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Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Overview

Located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland is the largest theme park in Hong Kong and the second-largest Disneyland in Asia. Often reputed as the ‘happiest place on this planet', it consists of nine themed areas.

The magical kingdom of Hong Kong Disneyland sprawls over an area of 68 acres, seeing 34,000 guests daily. Apart from the thrilling and exhilarating rides, other attractions at Disneyland include terrific live shows, Disney Characters' parade, guided tours and magical events organised regularly. Housed inside the Disneyland Resort, there are varied themed suites and rooms.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets

1-Day Park Ticket
General Admission (Age 12 – 64): HKD 639
Senior (Age 65+): HKD 100
Child (Age 3 – 11): HKD 475

1-Day Ticket and Meal Combo
General Admission (Age 12 – 64): HKD 755
Child (Age 3 – 11): HKD 600

2-Day Park Ticket
General Admission (Age 12 – 64): HKD 825
Senior (Age 65+): HKD 170
Child (Age 3 – 11): HKD 609

Priority Special and 1-Day Park Ticket
General Admission (Age 12 – 64): HK$ 938
Senior (Age 65+): HKD 399
Child (Age 3 – 11): HKD 774

Priority Special and 2-Day Park Ticket
General Admission (Age 12 – 64): HKD 719
Child (Age 3 – 11): HKD 535

How to Buy Tickets
  • Online: The admission tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland can be purchased online from the official website (https://www.hongkongdisneyland.com/book/tickets/) using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a JCB credit card.
  • At the counter: Tickets can also be bought offline from the counter at the main entrance which opens one hour prior to the opening time.

The 9 Themed Lands of Hong Kong Disneyland

1. Main Street, USA
Main Street, USA in Hong Kong Disneyland serves as the main entrance to the park as it is for other Disney parks in the world. Encapsulating the essence of an American small town set in the early 1900s, this area is mainly made from wood which is unique in comparison to the other Main Streets. Plaza Inn looks similar to the one in Anaheim but it is set on a different theme based on a rich American couple. The Market House Bakery is another eatery that was started by a Vietnamese pastry chef who is known for bringing the best desserts and cakes from the imperial court in Austria.

Main Street Vehicle at Hong Kong Disneyland
Main Street Vehicle (Source)
2. Adventureland
As the name suggests, Adventureland is known for housing many exciting attractions. In comparison to all other Disney theme parks, it is considered the largest in Hong Kong.
  • The ‘Tarzan’s Treehouse’ is a walkthrough attraction that was set up after the Tarzan movie release in 1999.
  • ‘Jungle River Cruise’ is another attraction encircling the island. This is a boat tour where a guide will accompany you and let you soak up the vibe.
  • ‘Festival of the Lion King’ show is staged in Adventureland. It is inspired by the animated movie ‘The Lion King’, which was released in 1994.
  • The newest addition is the stage show named ‘Moana: a Homecoming Celebration’.
  • You can also walk through the Karbuni Marketplace which is a buzzing African market set beside ‘Theatre in the Wild’.
Tarzan's Treehouse at Hong Kong Disneyland
The Tarzan's Treehouse (Source)
3. Fantasyland
Fantasyland is the epicentre of Disneyland in Hong Kong.
  • The ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Castle’ is the main attraction here.
  • Others include the magical ‘Fairytale Forest’ where you can explore a whimsical garden and get a glimpse of your favourite Disney Fairytale character coming to life.
  • Another interesting experience is the ‘Sword in the Stone’ where you get the opportunity to remove the sword from the stone and become the legendary ruler.
  • Besides experiences, there are a number of slow rides such as the ‘Cinderella Carousel’, ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’, ‘it’s a small world’ and more.
Sleeping Beauty Castle, Hong Kong Disneyland
Sleeping Beauty Castle (Source)
4. Tomorrowland
Tomorrowland is often referred to as the futuristic land where the heart of all the actions takes place in Disneyland. Tomorrowland can be easily recognized by the massive dome of the Hyperspace Mountain. 
  • It features ‘The Iron Man Experience’, the first-ever thrill ride based on Marvel.
  • For a more intense thrill, enter the middle of the Star War battle in the ‘Hyperspace Mountain' ride.
  • Fun rides include the ‘Orbitron’ and the ‘Ant-man and the Wasp’.
  • This land is snuggled between Fantasyland and Main Street. 
5. Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land is one of the newest themed lands established in 2011. It is set up right behind Fantasyland. The Toy Story Land is dedicated to the movie series of the same name. Once you enter the zone, Andy’s toys will greet you at the play yard. Here you will not only find all of Andy’s friends but also Tinker Toys, alphabet letters, monkeys and more. It is the smallest amongst all the other theme lands but features amazing attractions such as the ‘Slinky Dog Spin’, ‘Toy Soldier Parachute Drop’ and the ‘RC Racer’. This is play time even for the older kids!

6. Grizzly Gulch
The 19th-century mining town of Grizzly Gulch opened its gates in 2012 and resembles ‘Frontierland’. This land looks rustic and features a mining mountain and gushing geysers.
  • Look around for ‘Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars’ where you will rumble through the land in a high-speed train.
  • The next is the ‘Grizzly Gulch’ old town that was accidentally built on active geysers and it is a place to enjoy some cool spurts in the scorching summer months.
  • You can also take pictures in one of the old jails in ‘Wild West Photo Fun’.
Geyser Gulch at Hong Kong Disneyland
The Geyser Gulch (Source)
7. Mystic Point
This area of Hong Kong Disneyland officially opened the gates in 2013. The theme of this land is a haunted British mansion located amid thick rainforest. Here you can tour ‘Mystic Manor’, an enchanting mansion/museum that houses an exotic collection of artefacts belonging to Lord Henry Mystic. Get numerous photography opportunities at ‘Freight Depot', a historic shipping station. This land is full of mystery and supernatural happenings that are hard to miss.

Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland
The Mystic Manor (Source)
8. Future: Marvel Land
Some parts of Tomorrowland will be turned into an exclusive Marvel themed zone known as Marvel Land. This is a part of the new expansion project and is expected to be completed by 2020.

9. Future: Arendelle: World of Frozen
Another theme of land that will be opening in 2021 is the ‘World of Frozen’. It will feature two amazing rides dedicated to the popular movie Frozen. The land of Frozen is set in the Kingdom of Arendelle.

Hong Kong Disneyland Rides

Big Grizzly Mountain Mine Car is a sensational roller coaster ride through twisted caverns in the Grizzly Gulch zone. It features audio-animatronics, a form of robotics animation that is used for various attractions in the Disney parks.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Car at Hong Kong Disneyland
The Runaway Mine Car at Big Grizzly Mountain (Source)
Iron Man Experience is a 3D simulator that is based on the legendary hero Iron Man. It is the first-ever ride that is set on the property assigned for Marvel. Step into the Stark Industries and get amazed by the technological innovations that will change your life for the better.

Hyperspace Mountain is the crown of Hong Kong Disneyland. Running at a speed of 71km/hr, this ride is intensely thrilling. Imagine yourself right in the middle of a Star Wars epic battle.

Hyperspace Mountain Ride at Disneyland Hong Kong
Hyperspace Mountain Ride (Source)
Mystic Manor is an engaging ride and arguably the best attraction in Disneyland. It is a dark tour through a spooky manor where the artefacts come to life in a mysterious way. 

Jungle River Cruise will take you on an untamed expedition along the treacherous river where a myriad of wild animals awaits your arrival. With the help of your guide, navigate the mysterious water and get amazed along the way.

It’s a small world is a musical boat tour where the boats sail through the canal for about nine minutes. During the ride, you will experience different cultures from around the world. The tour signifies that we all are the same when we look through a child’s eyes.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant will take you on a jovial ride high up in the air. This ride is based on the 1941 Disney classic, Dumbo. Feel the gush of wind and enjoy the thrill, this will definitely boost up your spirit.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant at Disneyland in Hong Kong
Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Source)
Orbitron is a roller coaster ride that will take you above planets and galaxies. The Orbitron in the Hong Kong Disneyland looks like a flying saucer and it is large enough to accommodate four riders in one saucer.

Shows and Entertainment

Disney Paint the Night
Let your imaginations come alive with ‘Disney Paint the Night’ parade. This nighttime procession features Mickey Mouse and all the iconic Disney characters. Be a part of this wonderful celebration as well as sing and dance with all of them.

Flights of Fantasy Parade
The 5th anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland was celebrated with the ‘Flights of Fantasy Parade’ show. The grand parade is a musical celebration that features iconic Disney characters. Join your favourite characters and get immersed in the festivities.  This show replaced the last show ‘Disney on Parade’.

Flights of Fantasy Parade at Disneyland Hong Kong
The Flights of Fantasy Parade (Source)
We Love Mickey
 ‘Disney in the Stars’ fireworks show was replaced by ‘We Love Mickey’. This 15-minutes extravaganza illuminates the skyline and transforms all the buildings on Main Street. The dazzling light show invites you to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s birthday.

Disney Halloween Time
The Disney Halloween Celebration takes place during the Halloween Season and it is the best time to visit Disneyland. Special shows are organized and you are invited to be a part of this wicked party! This year the Halloween event will run from 6th September to 31st October 2019.

How To Reach Hong Kong Disneyland

Rail: From the MTR Station in Sunny Bay, board the train and reach Disneyland Resort. There are frequent trains that run from early morning till late at night. Disneyland is only a 30-minute train ride from other MTR stations including Kowloon, Hong Kong and International airport.

Bus: Long Win Bus and Citybus operate daily to and from Disneyland. There are also Cross-boundary buses that run daily between Mainland China and Disneyland.

Shuttle Service: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort offers complimentary shuttle service for their hotel guests. The shuttles run regularly from all the Disney accommodations and PTI (Public Transport Interchange).

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