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Hong Kong Museum of Space, Hong Kong Overview

Hong Kong Space Museum is a unique dome-shaped building located on the Salisbury Road in Tsim Sha Tsui promenade. Sprawling over an area of 8000-square metres, the Hong Kong Museum of Space is the perfect place to learn about various cosmic phenomenons taking place in the Universe.

The spectacular Hong Kong Space Museum opened its gate in 1980 and is regarded as a hub for space and astronomical activities for people of all ages. The museum is divided into East and West Wing. The East Wing with the dome structure hosts the Hall of Space Science, Stanley Ho Space Theatre and the OMNIMAX projector. The West Wing comprises of the Lecture and Astronomy Hall as well as the Resource Centre and offices.

Previously, it was built as a local planetarium but now it is completely dedicated to astronomy and space science. It is managed by the Department of Leisure and Culture and flaunts the most advanced equipment across the globe. 

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Exhibitions at Hong Kong Space Museum

Hong Kong Museum of Space hosts two exhibition halls namely the Cosmos Hall and the Space Exploration Hall. They boast countless exhibits that focus on interactive experiences concerning astronomy and space science. The hands-on exhibits with modern equipment and lighting effects give a valuable insight into both of these elements – science and astronomy.

The Hall of the Cosmos: It is located on the ground floor and takes visitors around the universe from far and near. It depicts the evolution of the Universe and the science behind it. Here you will also enjoy a virtual tour of the Solar System, the stars, galaxies and the Milky Way.

Aurora: This exhibit allows visitors to create an aurora by adjusting the strength of the solar wind inside a vacuum tube.

Icy Bodies: The ‘Icy Bodies’ exhibit develops comets with the help of dry ice and also stimulates the jets.

Big Bang Theatre: This exhibit displays the evolution of our vast Universe from the Big Bang period to the recent time.

Gravity Surfing: In this exhibit, the visitors can stand on a surfing board and move through celestial bodies to understand the theory of space and gravity.

The Space of Exploration Hall: This hall is located on the first floor and showcases the development of space technology and exploration. It enhances public awareness by offering real-time experience. You are allowed to enter an upside-down area and experience how weightlessness feels like when you are in space.

Action and Reaction: The ‘Action and Reaction’ exhibit gives an insight into the reaction principle by allowing visitors to drive a steering wheel.

Please note, only students and museum pass holders can enter the permanent exhibition halls from 1st April 2019. Hence, it is important to carry a valid identification proof or the museum pass for free entrance. There is no need to book the tickets online.

Facilities at the Museum

Resource Centre: The Resource Centre houses an extensive collection of publications, equipment and teaching aids that are often given as loans to various astronomical societies in educational institutions. The resources include learning materials and telescopes that help to popularize science and astronomy in Hong Kong. Kindly note, admission is only available through reservations.

Special Arrangements for the Disabled: Hong Kong Space Museum is highly committed to providing a barrier-free experience for all. The facilities offered for the specially abled include tactile floor plans and paths, an enquiry desk with height appropriate for wheelchair users, braille indicators on staircase railings and passenger lifts, designated space for persons with wheelchairs, an easily accessible washroom and so on

Hong Kong iObservatory: The Hong Kong iObservatory is the official weather forecast agency that offers day to day weather information and issues warnings concerning storms and other weather-related hazards. It also offers detailed information about the radiation levels in the city and provides geophysical services to the shipping and aviation industry.  

Astropark: The Astropark is a well-managed theme park covering an area of 1200 square metres. The park is equipped with astronomical equipment, from the ancient era to modern times and also offer stargazing opportunities. In order to promote astronomy, the Hong Kong Museum of Space organizes guided tours to this park.

Solar Telescope: In 2017, the advanced Solar Telescope was installed on the roof of the museum. There are a total of four telescopes with an aperture of 10 cm that displays different images of the sun as well as the moon and other planets.

Hong Kong Space Museum Lobby
Hong Kong Space Museum Lobby


1. Try to visit the museum on weekends early morning. It remains too crowded on late afternoon and weekdays.
2. The Gift Shop at Hong Kong Space Museum is a treasure trove of inspiring and fun products for the little ones. All the items offered here are designed in such a manner that encourages the imagination of the curious minds.

How To Reach Hong Kong Space Museum

From MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station, take the Exit J. From here, the Hong Kong Space Museum is located at a 10-minute walking distance.

You can also board the Star Ferry from Wan Chai or Central to Tsim Sha Tsui. In order to reach the museum, you have to get to Salisbury road and walk for 10 minutes.

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