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Hong Kong sites over 60 museums across a range of themes, from space to migration and science to police museum. Here's a list of the must-visit museums in Hong Kong.

Here is the list of 21 Museums in Hong Kong

1. Hong Kong Museum of History

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The Hong Kong Museum of History, located near the Hong Kong Science Museum, showcases the cultural heritage of Hong Kong through its various exhibits. The exhibits range from natural history to local history, ethnography and archaeology. The highlight of the museum is the thematic exhibitions is hosts on a regular basis.

2. Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Located in Sha Tin, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is the biggest museum in the city sitting on 7,500 square meters of land.  A unique combination of a collection of beautifully preserved art, culture, history relics along with a multitude of activities and programs which serve a wide range of interests distinguishes this museum from other non-engaging museums.

3. Hong Kong Space Museum

Hong Kong Space Museum is a unique dome-shaped building located on the Salisbury Road in Tsim Sha Tsui promenade. Sprawling over an area of 8000-square metres, the Hong Kong Museum of Space is the perfect place to learn about various cosmic phenomenons taking place in the Universe.

4. Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts

Tai Kwun serves as the centre pertaining to all things art and heritage. Located at 10 Hollywood Road, Central Hong Kong and housed in the renovated Central Police Station compound, it is a place to gather information and appreciate art while understanding the history of the people of Hong Kong. Visitors are pleased to embark on an interactive tour where they get to learn about the unique heritage of the city via storytelling sessions.

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5. University Museum and Art Gallery

Originally named as the Fung Ping Shan Museum in 1953, this museum and art gallery aims to educate the students and the public via art-historical research. It is home to and features pieces like ceramics, bronzes, paintings, photographs, sculptures, wood carvings and furniture tracing the rich culture and history of Hong Kong.

6. Hong Kong Museum of Art

Hong Kong Museum of Art is located at 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, nestled among several important places of interest such as the Avenue of Stars, the Hong Kong Space Museum, and the Hong Kong Cultural Center. The Hong Kong Museum of Art is a guardian of Chinese culture, preserving fragments of happenings from the past in the form of art.

7. Hong Kong Science Museum

The Hong Kong Science Museum, located at Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, is a one-of-a-kind museum that is devoted to the science and modern technology. The exhibitions are divided into two categories - permanent and special exhibitions.

8. Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum

Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum in Castle Road, Hong Kong is dedicated to the great revolutionary Dr Sun Yat Sen, the founder of the Republic of China. He guided the metropolitan out of thousand years of monarchic rule and transformed it into a republic. Constructed in a colonial Greek style, this museum is one of the oldest in Hong Kong.

9. Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware located in Hong Kong Park collects and displays ceramic cups, bowls and brewing trays from the Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties. Formerly the house of the Commander of British Forces in Hong Kong, it has been converted into a museum of teaware, showcasing British Colonial Architecture

10. Heritage of Mei Ho House

Located inside the Mei Ho House Youth Hostel, this museum introduces the way of life in Hong Kong in the 1950s-70s. It stores and depicts the public housing history of the city as it has experienced a transformation in the past 60 years from squatter huts to modern-day apartments. This is done via a mix of personal anecdotes of residents along with donated exhibits.

11. Sheung Yiu Folk Museum

Located in the scenic Sai Kung Country Park, Sheung Yiu Folk Museum was once a fortified Hakka village dating back to the 19th century. This 500 square meter museum houses traditional, typical Hakka furniture and artefacts. A trip to here will be incomplete if you don’t explore the Sai Kung Country Park, which is one of the most beautiful locations in Hong Kong.

12. Hong Kong Coastal Defence Museum

Situated inside the Lei Yue Mun Fort which was built by the British in the 1880s, this museum exhibits the history of military defence along the city’s coast dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Featuring some installations like torpedo station, British Comet Tank, batteries, an ammunition depot along with over ten military relics and artefacts.

13. Railway Museum, Hong-kong

An open-air, 6500 square meters museum converted from the old Tai Po Market Station; this charming little railway-themed museum has several permanent exhibits. The Railway Museum displays the Hong Kong rail history of Hong Kong through photographs, samples of tracks, old coaches, and even a life-sized model of an electric train compartment!

14. Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Trick Eye Museum, situated on Level 3, of The Peak Galleria, is an interactive 3D museum. It is a perfect amalgamation showcasing art and science together. The museum incorporates 50 optical figment canvases and different installations for five distinctive themed zones.

15. Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Located at the Victoria Peak Tower, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong is a wax museum featuring more than 100 celebrities. This is a part of the renowned chain of wax museums founded by Marie Tussaud of France. The personalities in the museum vary from sports to films, music and more.

16. Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a non-profit educational and interactive establishment funded by the government as well as the International Shipping Community of Hong Kong. Positioning itself at the Pier 8 of the coast of Pearl River Delta in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum displays preserves and collections of the region's maritime heritage.

17. Sam Tung Uk Museum

Located in Tsuen Wan area of Hong Kong, Sam Tung Uk Museum showcases the life of the Hakka people who lived in the Hakka hamlet of Sang Tung Uk 200 years ago. The main highlight of the museum is the agricultural implements that were used for farming during that time. No wonder, this museum is a haven for history lovers, heritage buffs and culture hounds.

18. Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum

The Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum is located on Tonkin Street in Hong Kong. The tomb museum was accidentally found in 1995 when the Honk Kong government was levelling a hill slope for the construction of resettlement buildings which presently is known as Lei Cheng Uk Estate.

19. Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre

The Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, located inside the beautiful lush Haiphong Road Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui district of Kowloon, is one of the oldest heritage museums. It was built more than a century ago under the British colonial rule. The Heritage Discovery Centre is known for its permanent exhibition gallery, the thematic exhibitions gallery, lecture hall, and the reference library.

20. Hong Kong Film Archive Museum

Hong Kong’s hidden trove of film treasure, this museum has four floors dedicated to state-of-the-art film preservation and storage, screenings of Hong Kong and the world’s iconic cinema going on. For any movie-buff, this place would be a bundle of cinema magic where you must head to catch a flick or just marvel at the glorious history of cinema in Hong Kong!

21. Police Museum

Located at the former Wan Chai Gap Police Station, this museum has the best collection of police-related artefacts. From the weapons confiscated from goons and gangsters, a look-alike of an underground heroin laboratory to the head of the tiger that killed a cop, the exhibits in the museum trace everything the Hong Kong police has dealt with.

Hong Kong never runs out of ways to entertain its tourists and locals alike. Which of these museums in Hong Kong is your must-visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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