivals in Mauritius.
  • Chinese Spring Festival
- Held during the month of February, during this festival, each and every corner of Mauritius’s China Town is brightly lit and decorated according to their Chinese traditions and live lion dance performances are held in the evenings during the festival. An important part of this festival is their fireworks display and is this well-planned display is bound to be an amazing experience.

Mauritius Weather in November

November in Mauritius is when you have winter blending into summer, creating the best possible climate on the island. Cirrus clouds, warm waters, the sun shining all day long, making November a period of the seasonal sweet spot.

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Mauritius Weather in December

December in Mauritius is summertime. The temperature starts getting warmer by October, with relatively cooler evenings and nights. However, by December, day-time temperatures are hot, and the night-time temperatures keep increasingly progressively. Expect to have long daylight hours, with the sun rising as early as 05:30 AM and sets at 07:00 PM.

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Mauritius Weather in January

Known for the onset of the cyclone season, January is the wettest month in Mauritius. With the temperature between 25ºC - 33ºC. Situated in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa, you'll experience sea breezes and southeasterly winds, hence making it drier and warmer in north and west.

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Mauritius Weather in February

Mauritius is at its hottest in February. As a tropical island nation, the temperatures throughout the year do not vary drastically here. The summer temperatures can go up to 33 degree Celsius, with a minimum of 25 degree Celsius. Unfortunately, the weather around this time can be a tad more hot and humid.

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